STURGIS | Regional Health Sturgis Hospital and Clinic announced that the refurbishment of the Nolin Monument has been completed. The monument honors Charles “Red” Nolin, a horseback mail carrier who was killed near the monument site in 1876. The monument is adjacent to Regional Health Sturgis Hospital and Clinic, 22 Junction Ave., in Sturgis.

The project came about when Regional Health started its renovation and expansion of the Sturgis Hospital and Clinic. The Nolin Monument, severely in need of restoration, was literally sinking into the ground. Regional Health partnered with Ainsworth-Benning to build a solid foundation on which the monument could be placed. The project included a concrete pad, landscaping and electrical service. The revitalized Nolin Monument required more than 10 tons of rock.

“Not many hospitals have historical monuments on campus,” said Mark Schulte, president of Regional Health Sturgis Hospital and Market. “By partnering with the Meade County Historical Society and Ainsworth Benning Construction, Regional Health was able to revitalize a very important piece of this town’s history. I want to thank the community for the financial support and patience during this process. Our patients and visitors will now have a chance to learn about the history of Sturgis. We couldn’t be more proud of how this turned out.”

The Nolin Monument Restoration Committee raised funds from a variety of businesses, organizations and individuals through cash and in-kind contributions. The largest contributors were the Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission, Regional Health and Black Hills Energy. Ainsworth-Benning Construction, the contractor renovating and expanding Sturgis Hospital and Clinic, did much of the monument restoration work.

The Sturgis and Meade County Historical Society plans to have a re-dedication ceremony and celebration on June 15.