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Grey wolf

John Karinen poses with a grey wolf pelt in this 1908 photo from the Newell Museum.


April 23, 1908

John Karinen on the Moreau holds the belt for the largest number of pelts delivered at one time this spring. He went into Belle Fourche Tuesday with 39 coyote pelts, 5 grey wolf, 2 badgers and 9 beaver pelts. The bounty on the wolf and coyote pelts amounted to considerable and the price received for the beaver pelts was very satisfactory.

Attorney Chambers Keller and Assistant Superintendent Richard Blackstone of the Homestake Mining Co. were in Belle Fourche Monday with the County Commission in regard to the bridge crossing Whitewood Creek near Vale. The tailings from Homestake Mine are carried away by Whitewood Creek and at this point the tailings filled up the stream, causing the current to be diverted around one end of the bridge. The Commission was of the opinion that the Mining Co should stand the expense of the new bridge.

April 25, 1918

Parents of soldiers in camps are warned by the War Department of a swindle which has been successfully operated in various camps. A telegram is sent informing that their soldier has a furlough and requesting funds by wire to come home, waiving identification. A similar scheme is where the telegram request is to mail money to the soldier, care of General Delivery.

The events out in the Empire vicinity are; Miss Kent is recovering from a siege of measles, Mrs. J. Foster has been suffering from tonsillitis and Charlie Williams is recovering after a tussle with the chicken pox.

April 26, 1928

Kingsbury & Sons have a baby tarantula on exhibition in their store. It looks very much like an ordinary spider with very long hairy legs and a small body. Dale Kingsbury got it from a banana car in Deadwood.

From Camp Crook we learn the wrecking of Hotel Baker, in Baker, Mont by the explosion of fire damage created in an old cess-pool located in the alley at the rear of the hotel. Sixteen rooms are reported badly wrecked and all windows broken. L.E. Baker, owner of the property, was reported as being blown to the ceiling of the office where he was sitting and a woman asleep in an upper room fell through into the bed below. Damage of $20,000 resulted and since no fire ensued, the loss will wholly fall upon Mr. Baker.

April 28, 1938

Sixty head of sheep belonging to the F.L. Thorpe band west of the Sulphur Post Office were destroyed by a severe hail storm Monday night. The store and other buildings belonging to Carl Settle were considerably damaged by the hail. Hail, coming at an unusually early time of the year, is reported in the Black Hills area. Hail stones as large as baseballs, where damage ran into several thousand dollars. Here and at Vale was not as heavy, the only damage reported being a few car tops in the Vale vicinity. The slight damage was overcome by the deluge of rain which brought untold benefits to the irrigation project and range country.

Sturgis’s city jail last night, had a rare and privileged guest which had been booked on the charge of meandering down Main Street without a tail light. Night patrolman Guy Gregory and Sidney Cotterell were arresting officers and Deputy Game Warden Dave Harris, of Deadwood bailed the guest out of the city cell block. It was a 2-year old female beaver, had been wandering around in search of a place to have her young.

April 22, 1948

W. R. Pickard, operator of the Arcade Theater in Newell will fly next week to New York to meet his parents coming from Cornwall County, England on their first trip to America. Mr. Pickard has not seen his parents for 19 years, will meet and greet his parents when they sail aboard the Queen Elizabeth ship, then travel by fast train to Hettinger, N D and from there to Newell.

The “New Look” really isn’t as new as most people think it is. A recent cavalcade of fashion show at State College, Brookings, showed that styles during WWI were similar to present day fashions. The show was sponsored by the Home Economics Club, featured 25 styles in fashion from 1890 until 1948. Back ground music of songs popular while the dress was in style was sung by the Home Ec. Sextet.

April 24, 1958

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Alfred Burke, Hoover, was elected President of the Northwest Regional Library at a meeting in Belle Fourche Tuesday evening and Ione Shevling, Nisland, was elected Secretary. Action was taken to retain the present bookmobile service in Butte County. Last October 1800 books were checked out, while in March this year the total checked outs amounted to 3800.

Pvt. James M. Hunt, 19, son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. F. Hunt and 1957 Vale graduate, is participating in “Exercise Eagle Wing”, a 101st Airborne Division maneuver at Ft. Campbell, KY, April 16-30. Hunt entered the Army last July, completed basic training at Ft. Carson, CO as an ammunition bearer in Company A of the Division’s Infantry.

April 22, 1967

Harold Hyholm, Belle Fourche pushed the wrong button on his 1955 Dodge car as he was trying to back away from the Hiwayman Café in Newell. He hit the drive button instead of the reverse as he was looking back and went forward. The result he pushed in the front of the café. $400 damage was estimated to the café with $100 damage to the car. After he ran into the café, as he was backing out, he smashed into Joe Silvernagle’s 1962 Ford causing $40 damage. The investigation was done by Butte County Sheriff George Hafner and Keith Christenson, Highway Motor patrolman.

A recent announcement from Washington specified that “no penalty would be invoked against any state which is unable to take legislative action to meet the January 1, 1968 deadline” on implementation of the National Beautification Act.

April 26, 1978

The Community Action Program (CAP) Garden Project is now underway for those people living in Butte County. Garden and canning kits will be distributed form 10 AM -2 PM May 9 at Belle Fourche City building in the clothing center. Live plants will also be distriburbed at this time. This is the last CAP will distribute kits in this area, all people from Butte County wishing to participate in the garden project are urged to pick them up at this time. Garden kits cannot be delivered, so have a friend pick up a kit, only if they have a signed note.

Due to back injury, Geraldine Heinbaugh is unable to sell sheep pelts and other wool products for the Western South Dakota Sheep Growers Auxiliary. She will continue selling wool flower centerpieces. Edna Scoggins will sell wool pelts and other wool products at her home. Arlene Strohschein sells them at her Mud Butte home for the eastern section of the district’s auxiliary.

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