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April 9, 1908

US Stock Inspector R.W. McGinnis and County Stock Inspector W.M. Mayne were down this way Sunday from the Butte County Seat, on their way on a tour over the north range.

The prosecution for men accused of cattle rustling has changed from Lawrence to Butte County jail by Sheriff Billy Moses. The cattle rustling has been in progress for about a year. Most has been done on the Centennial Prairie and St. Onge vicinity have been victims; Joseph Julies 20 cattle; Dan Stein 45 hogs; Mr. Doody 8 cattle; Mr. Nettecomb 2 cattle and Mr.Tetrault 3 head.

A troop of Cavalry from Ft. Meade, out on practice march, arrived in Vale Tuesday noon and pitched camp in Rosander’s pasture.

April 11, 1918

A box social and dance was given at the Willow Creek School on April 6 which netted $44.30, this goes to the Newell Red Cross Chapter. The people of the neighborhood took this way to do “their bit”. Four new chapter members were also secured for the Chapter.

Considerable work has been done in the construction of the line for the Newell and Northwestern Telephone Co and will continue. Articles of Incorporation for the Company were filed and right-of-way was granted. This line will take in considerable portion of the territory to the north and northwest within the irrigation project.

April 12, 1928

Henry Jacobsen has been making a reinforced board fence on his dam north of the Castle Rock store in addition to the 7-wire fence previously constructed. The object of the boards are for the purpose of breaking the wave action when the reservoir is full, to prevent the washing out of SD Highway 79.

Wm. H. Over, of the State Geological & Natural History Survey has been in the North Hilan neighborhood looking for specimens of interest for the University Museum at Vermillion, of which he is in charge. Mr. Over found bones of a mastodon along the banks of the Belle River on the George Day place, one of which he took for his collection. He was principally interested in fossils in this locality.

April 14, 1938

The Newell Liquor Store has acquired a 4,700 pound safe, formerly used by the Little Missouri Bank at Camp Crook. Albert Allan of Camp Crook brought the safe here by truck Tuesday of this week.

Governors of Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota have been invited by Wyoming Air Service, operators of the new Huron-Cheyenne Air Mail & Air Transport service, to be guests in a special plane which will accompany the scheduled air liner on the first flight from Cheyenne to Huron on April 14. Representatives from Denver, Cheyenne, Rapid City, Spearfish, Pierre and Newell will be invited on this special trip to Huron, returning the following day. Three planes of Colorado National Guard will accompany the first flight.

April 8, 1948

Neville Perkins, Weaver Air Force Base soldier stationed at Newell was picked by City Police George Hafner last Saturday and taken to the Newell jail and appeared before Justice R.D. Long on charges of public intoxication. He was assessed a fine of $15.

The Wm Seyler Co oil test scheduled to test all formations to depth of 6,000 feet on the Carl A. Anderson farm 4 miles SW of Newell, was spudded in Thursday and drillers reported a depth of 230 feet. Dr. E.W. Krampert, geologist of Casper, Wyo will spot the 10 foot surface pipe for the cementing in, which will be by the Halliburton process. After 72 hours, the drillers expect to resume normal drilling operations.

April 10, 1958

When buffalo crossed ice-bound rivers they bunched together, thus supporting one another and avoiding slipping on the ice.

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Once again the co operation of every resident of Newell is asked a city “Clean-up-Paint Up” days get underway. With US Highway 212 now completed as a hard-surfaced highway, Newell can this year expect the greatest number of tourists to visitors it has ever seen. It therefore calls for special efforts by all of us to make the city even more attractive.

If you have prairie dogs, Butte County Farm Extension office has poisoned oats in storage. If you can get the oats and dogs together, the end results will be no dogs and more grass. It is difficult to get a good kill on the rodents after the grass gets green.

April 13, 1967

Keith Washburn announced a meeting will be held at the Nisland School Gymnasium, April 13 at 8:00 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to inform the people of the area about the proposed Butte-Meade Sanitary Water District. This meeting should bring people up to date on information so they will know whether they want to vote for or against forming a district. The election is on Tuesday April 18 from 8:00 AM to 7:00 Pm at the Vale Fire Hall and Orman/Arpan Community Hall.

Showing the week end at the Arcade Theater in Newell back by popular demand is the story of a town without a gun. Audie Murphy in “Gun Point”, all the exciting adventure of the west at its wildest and most exciting best. Also staring with Murphy is Joan Staley and Warren Stevens in Technicolor from Universal. Show time 7:30 PM; coming attractions and world news precede the main attraction.

April 12, 1978

Butte County Sheriff Joe Smith, reported April 4, that some one attempted to strip a new Allis Chalmers tractor at the Phelps Implement Co in Newell early in the morning of April 1. Smith said the battery all already been removed and a starter almost out. Something must have frightened the thief or thieves away, otherwise nothing was missing or damaged.

Mary Dell, daughter of Mrs. Anna Dell, Nisland has been notified that she has passed her final tests, taken in Sioux Falls in February and now is officially an accredited registered nurse. Miss Dell is a graduated of Newell High School and has been employed at Belle Fourche Health Care Center for the past year and a half.

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