THE SCHOOL BOARD OF BELLE FOURCHE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 9-1 MET IN REGULAR SESSION ON MONDAY, APRIL 8, 2013, AT THE BELLE FOURCHE SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION OFFICE with president Beverly Banks presiding and members Tammy Clem, Mike Day, Jean Helmer, Nita Justice and Jeff Otterman present. Board member Marilyn Huston-Engle was absent. Administration present: Superintendent Steve Willard, Business Manager Susan Proefrock, Principals Pat Deering, Mathew Raba and Kevin Smidt, Activities Director Clay Anderson, Director of Buildings and Grounds Greg Boyd and Special Education Director Caleb Case. Visitors: Ryan McNally, Kaylee Tschetter, Milo Dailey, Brady Bisgaard, Megan Haag, Jen Roberts, Delretta Halvorson, Liz Day, Keenan Justice, Kim Brill, Casandra Hoffman and Students of the Month and parents.

Unless otherwise noted, all Board action was by unanimous decision.

President Banks called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Banks led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion Helmer, second Otterman to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.

High School Teacher Jen Roberts showed a video produced by the High School National Honor Society members.

Lunchtime Solutions, Inc. provided a sampling of the school lunch menu for the School Board and administrators.

Routine Business

Motion Justice, second Clem to approve the meeting minutes of March 11, 2013. Motion carried.

Motion Otterman, second Clem to approve the March financial statement as presented and the financial report for the Agency Funds Beginning Balance $74,731.98, Income $21,235.81, Expenditures $14,040.85, Ending Balance $81,926.94. Motion carried.

(See March 2013 Financial Statement)

Motion Clem, second Helmer to approve the claims for payment as presented. Total Prepaid Claims by fund: General Fund $488,353.42; Special Education $77,643.50; and Food Service $2,087.30. Total Current Claims by fund: General Fund $179,761.20; Capital Outlay $41,339.05; Special Education $36,897.74; Capital Projects $129,472.57; QSCB Redemption Fund $21,375.00; and Food Service $68,277.17. Motion carried.



AT&T Mobility Communications 64.88; March Payrolls 381,396.78; Elementary 99,239.34; Title IIA Class Size Reduction 7,080.42; Middle School 79,939.16; High School 71,708.44; Title IA 14,893.58; School Social Worker 2,858.34; Guidance 496.37; Health 2,816.55; Library 6,185.41; Technology in School 1,513.40; Board 525.00; Supt. Office 10,169.80; Principals' Offices 28,558.14; Activities Director Office 6,752.62; Business Office 10,424.47; Noon Duty 712.24; Custodial/Maint. 22,789.09; Food Services 1,525.07; Co-Curricular 13,209.34; Wells Fargo District Share of Soc Sec./Medicare 26,957.84; Black Hills Educational Benefits Coop.District Share of Health Ins. 52,327.73; Delta Dental Plan of SD District Share of Dental Ins. 5,735.63; SD Retirement System District Share of Retirement 21,770.56; TOTAL PREPAID-GENERAL FUND 488,353.42


AT&T Mobility Communications 61.70; March Payrolls 59,586.01; Mild to Moderate Disabilities 47,142.59; Severe Disabilities 4,226.80; Early Childhood 5,504.77; Administrative Costs 1,628.69; Student Transportation 1,083.16; Wells Fargo District Share of Soc Sec./Medicare 4,237.52; Black Hills Educational Benefits Coop. District Share of Health Ins. 9,037.79; Delta Dental Plan of SD District Share of Dental Ins. 1,455.87; SD Retirement System District Share of Retirement 3,264.61; TOTAL PREPAID-SPECIAL EDUCATION 77,643.50


March Payrolls 1,427.57; Wells Fargo District Share of Soc Sec./Medicare 105.22; Black Hills Educational Benefits Coop. District Share of Health Ins. 423.00; Delta Dental Plan of SD District Share of Dental Ins. 45.86; SD Retirement System District Share of Retirement 85.65; TOTAL PREPAID-FOOD SERVICE 2,087.30; GRAND TOTAL-PREPAID CLAIMS 568,084.22


1st Place Volleyball Supplies 619.12; A & B Welding Supply Co., Inc. Supplies 699.89; Ace Steel & Recycling Inc Supplies 1,737.30; All Around Auto, LLC Repairs 25.66; Amazon Supplies 1,165.41; Americinn Fees 86.80; Amick Sound, Inc. Repairs 727.82; Belle Fourche Area Comm. Ctr. Rent 3,035.00; Belle Fourche Chamber of Comm. Dues 240.00; Belle Fourche Water Office Utilities 562.87; Black Hills Auto Care Repairs 51.49; Black Hills Power Utilities 17,261.82; Black Hills Pure, Inc. Supplies 108.50; Black Hills Special Serv. Coop Contracted Services 62,083.29; Bunney's Body & Collision Repairs 1,066.55; Carr, Terry Registration 40.00; CBH Cooperative Travel 393.21; Center Of Nation Police Reserves Services 228.00; Dakota Lumber Co. Supplies 1,559.91; Diamond Vogel Paint Center Supplies 664.11; Education Week Supplies 84.94; Etch USA Supplies 125.85; Family Dollar Supplies 44.52; Fast Break Screen Printing Supplies 148.40; Fleet Services Travel 928.83; Follett Software Co. Software 2,467.00; Frog Publications Supplies 93.45; Frontier Glass of Belle, LLC Repairs 95.36; Gene's Lock Shop Repairs 2,971.15; Grimm's Pump & Industrial Supply Repairs 2,200.64; Haggerty's Musicworks Supplies 2.50; Hameray Publishing Group, Inc. Supplies 173.25; Heartland Paper Co. Supplies 966.94; Heinemann Supplies 1,892.00; Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center Supplies 218.90; Hoseth Auto, Inc. Repairs 5.28; Houghton Mifflin Co. Corp. Textbooks 9,601.06; Imprest Fund:; Region 8 Music ContestEntry Fee 375.00; SDHSAA Participation Fees 596.00; Rhonda Barrett Refund 41.40; St. Thomas More High SchoolEntry Fee 25.00; Larry Portwood Official/Mileage 158.00; Ron Erion Official 125.00; Andy ErionOfficial 125.00; SkillsUSA South DakotaRegistration Fees 175.00; Total Imprest Fund Expenses 1,620.40; International Academy Of Science Software 80.00; Interquest Detection Canines Of Mt Services 350.00; J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc. Supplies 301.06; Johnson Electric LLC Repairs 1,576.92; Jones School Supply Co., Inc. Supplies 138.60; KBA Coach - Korney Board Aids Misc Equip 899.00; KNOLOGY Inc Communications 1,291.13; Knothole, The Supplies 50.84; Krentz, Jenniene Registration 100.00; Lueder's Food Center Supplies 212.18; Lunchtime Solutions, Inc. Services 4,009.26; Lynn's Dakotamart Supplies 590.59; M & B Cleaning Cleaning Services 5,632.44; Math Science Literacy Supplies 151.14; Mid Continent Testing Laboratories, Inc. Communications 2,000.00; Miller, Eileen Fee 433.00; Morgan, Sheila Registration 45.00; Mulligan Fees 500.00; Music Theatre International Registration 1,260.00; National Assoc-Sec School Principals Dues 582.75; National Recognition Products Supplies 1,152.53; Natl Council of Teachers of Mathematics Dues 69.00; NCTM Conference Registration Registration 1,462.00; Nelson, Micheline Services 1,125.00; O.C. Cleaners Cleaning Services 2,535.56; Office Emporium Supplies 126.35; Overtime Athletes Inc. Supplies 127.00; Parent Teacher Outlet LLC Supplies 25.04; Pearson Clinical Assessments Supplies 205.11; Penworthy Co. Supplies 138.81; Pitney Bowes Communications 680.00; Pizza Hut Supplies 92.24; Rand Mcnally & Co. Textbooks 390.15; RCJournal/BH Weekly Group Communications 1,008.31; Resources For Reading Supplies 122.01; River City Supply, LLC Supplies 527.45; Sand Creek Printing Supplies 460.85; Saversmart Supplies 48.77; Scholastic Inc. Supplies 463.71; School Administrators of South Dakota Registration 550.00; Schooldude.Com Services 3,576.70; SD High School Activities Association Supplies 402.00; SDAEOP Registration 130.00; SDASBO Registration 50.00; Shi International Corp Software 211.15; Shopko Supplies 437.97; Software Unlimited, Inc. Registration 190.00; Stereos N Stuff Supplies 819.09; Team Laboratory Chemical Corp Supplies 1,258.00; Temperature Technology, Inc. Repairs 347.96; Tri-State Transportation, Inc. Activity Bussing 21,722.74; Universal Athletic Service Supplies 893.95; USI Education Sales Supplies 35.15; Walmart Community Supplies 73.20; Waste Connections Utilities 1,073.80; Wells Plumbing & Farm Supplies Inc Repairs 57.16; Winner's Circle Supplies 756.75; Wood Stock Supply, Inc. Supplies 255.96; TOTAL CURRENT-GENERAL FUND 179,761.20


