Rapid City Central's Kailleb Walton-Blanden (3) and his teammates run through the banner before the season-opening game on Aug. 26 against Sioux Falls O'Gorman at O'Harra Stadium.

Josh Morgan, Journal staff

Apparently, there are a couple of local radio stations not broadcasting the Rapid City Stevens versus Aberdeen Central football game Friday night to kick off the annual Rushmore Bowl at O'Harra Stadium.


Don't get me wrong; high school football on the radio dial is good. Real good.

Stevens athletic director Jared Vasquez emailed a little pregame blueprint of the two press boxes at O'Harra Stadium. KIMM, KOTA and the local ESPN radio stations are all broadcasting the first game, as well as Aberdeen ESPN.

I always find it a bit amusing when I see multiple radio stations doing the same game. Then I realize I have no place to sit. Fellas, let's spread the love; there's more local games to go around.

No word on how many will stick around to broadcast the Rapid City Central-Spearfish game that follows. My guess is the three Rapid City stations will, although at this writing I can't really speak for them (pun not intended).

By the way, much appreciation goes in getting the Journal a spot to in the "press box," to write. Sometimes that can be a chore if a reservation isn't made in advance. New RCJ sports reporter Geoff Preston was forced to write his stories at the Northern Hills Beef Bowl in Spearfish while sitting in the stands because yours truly didn't call to reserve a spot.

Whoops. I just assumed that the press box at Lyle Hare Stadium was big enough. Kudos to Preston for calmly doing his job. I can't say that I would have handled it the same way. As a grumpy old man, I tend to complain.

Kind of like now.

Friday night at the Rushmore Bowl, with the back-to-back games and the second contest beginning at 8 p.m., Preston will have his hands full in getting the second story to me on the desk for print with our 10 p.m. copy deadline, which is not real conducive to Friday night high school football.

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The goal, as always, is to get the first story in full and hope for a quick second game. I'm guessing, though, that the second game will not end before 10 p.m.; they rarely do. More than likely, it will be a capsule of the second game for the print edition, with the online version a more complete story with quotes added.

Or it will be online first and print for Sunday's edition. That happens too.

Prediction: A slight fracture of the 10 p.m. deadline is positively more than likely probable.

I should be back on radio.

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