The Board of Trustees met for the regular session on Monday, April 8, 2013, 7:30 pm at the Nisland Town Hall with Chairman Dell calling the meeting to order. These members were present: Dawn Queen, and Bev Lewis. Also attending were: LeAnne Clark, finance officer; Steve Karlson, maintenance, Gary Brunner, sheriff’s deputy and one resident and other members of the public. All joined in the Pledge of Allegiance, then Pastor Doug Clark opened the meeting with a word of prayer.

Approval of Agenda:

It was moved by Dell and seconded by Queen to accept the agenda with the addition of Speed Limit under other business. All were in favor. Motion carried.

Approval of Financial Report, Minutes and Publications

Chairman Dell asked for any corrections or additions to the minutes of the regular meeting held March 11, 2013. A motion was made by Dell and seconded by Queen to approve the Financial Report and Minutes and Publications. All were in favor, motion carried.

Law Enforcement Report:

Butte County Sherrif’s Department reported 457 patrol miles, 74.5 hours, 15 calls and three animal control calls.


Gross payroll, General Fund, 520.77, Water Fund, 561.99, Sewer Fund, 561.96; LeAnne Clark, mileage, General Fund, 17.76; EFTPS, 941 tax, General Fund, 166.92, Water Fund, 197.06, Sewer Fund, 197.02; Black Hills Power - electricity, General Fund, 682.23, Water Fund, 526.95; Butte County Treasurer - law enforcement, General Fund, 262.50; Waste Connections - garbage contract, General Fund, 777.75; West River Cooperative Telephone - telephone, fax, internet, General Fund, 108.90; SD Dept of Revenue, water testing, Water Fund, 39.00; Dakota Backup, online computer backup, General Fund, 24.99; Hawkins, chlorine cylinder, Water Fund, 5.00; Rapid City Journal, Publishing, General Fund, 56.94; SD Municipal League, District 10 Meeting, General Fund, 100.00; LeAnne Clark, copy paper, General Fund, 31.67; CBH Cooperative, unleaded, General Fund, 731.80; Nisland Arpan Fire & Rescue, quarterly payment agreement, General Fund, 150.00; Newell Ranch Supply, shop supplies, General Fund, 44.62; SD One Call, locate tickets, General Fund, 2.10; Council, General Fund: Jake Dell, 27.70; Harold Gray, 27.70; Dawn Queen, 27.70; Ed Elwood, 27.70; Bev Lewis, 18.47; Heartland Electric, cove heat in well house, Water Fund, 479.00; Water Deposit Refund: Ron Wolf, , 13.67; Jack Hise, 80.00; Dakota Lumber, shop improvements, General Fund, 108.05. Total Claims: $6577.92.

It was moved by Lewis and seconded by Queen to approve the claims as presented. All were in favor. Motion carried.


Annual Report:

Not finished at the accountant. Plan to meet with accountant on Friday.

District 10 Meeting - April 18:

Just a reminder. Queen decided not to go.


Rundown Properties:

Lewis mentioned Caldwell’s junk on sidewalk and Davison’s trailer, garage and yellow house. A motion was made by Lewis and seconded by Queen to procede with the process to get these taken care of. All were in favor, motion carried.


McGas checked the stove and said it would be more to fix than it was worth and gave quotes for a new stove of $1175 plus $200 installation. Northern Tool has one for $599 and Menards for $400 (not as many BTU’s). Table.


The old one has been fixed as much as possible and will need to be replaced next time. Quote from Hawkins of $1150. A motion was made by Dell and seconded by Lewis to purchase the new one with contingency funds. All were in favor, motion carried.

Appointment vs. hiring of Finance Officer:

A motion was made by Dell and seconded by Queen to work up a new ordinance and present it for first reading at the next meeting. All were in favor, motion carried.

Steve Karlson:

Promised insurance company that the swing set would be in compliance by end of April. He priced beams for the 20 by 40 foot perimeter with wood mulch at $800. Other options were discussed. A motion was made by Dell and seconded by Queen to keep cost down but move forward. All were in favor, motion carried.

He asked permission to take the mosquito sprayer in to Rapid on May 7 to get calibrated. Given permission.

Snowplow has been fixed and works. He would like to purchase some lights for it before next season.

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A citizen on First Street was concerned about her overhanging trees. Not an issue.

The Finance Officer cautioned the council about spending too much more out of the street fund as it was only April and there were still nine months left.


Dell has had people asking if the speed limit on the east side of town could be moved a little further out. Dell said he would talk to the State. Add to next months agenda.


There being no other business, a motion was made by Dell and seconded by Lewis to adjourn the meeting. All were in favor. Chairman Dell adjourned the meeting at 8:32 p.m.



LeAnne H. Clark, Finance Officer


Jake Dell, Chairman

Published once at the total approximate cost of $49.24.

Published Wed., April 17, 2013

Butte County Post

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