The Sturgis Players are proud to present their winter play, “Everybody Loves Opal” from Friday, February 23rd through Monday, February 26th at the Sturgis Community Center Theater. Friday, Saturday and Monday performances are at 7:00pm and the Sunday matinee performance is at 2:00pm.

Director June Dill has set auditions for Sunday, January 7th from 6:30-8:30pm in the Williams Middle School Band Room.   June, a veteran director who has recently retired from the Sturgis Brown High School, is now ready to lend her directing skills to the Sturgis Area Arts Council’s productions. She is very familiar with the play having previously directed it. She agrees with the New York Post’s description of the play as “shamelessly entertaining.”

 The cast includes 2 women and 4 men. Opal Kronkie, the main character, is a middle-aged recluse, who exists in the general disarray of her home. She totes anything and everything home in her little red wagon and is the eternal and kind optimist. She is set upon by three unsavory characters who concoct a series of elaborate schemes to steal Opal’s fortune. Through it all, unsuspecting Opal radiates kindness, affection, and gratitude.

 Plan for an evening of laughs and goofy, enjoyable antics. You’ll leave the play agreeing with the author’s description of “Everybody Loves Opal” as a prank in three acts.


 Principal Roles:

Opal - A middle-aged recluse living in a tumbledown mansion at the edge of the municipal dump. She is an optimist full of unfailing kindness and an abiding faith in the goodness of human nature.

 Gloria Gulock - On the lam from the authorities, she has designer-like wardrobe, and Hollywood dreams makes her the perfect naive front woman. She has a brashness that compensates for her insecurity. She seems hardened.

 Bradford Winter “Professor” – On the lam from the authorities, the real brains behind the operation, with his high-end vocabulary, college professor ensemble, and sarcastic sense of humor.

 Solomon Bozo – Also on the lam from the authorities, he is the big bossman in his fancy fur and authoritative air who talks a big, mob-boss-like game, but there’s something hiding beneath the boisterousness. He is shabby, fat, bald and bug-eyed. He is in an extreme state of agitation.

 Minor roles:

 Doctor - Middle-aged. Rather cantankerous.

 Officer Joe Jankie - A handsome young policeman.



  • Occurred Sunday, January 7th, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm