Belle Fourche Irrigation District

Unofficial Proceedings

Regular Board Meeting

April 2, 2013

Board members in attendance: Darron Trohkimoinen, Joel Brunner, Randy Oliver, Dan McCune, Bryant Hermann, and Dwight Kitzan. Also present were: Manager Clint Pitts and Secretary/Treasurer Lee Ann Gaer. John Heisler in attendance at 1:00 p.m.

Meeting was called to order at 10:09 a.m. by Chairman Trohkimoinen.

The agenda was presented. Brunner moved to approve with additions. Hermann seconded. All in Favor. Motion carried.

Oliver moved to approve the minutes with corrections from the March 5 regular board meeting. Kitzan seconded. All in Favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer/Secretary Teresa Pittman in at 10:23 to present the bills and financial reports.

Brunner moved to pay the bills as submitted. Hermann seconded. All in Favor. Motion carried. A & I Distributors $2,111.98; A & J Supply $1,372.22; All Net Connections $1,722.99; Belle Fourche River Watershed Partnership $16,740.00: Bierschbach Equipment & Supply $433.24; Black Hills Power & Lights Co. $841.12; Boom Concrete $993.00; Bureau of Reclamation $22,341.05; Butte Electric Coop. $258.53; California Contractors Supplies, Inc $239.76; Century Business Products $159.67; Dakotacare $4,487.36; Dakota Machine, LLC $640.00; Fastenal $1,069.28; First Interstate Bank Corp. Card $1,677.78; Fresno $2,457.92; Godfrey Brake Service and Supply $49.80; Great Plains Meter $4,142.22; Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson & Ashmore, LLP $375.00; MCI $59.47; Newark $1,759.39; Newell City $83.58; Newell Ranch Supply $783.84; Newell Regional Medical $200.00; Newell Service Center $2,503.93; Pacific Steel and Recycling $1,307.50; RDO $2,651.78; Refuse Solutions $12.72; Risk Administration Services $891.00; Rockmount Research and Alloys $197.66; RPM Machine $669.92; Scott Peterson Motors Inc $4.90; SD Retirement $3,526.52l; SD unemployment $751.42; Servall Uniform and Linen $130.54; Verizon Wireless $606.11; Waterman Industries $7,492.80; West River Coop Telephone $207.76.

Secretary/Treasurer Pittman out at 10:38 am.

Oliver requested an executive session to discuss personnel at 10:40 a.m. Seconded by Kitzan. Secretary Gaer out. Board reconvened at 11:21. Manager Pitts will handle the personnel issues.

Discussion was had on past due assessments and what action the County and States Attorney is taking on getting delinquent letters out.

Manager Pitts went over the bid opening that was held, in the District office on March 8, 2013, for the Horse Creek and Indian Creek Siphon replacement work project. After much discussion of the nine bids and prices, Oliver made a motion to except Heavy Constructors for the Horse Creek and Indian Creek Siphon replacement work. Seconded by Brunner. All in Favor. Motion carried.

Trohkimoinen requested an executive session to discuss personnel at 11:57. Seconded by Brunner. Secretary Gaer and Manager Pitts out. Board reconvened at 12:02.

Trohkimoinen moved to adjourn for lunch at 12:03. Seconded by McCune. All in favor. Motion carried. The Board Reconvened at 1:00. All Board members present including Heisler. Also present were Manager Pitts and Secretary Gaer.

Farmer concerns:

Tom Seaman in at 1:00 to request a reimbursement for a water issue he had when he purchased water to finish his irrigating for the year and it couldn’t be delivered. He feels you cannot charge for services not rendered. The Board will discuss this with Foreman Terry Bonnet and Manager Pitts will contact Seaman with the Board’s decision.

Heisler – reported that Ed Carpenter isn’t getting enough pressure to irrigate a pasture which has an additional elbow pipe higher than the water level in the canal. Watermaster Anderson stated there has been two surveys done and if he V-Ditched the area it would irrigate. The Board would like to review this on a spring tour.

Foreman Terry Bonnet in at 1:38 to discuss Tom Seaman.

Foreman Bonnet out at 1:45.

Wyatt Hix in at 1:45 to request permission from the Board to lock the gates on the O&M road so his livestock can’t get out from a gate being left open. He also requested that the District take responsibility for cleaning and maintaining a drainage area in which the District has vested drainage rights or put a culvert under a government lateral, at the District expense, to help drain his field. Manager Pitts will contact the Bureau of Reclamation to see if the District is responsible for drainage areas in which they have the vested drainage rights or if it is the landowner's responsibility to maintain the drainage area. The Board would like to review this drainage area on a spring tour. Manager Pitts will contact Hix to provide him with District padlocks to be placed on the gates.

Foreman Terry Bonnet and Watermaster Bill Anderson in at 3:00.

Watermaster Anderson reported on the level of the dam. Inflows are down at an average of 169cfs. The dam should be at 74 percent full on May 1 at the current rate of inflows.

Foreman Bonnet reported on the work accomplished for the month of March.

Foreman Bonnet and Watermaster Anderson out at 3:19.

Discussion went back to Tom Seaman. Heisler made a motion to reimburse Tom Seaman $96.73 in lieu of extenuating circumstances. Seconded by Kitzan. All in Favor. Motion carried.

Discussion was had regarding the 2013 water season allotment. After much discussion, Heisler moved to set the allotment at 14 inches and to revisit this topic at a later Board meeting to possibly allot additional inches. Seconded by Brunner. All in Favor. Motion carried.

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Director concerns:

Kitzan, Oliver and McCune – none

Brunner – Asked about the progress of the fuel containment area by the District shop buildings and if it will be in compliance by May 1.

Heisler - The last valve on the Schmele Lateral needs to be addressed before water run.

Hermann – Dave Rathbun would like to have water released from the Keyhole earlier.

Trohkimoinen – There is a tree stump and some silt in the box culvert at Don Trohkimoinen’s property that needs to be taken out and cleaned up.

Kitzan requested an executive session to discuss ditch riders at 3:42. Seconded by Brunner. Secretary Gaer out. Board reconvened at 3:55.

Oliver moved to adjourn at 3:57 p.m. Brunner seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.


Darron Trohkimoinen, Chairman


Lee Ann Gaer, Secretary

Published once at the total approximate cost of $62.18.

Published Wed., April 17, 2013

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