THE SCHOOL BOARD OF BELLE FOURCHE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 9-1 MET IN REGULAR SESSION ON MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013, AT THE BELLE FOURCHE SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION OFFICE with president Beverly Banks presiding and members Tammy Clem, Mike Day, Jean Helmer, Marilyn Huston-Engle, Nita Justice and Jeff Otterman present. Administration present: Superintendent Steve Willard, Business Manager Susan Proefrock, Principals Pat Deering, Mathew Raba and Kevin Smidt, Director of Buildings and Grounds Greg Boyd and Special Education Director Caleb Case. Visitors: Ryan McNally, Kaylee Tschetter, Milo Dailey, and parents and Students of the Month and parents.

Unless otherwise noted, all Board action was by unanimous decision.

President Banks called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m. Banks led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion Justice, second Clem to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.

Routine Business

Motion Day, second Clem to approve the meeting minutes of February 11, 2013. Motion carried.

Motion Otterman, second Justice to approve the February financial statement as presented and the financial report for the Agency Funds Beginning Balance $67,867.59, Income $18,279.56, Expenditures $11,415.17, Ending Balance $74,731.98. Motion carried.

(See February Financial Statement)

Motion Day, second Otterman to approve the claims for payment as presented. Total Prepaid Claims by fund: General Fund $498,711.60; Special Education $80,598.88; and Food Service $2,205.72. Total Current Claims by fund: General Fund $139,895.46; Capital Outlay $6,285.00; Special Education $37,441.85; Capital Projects $42,804.80; and Food Service $64,780.25. Motion carried.


GENERAL FUND: AT&T Mobility Communications 164.88; February Payrolls 391,380.73; Elementary 98,039.17; Title IIA Class Size Reduction 7,125.42; Middle School 79,595.07; High School 71,831.50; Title IA 14,821.68; School Social Worker 2,858.34; Guidance 479.31; Health 2,942.16; Professional Development 2,839.83; Library 6,397.10; Technology in School 1,805.74; Board 525.00; Supt. Office 10,583.56; Principals' Offices 29,019.39; Activities Director Office 7,230.40; Business Office 11,067.56; Noon Duty 1,130.55; Custodial/Maint. 25,260.29; Food Services 1,806.47; Co-Curricular 16,022.19; Wells Fargo District Share of Soc Sec./Medicare 27,752.95; Black Hills Educational Benefits Coop. District Share of Health Ins. 51,591.16; Delta Dental Plan of SD District Share of Dental Ins. 5,685.75; SD Retirement System District Share of Retirement 22,136.13; TOTAL PREPAID-GENERAL FUND 498,711.60

SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND: AT&T Mobility Communications 65.82; February Payrolls 61,749.42; Mild to Moderate Disabilities 48,457.35; Severe Disabilities 4,091.67; Early Childhood 5,744.85; Administrative Costs 1,753.90; Student Transportation 1,701.65; Wells Fargo District Share of Soc Sec./Medicare 4,346.18; Black Hills Educational Benefits Coop. District Share of Health Ins. 9,610.36; Delta Dental Plan of SD District Share of Dental Ins. 1,459.89; SD Retirement System District Share of Retirement 3,367.21; TOTAL PREPAID-SPECIAL EDUCATION 80,598.88

FOOD SERVICE: February Payrolls 1,531.76; Wells Fargo District Share of Soc Sec./Medicare 113.20; Black Hills Educational Benefits Coop. District Share of Health Ins. 423.00; Delta Dental Plan of SD District Share of Dental Ins. 45.86; SD Retirement System District Share of Retirement 91.90; TOTAL PREPAID-FOOD SERVICE 2,205.72; GRAND TOTAL-PREPAID CLAIMS 581,516.20


