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February 13, 1908

F.F. Herber of Lincoln, Nebraska, special agent for Reeves & Co, of Columbus, Indiana, was in Vale a few days last week, when he and their local Agent, Hugo Behrens, visited several of the ranchers in this section, talking Steam Plows and the like. Mr. Herber left Saturday for Belle Fourche.

W. B. Penfold, cashier of the Butte County Bank at Belle Fourche, was in Vale yesterday on his way home from a business trip to Lemmon. The distance from Belle Fourche to Lemmon is about 150 miles across country but is about 600 miles by rail.

February 14, 1918

The good weather of the past week has been quite a help to the boys on the electric light gang. Much progress was made up to the last cold snap. The line is all ready for the delivery of power to the Mill and it will only be a matter of a few days until the places that have been already installed will receive current. Several meters have already been installed and service drops to most of these places are in readiness.

N. M. Bratton Merc. Co. just received their new spring line of the latest styles of Warner’s Corsets. Warranted not to break, rust or tear.

February 16, 1928

Two Ford cars crashed over highway rights-of-way last Saturday evening of 2 young ladies from Nisland and Mr. Davis from Harding County. Fortunately the occupants of both cars escaped serious injury. One Ford lost a couple wheels and other necessary adjuncts, while the other one was somewhat disfigured but still in the ring.

A charivari party was held in Vale Monday evening, Mr. & Mrs. Boyer being the victims. The couple were placed in a 2-wheeled cart which fastened behind an automobile and given a merry ride, accompanied with the usual racket. Mrs. Boyer received several painful bruises when she fell over a harrow in trying to escape. After the excitement the groom set up the treats for the crowd.

February 17, 1938

Dr. O.H. Clark, Newell, was arrested Monday under indictment returned recently by the Federal Grand Jury at Aberdeen, on a charge of selling narcotics. After arraignment before a magistrate at Deadwood, Dr. Clark furnished bond for appearance at the June Term of Federal Court, Deadwood. Newell people have so loyal to him, at a former time in 1933, when he was in the same situation, that he feels he owes it to them to make the statement that he “Has not at any time sold narcotics illegally”.

Cox’s Lake, 15 miles southwest of Belle Fourche, is a challenge to both those who try to find its bottom and to trout fishermen. The depth of the small lake, scarcely 150 yards across, has never been determined although soundings more than 1,000 feet have been made in vain attempts to reach bottom. Prize catches of trout have been taken from the tiny body of water.

February 12, 1948

Butte County will sell all land to which it acquired title by either mortgage foreclosure or tax deed proceedings at a sale February 28 according to a decision made by County Commission this week. A total of 82,543 acres will sold the same day at public auction beginning at 10 o’clock in the morning. The lands remaining represent the balance of some 400,000 acres to which Butte County had acquired title during the peak of depression years.

Roller skating, which has been a weekly activity for young people in Newell since last fall, has been discontinued until March 14. Van’s Pleasure Palace announced excessive costs and minimum patronage were cited as the reason for the suspension. The management revealed that it hoped when weather conditions improve there will be attendance sufficient to assure profitable continuation of the sport here.

February 13, 1958

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As essay contest, open to all High School Juniors and Seniors in South Dakota, has been announced by the “We Shake Hands” Organization. Essays on the subject “What youth can do to encourage neighborly relations between Indians and their fellow citizens in our country” containing a minimum of 1500 words, will be accepted by March 14. Essays will be mailed to We Shake Hands Essay Contest, USD, Vermillion, SD.

Grasshopper infestations may be generally light in western South Dakota, but probably give eastern farmers some trouble. Commentating on the results of a special grasshopper survey for this state, reports that the weather last fall provided grasshoppers with favorable egg laying conditions in all parts of South Dakota.

February 18, 1967

Capt. James H. White, husband d of the former Joyce Anderson of Newell, has returned to the states after serving in Vietnam. He returned early from his tour of duty, to accompany his brother who had been seriously wounded there. His brother is recovering satisfactory at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC. Capt. White’s next assignment will be at Otis Air Force Base, Cape Cod, Mass. Joyce is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Anderson, Newell.

February, 15, 1978

The Upper Region of the Bureau of Reclamation will be offering at public sale 11 Townsite lots located in Newell. The sites are each 50x130 and are situated in Blocks 5, 6 and 7. Reclamation said lots are being disposed of in accordance with the actions of April 16 and June 27, 1906 and are being withdrawn from the Belle Fourche Project. The lots had been withdrawn from the project since 1926, but no interest had been shown in their purchase until recently, thereby prompting the proposed sale.

Jack Weiland, State Director of the Farmers Home Administration (FHA) has asked County Supervisors to check into livestock losses caused by blizzarding conditions, 4 days and 4 nights, February 5-9. Twelve to twenty four inches of snow fell paralyzing a vast area in Butte and Meade counties. On February 9 winds decreased and folks began digging out and trying to feed livestock and assess storm damage.

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