BFSD Foundation Management Agreement 9,000.00; CDW Government, Inc. Computer Equip 747.00; Golden West Technologies Misc Equip 4,003.77; Pioneer Bank & Trust Transfer For QSCB, Series 2010a 22,727.28; Ricoh USA, Inc Rent 2,650.00; Riverside Technologies, Inc. Computer Equip 2,211.00; TOTAL CURRENT-CAPITAL OUTLAY 41,339.05; SPECIAL ED. FUND; Services 241.80; Travel 335.96; Supplies 29.00; Transportation 20,634.05; Supplies 62.12; Travel 45.00; Travel 45.00; Tuition 3,163.20; Supplies 82.68; Travel 324.15; Travel 517.21; Travel 45.00; Travel 233.10; Supplies 31.27; Travel 74.95; Communications 138.80; Materials Supplies 350.66; Supplies 7,800.00; Supplies 21.18; Supplies 56.50; Tuition 760.43; Services 102.00; Supplies 1,176.00; Communications 120.00; Pupil Transportation 210.00; Registration 110.00; Travel 58.88; Pupil Transportation 88.80; Travel 40.00; TOTAL CURRENT-SPECIAL ED. 36,897.74


Pioneer Bank & Trust Debt Service Interest QSCB 2010A 21,375.00; TOTAL CURRENT-QSCB REDEMPTION FUND 21,375.00.


First Western Insurance Builders Risk 994.00; Rangel Construction Company HS Renovations 105,030.00; Upper Deck Architects, Inc. Architect Services 23,448.57; TOTAL CURRENT-CAPITAL PROJECTS 129,472.57


Fleet Services Supplies 179.65; Imprest Fund: Rhonda Barrett Refund 41.40; KNOLOGY Inc Communications 33.98; Lunchtime Solutions, Inc. Services 68022.14; TOTAL CURRENT-FOOD SERVICE 68,277.17; GRAND TOTAL-CURRENT CLAIMS 477,122.73


High School Student Council President Ryan McNally reported on the upcoming projects and activities of the Council and student body.

Clem reported the Budget Committee met April 3, 2013. The committee reviewed the preliminary Special Education budget.

Day reported on the School Improvement Committee meeting held March 14, 2013. Meeting minutes were shared with the Board.

Justice reported the Salary Committee has reached a tentative agreement with the Belle Fourche Education Association.

Administrative reports were given.

A letter of resignation from President Beverly Banks was read. Banks is moving out-of-district and therefore is no longer eligible to serve on the School Board effective May 1, 2013. A plaque of appreciation was presented to Banks for her 12 years of dedicated service to the Belle Fourche School District 9-1.

The Board will make an appointment at the next meeting for the unexpired term (May – June 2013) on the School Board.


March Students of the Month receiving special recognition were: Fifth grade – Cruz Kellem and Kaylee Teppo; Sixth grade – Hanna Bricker and Logan Fowler; Seventh grade – Kelsea Carlson and Nicholas Peterson; and Eighth grade – Jacob Helmbolt and KeeLee Rosales.

Banks moved that the following consent agenda items be separate Board consideration: Recommendations for Employees.

Consent Agenda

Motion Otterman, second Helmer and carried to approve the following consent agenda items (1-5)

1. Additional compensation as follows: Run clocks – C Grubb $350.00, K Heck $480.00 and B Young $100.00.

2. Resignations submitted by Lynette Daum as a K-12 music teacher, Colleen Hardesty as an elementary teacher, Cathy Grubb as assistant high school track coach and assistant high school volleyball coach, Randy Nicholas as head high school track coach and Brad Young as assistant football coach, all resignations effective the end of the 2012-2013 school year.

3. Administrative recommendation to hire DeSmet and Biggs, Certified Public Accountants of Rapid City, to perform the audit of the general purpose financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013.

4. Contract with Taylor Publishing Company d/b/a Balfour for publication of the 2013-14 Belle Fourche High School yearbook.

5. Approve the District’s bus stops in Spearfish School District where open enrolled students are picked up and dropped off. It is noted the Spearfish School Board has also agreed to the bus stops.

Open Enrollments

Motion Day, second Clem to approve the administrative recommendations to accept open enrollment applications, beginning the 2012-2013 school year, as submitted, for one (1) elementary student from the Lead-Deadwood School District, one (1) high school student from the Spearfish School District and one (1) high school student from the Lead-Deadwood School District. Also accept the release of open enrollment for one (1) student to return to the Belle Fourche School District from the Spearfish School District. Motion carried.

SDHSAA Membership

Motion by Day, second Justice to authorize membership in the South Dakota High School Activities Association for the Belle Fourche High School for the period which begins July 1, 2013, and ends on June 30, 2014, with the supervision, control, and regulation of any and all high school interscholastic activities being delegated to said Association. In addition, the School Board has ratified the Constitution, By-Laws, and rules of the South Dakota High School Activities Association as of July 1, 2013, and agrees to conduct its activities programs within the framework of these instruments. Motion carried.

Athletic Storage Equipment Bid

At this time the Board reviewed the bid received for the athletic storage equipment. One (1) bid was received: Wenger Corporation, Owatonna, MN for $32,904.00.

Motion Clem, second Otterman to accept the bid from Wenger Corporation for the athletic storage equipment as per bid specifications, total bid $32,904.00. Motion carried.

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Building Materials Bids for Annex located at South Park Elementary

At this time the Board reviewed the bids received for the building materials for annex located at South Park Elementary. Bids were received as follows: Dakota Lumber, Belle Fourche $24,646.13; Roundup Building Center, Belle Fourche $27,500.00; and Knecht Home Center, Spearfish $28,862.60.

Motion Clem, second Helmer to accept the low bid from Dakota Lumber for the building materials for annex located at South Park Elementary as per bid specifications, total bid $24,646.13. Motion carried.

Change Orders

Motion Day, second Otterman to approve the following change orders as presented for the High School Renovation: #1 cost add of $3,728.00, #2 cost reduction of $50.00, #3 cost reduction of $6,168.50 and #4 cost add of $314.00. Motion carried.

Ratify Negotiated Agreement

Motion by Otterman, second Clem, to approve ratification of the Annual (2013-14) Salary Agreement between the Belle Fourche School District 9-1 and the Belle Fourche Education Association. Motion carried. (Day abstained)

Issue Contracts

Motion Clem, second Helmer to issue 2013-2014 renewal contracts for teachers and extra-curricular positions as per lists submitted. Motion carried. (Day and Justice abstained)

Recommendations for Employees

Motion Day, second Helmer to approve the administrative recommendations for personnel as follows: hire Joseph DeJong, paraprofessional $7.95/hour, effective March 20, 2013 and terminating May 23, 2013; hire Keri VanMatre, lunchroom supervision $7.80/hour; and wage adjustments, effective April 1, 2013 for the following support staff returning from last school year – Brooks Audiss $11.25/hour, Karen Dailey $13.35/hour, Julie Egemo $10.25/hour, Julie Frasier $10.80/hour, Sandi Hespe $14.40/hour, Cindy Johnson $12.50/hour, Annette Kosola $11.10/hour, Renee McAmis $13.75/hour, Kris McMahon $14.25/hour, Robin Montgomery $15.95/hour, Jolene Nelson, $10.95/hour, Rhonda Schultz $12.20/hour, Debbie Boyd $12.65/hour, Diane Corrick $10.00/hour, Thomas Coyle $14.75/hour, Mark Johnson $11.25/hour, Larry Messmer $12.65/hour, Catherine Myers $12.15/hour, Delwin Oedekoven $10.95/hour, Brady Rhodes $10.00/hour, Anita Ulrich, $10.45/hour, Garnette Ulrich $10.70/hour, Alicia Anderson $8.45/hour, Tina Blakeman $10.45/hour, C. Diane Brennan $10.65/hour (accompanist), C. Diane Brennan $9.80/hour (library), Brooke Campbell $9.15/hour, Sheilagh Collins $9.60/hour, Vicki Cooper $8.45/hour, Cindy Conner $10.15/hour, Michelle Davis $8.60/hour, Tamera Ferguson $8.85/hour, Elizabeth Firminger $8.20/hour, Val Fowler $8.60/hour, Janelle Jensen $12.50/hour, Charleen Kallas $8.85/hour, Nicole Kellem $8.60/hour, Eleanor Lawton $14.25/hour, Patty Moe $10.60/hour, Barb Moldenhauer $14.25/hour, Kim Nelson $10.15/hour, Wendy O’Brien $8.45/hour, Suzanne Otterman $11.75/hour, Evelyn Reade $8.60/hour, Mary (Eliza) Thompson $9.50/hour, Kristin Truesdell $8.60/hour, Marci VanDerWerff $10.15/hour, Angela Vissia $8.20/hour, Evelyn Weaver $9.60/hour, Mary Lou Willard $10.15/hour, Brandi Vansickle $20.00/hour and Brian Aspen $34,400.00 salary. Motion carried. (Justice and Otterman abstained)

Certificates of Excuse from school attendance (2012-2013 application numbers 37-39) were signed at this time. Sixty-seven (67) students approved to date.

The Board and administration held discussion on the reflection questions for the book titled Inevitable by authors Charles Schwahn and Beatrice McGarvey. The book study is complete.

Committee meetings were scheduled.

Board members and administrators were encouraged to attend the ASBSD/SASD Joint Convention to be held in Sioux Falls, August 7-9, 2013,

Executive Session

Motion Helmer, second Otterman to enter into executive session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(1) – 6:57 p.m. Motion carried.

President Banks declared the Board out of executive session at 7:13 p.m.

Motion Otterman, second Helmer to approve the Special Addendum to Article V Sick Leave of the Negotiated Agreement between Belle Fourche Education Association and the Belle Fourche School District. Motion carried. This addendum will allow teachers to donate up to two (2) days of their accumulated sick leave for family to Lorene Goodwin.

There being no further business to come before the Board at this time, the meeting adjourned at 7:17 p.m.

/s/ Beverly Banks

Beverly Banks, President

/s/ Susan L. Proefrock

Susan L. Proefrock, Business Manager

Published once at the total approximate cost of $175.63.

Published Wed., April 24, 2013

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