GENERAL FUND: A & B Welding Supply Co., Inc. Supplies 567.72; Ace Steel & Recycling Inc Supplies 771.91; Amazon Supplies 1,246.82; American School Board Journal Supplies 57.00; Amick Sound Inc. Repairs 240.32; Amsterdam Printing & Litho Supplies 289.59; Belle Fourche Area Comm. Ctr. Rent 1,492.00; Belle Fourche Water Office Utilities 556.11; Bennett, Main, & Gubbrud Prof Services 37.50; Best Western Ramkota Hotel Travel 751.92; Black Hills Auto Care Repairs 29.99; Black Hills Connections LLC Repairs 91.84; Black Hills Power Utilities 16,940.10; Black Hills Pure, Inc. Supplies 276.67; Black Hills Special Serv. Coop Contracted Services 12,184.27; Books Are Fun Textbooks 17.00; Bruce J. Lutz Repairs 215.00; Budget Appliance & Dollar Store Supplies 553.00; Carolina Biological Supply Supplies 678.52; CBH Cooperative Travel 44.10; Costco Wholesale Supplies 7,484.80; Dakota Lumber Co. Supplies 1,167.19; DGP Publishing Supplies 562.53; Family Dollar Supplies 7.00; Fast Break Screen Printing Supplies 31.80; First Western Insurance Insurance Premium 227.00; Fleet Services Travel 1,311.54; Flinn Scientific Co. Supplies 527.51; Gene's Lock Shop Repairs 9.50; Grimm's Pump & Industrial Supply Repairs 93.84; GSS Tech Ed Supplies 470.12; Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection Services 900.00; Hood & Nies, P.C. Legal Services 30.00; Hunsley's Tints Repairs 440.30; Imprest Fund Fee 2,979.00; SD Bandmasters Association Contest Fees 408.00; Newell School District Entry Fee 25.00; Hill City School District Entry Fee 25.00; Custer School District Entry Fee 25.00; Pioneer Bank and Trust Awards 470.00; Music Theatre International Deposit 400.00; Will Graves Official 50.00; Courtney Buchholz Clock 55.00; Ryan Larsen Adults/Student Meals 294.00; Custer School District Entry Fee 25.00; Dave Karas Official/Mileage 43.00; Dave Karas Official/Mileage 43.00; Twin City Athletic Booster Club Entry Fee 120.00; Sundance High School Entry Fee 200.00; FCCLA State Leadership Entry Fee 796.00; Total Imprest Fund Expenses 2,979.00; International Academy Of Science Software 80.00; Interquest Detection Canines Of Mt Services 350.00; J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc. Supplies 364.98; Joe Dirt Excavation Repairs 175.00; Johnson Electric LLC Repairs 4,345.20; KNOLOGY Inc Communications 1,307.68; Knothole Supplies 96.18; Lueder's Food Center Supplies 43.67; Lunchtime Solutions, Inc. Services 4,688.70; Lynn's Dakotamart Supplies 767.27; M & B Cleaning Cleaning Services 5,807.44; McGrath, Sue Travel 486.00; Menards Supplies 67.23; Mid-American Research Chemical Supplies 217.16; Midcontinent Communications Communications 2,000.00; Midwest Volleyball Warehouse, Inc. Supplies 139.90; Montana Dakota Utilities Utilities 11,806.07; Moore Medical, LLC Supplies 1,188.97; Motive Parts Repairs 731.56; Mr. Movies Supplies 160.00; Music Corner Repairs 30.00; Musicians Friend Supplies 152.48; Nelson, Micheline Services 525.00; O.C. Cleaners Cleaning Services 2,535.56; Office Emporium Supplies 499.56; Office Max, Inc. Supplies 101.99; Parent Teacher Outlet L.L.C. Supplies 59.97; Perkins Distributing Company Supplies 1,280.00; Petty Cash C/O R. Montgomery Postage 45.13; Pitney Bowes Postage 680.00; Pitney Bowes Lease 472.26; Postmaster Postage 200.00; Posy Palace Supplies 76.00; RCJournal/BH Weekly Group Communications 350.98; Reliable Office Supplies Supplies 34.19; Ricoh USA, Inc. Supplies 692.32; Ricoh USA, Inc. Supplies 3,325.56; SDIAAA Registration 180.00; Sand Creek Printing Supplies 869.65; Scholastic Inc. Supplies 466.20; School Specialty Inc Supplies 733.78; Shopko Supplies 472.13; Software Unlimited, Inc. Registration 40.00; Steps To Literacy Supplies 1,088.95; Stereos N Stuff Supplies 1,230.99; Sweetwater Education Tech. Div. Supplies 92.95; Taylor Publishing Co. Printing & Binding 3,600.00; Tech. & Innovations In Educ. Services 2,844.48; Temperature Technology, Inc Repairs 416.02; Thyssen Krupp Elevator Corp. Services 376.03; Time Management Systems, Inc. Services 75.00; Tri-State Transportation, Inc. Activity Bussing 25,392.74; Vansickle, Brandi Registration 158.99; Walmart Community Correction 1.96; Ward, Deb Refund 106.24; Waste Connections Utilities 1,073.80; Wells Plumbing & Farm Supplies, Inc Repairs 75.83; West Music Supplies 19.95; Wood Road Repair Repairs 492.65; Wood Stock Supply, Inc. Supplies 693.72; Woodsmith Subscription Dept. Supplies 36.00; Woodworker's Supply, Inc. Supplies 189.88; TOTAL CURRENT-GENERAL FUND 139,895.46

CAPITAL OUTLAY: CDW Government, Inc. Computer Equip 1,786.00; Ricoh USA, Inc Rent 2,650.00; Taylor Music Misc Equip 1,849.00; TOTAL CURRENT-CAPITAL OUTLAY 6,285.00

SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND: Services 386.88; Supplies 22.50; Tuition 20,040.56; Registration 300.00; Tuition 3,005.04; Travel 457.16; Registration 140.00; Pupil Transportation 466.20; Communications 134.37; Supplies 104.85; Supplies 31.00; Travel 187.40; Tuition 686.84; Supplies 173.00; Postage 120.00; Supplies 185.64; Supplies 84.88; Supplies 98.95; Payment to other Educ Institutions 10,816.58; TOTAL CURRENT-SPECIAL ED 37,441.85

CAPITAL PROJECTS FUND: Rangel Construction Company HS Renovations 37,710.00; Upper Deck Architects, Inc. Architect Services 5,094.80; TOTAL CURRENT-CAPITAL PROJECTS 42,804.80

FOOD SERVICE: Fleet Services Supplies 147.81; KNOLOGY Inc Communications 33.27; Lunchtime Solutions, Inc. Services 64,479.14; Turbiville Industrial Electric Works Repairs 116.18; Wells Plumbing & Farm Supplies Inc Repairs 3.85; TOTAL CURRENT-FOOD SERVICE 64,780.25; GRAND TOTAL-CURRENT CLAIMS 291,207.36


High School Student Council President Ryan McNally reported on the upcoming projects and activities of the Council and student body.

Clem reported the Budget Committee met February 27, 2013. The committee reviewed the preliminary Capital Outlay budget. The proposed timetable for budget adoption was presented for Board perusal.

Board members Helmer and Huston-Engle arrived at this time - 5:25 p.m.

Banks and Proefrock reported the Board of Directors of the Black Hills Educational Benefits Cooperative held its quarterly meeting on February 27, 2013. The BHEBC provides health benefit services to employees of Belle Fourche School District. Regular business was conducted and a report of activities was presented. New monthly rates were approved, effective July 1, 2013.

Helmer reported on the Community Council for Education meeting held February 21, 2013. Meeting minutes were shared with the Board.

Day reported on the School Improvement Committee meeting held February 14, 2013. Meeting minutes were shared with the Board.

Administrative reports were given.


February Students of the Month receiving special recognition were: Fifth grade – Ethan Jones and Chantel Kolb; Sixth grade – Dawson Paulsen and Vanessa Svetcoff; Seventh grade – Hunter Vissia and Jessica Woelber; and Eighth grade – Corey Hockenbary and Megan Mitchell.

Consent Agenda

Motion Helmer, second Clem and carried to approve the following consent agenda items (1-4)

1. Second reading and final approval to revise policy IB (BFSD 9-1 Strategic Plan – Long Range Facilities Plan) and revise policy IKFA (Early Graduation).

2. Approve the administrative recommendations for personnel as follows: wage adjustment for Sheryl (Sherry) Langfitt as a full-time custodian $9.50/hour, effective March 4, 2013;

3. Additional compensation as follows: Curriculum development stipends – M Anderson $440.00, B Cupp $550.00, C Hardesty $165.00, B LaBau $165.00, S Mikkelson $165.00, C Parker $330.00, S Tschetter $220.00; Math Lead teacher stipend – B Cupp $400.00; Officiating – S Kidder $260.00, M Sprigler $100.00 and W Tonsager $100.00; Jordan Schneider run clock $50.00; and B Aspen for transporting student $250.00.

4. Request for voluntary separation (early retirement) for Clark Gusso following the 2012-2013 school year.

Student Assignment Request

Motion Justice, second Huston-Engle to approve the administrative recommendation to approve a student assignment request for one (1) high school student to be assigned school residency in the Belle Fourche School District 9-1 beginning the 2012-13 school year. Motion carried.

School Calendar

Motion Day, second Clem to approve the 2013-2014 school calendar as presented: The first day of school for grades K-12 is scheduled August 19, 2013, and the last day of school is scheduled May 22, 2014. The calendar includes 156.5 days taught; three (3) days for parent-teacher conferences; and six and one half (6.5) days for professional development, totaling 166 days in session. Discussion followed. Motion carried.

Board consensus was to appoint Otterman as School District representative and Helmer as alternate to the Butte/Lawrence County equalization meetings.

Motion Day, second Otterman to approve the Amendment No. 2 to the Agreement between Belle Fourche School District and Upper Deck Architects. Motion carried.

Certificates of Excuse from school attendance (2012-2013 application numbers 35-36) were signed at this time. Sixty-three (63) students approved to date.

The Board and administration held discussion on the reflection questions for the book titled Inevitable by authors Charles Schwahn and Beatrice McGarvey. The book study will continue at the next meeting.

Board consensus was to change the time from 5:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for the regular monthly school board meetings to be held on the second Monday of each month in the Administration Office of the Belle Fourche School District 9-1.

Committee meetings were scheduled.

There being no further business to come before the Board at this time, the meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

/s/ Beverly Banks, President

/s/ Susan L. Proefrock, Business Manager

Published once at the total approximate cost of $128.68.

Published Wed., March 20, 2013

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