Josh Robinson

Mississippi State running back Josh Robinson gets past Kentucky cornerback Fred Tiller to make it to the end zone for his team's first touchdown during the first half of an NCAA college football game at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Ky., Saturday, Oct. 25.

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It's the million-dollar question (OK, it's actually probably closer to $20 million for the teams that make it).

Who are the top four teams in the top division of NCAA football? Obviously, Ole Miss is going to drop out of the top four after its second straight loss. Florida State, Mississippi State and Auburn should stay in the top three this week, but I'd frankly be shocked if both MSU and Auburn didn't lose again this season.

Alabama? Oregon? Michigan State? Notre Dame?

Who would you put into a four-team playoff? And believe me, I think your guess is going to be just as good as the committee's.

Frankly, I think this season shows the necessity of a 16-team playoff. Have FBS teams stop playing the Woffords and McNeese States and Western Carolinas and go back to a 10-game schedule. Then play the 16-team playoff. Anybody who wants to put on a holiday bowl game with two teams outside of those 16? Have at it. 

So, who are your top four?

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Right now, I'm going with Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn and Oregon with Alabama, Notre Dame and Michigan State on the brink. Obviously, the Alabama matchups with Mississippi State and Auburn looming are going to be huge for this whole thing.

Let the games begin.

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