Details for its beginning to smell alot like christm

IT’S BEGINNING TO SMELL A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS! FREE CHISTMAS GIFT WRAPPING WITH PURCHASE Flannel Shirts WISH LIST FOR THOSE COLD FRIGID (Quilted & Lined - just in time for those cool days) BRR-R-R-R-R DAAYS AHEAD!!!!!! Bronc Jackets • NECK SCARVES & WILD RAGS Get them at Pete’s! WRANGLER BLUE JEANS 13MWZ COWBOY CUT $24.00 ENTIRE STOCK OF LEVI’S ON SALE! 501 SHRINK TO FIT VALUES TO $ 00 NOW 00 68 ............ 45 $ • Bogs!!! MEN’S, WOMEN’S & KID’S RUBBER WATERPROOF FOOTWEAR. • MONTANA SILVERSMITH JEWELRY • Wyoming Trader • WOOL VEST • WOOL BOMBER JACKETS • WOOL RANCHER COATS • WOOL RAILROAD CAPS ( CHECK OUT THE NEW PLAID COLORS) • GLOVES • SOCKS Register to win $2100 to be given away by the Center of the Nation Business Association 500 State St., Belle Fourche 892-4773 Visa, MC, Discover, AmExpress accepted

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