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February 30, 1908

We are authorized to state that the Reclamation Service has not gone into the bee business, and that the white box near the office is not a beehive but the thermometer shelter of the Weather Bureau co-operative station recently established here. There are 2 thermometers, a maximum and a minimum which automatically register the highest and lowest temperatures of a 24-hour period. In addition to the temperature records, the amount of precipitation is also measured.

February 21, 1918

The movers have completed the work of clearing the ground prepatory to the erection of the Bratton Mercantile Company’s new building and it is expected that the evacuation for the structure will be started as soon as possible.

Security State Bank, Artesian, South Dakota is in the market for Western South Dakota land. They will pay cash and make immediate settlement. Please give full description when writing. Do not answer unless you offer a snap, in care of Grover M. Bennett.

February 23, 1928

Two shipments of English pheasants from the state game department were received in Newell yesterday for planting in this vicinity. Eighteen females and five males were turned loose on the MaGruder place just east of town while sixteen hens and 3 ring necks were liberated on Horse Creek. Further shipments are expected very shortly.

Manuel S. Coy of Stoneville, reputed to be South Dakota’s oldest cowboy, died at Sturgis on February 18 after a short illness. Mr. Coy brought his first herd to Dakota Territory in 1879 from Texas. He served in the Indian Wars as a scout under Generals McKenzie and Meade. Funeral services were held at Red Owl and Stoneville and interment in Pleasant View Cemetery south of Red Owl.

February 24, 1938

Rewards in the form of cash bonuses were announced for 650 employees of the Homestake Mining Company Wednesday by General Manager Bjorge for having worked a year or more without loss of time because of accident. Those who have worked 5 years or more without loss of time received $20 and 1 year no accident $10.

A traveling salesman, who visits this territory every so often, says this is the “dog-barkingist” town he has ever found in all his travels during his 35 years “on the road”. The statement may be exaggerated for most here have only 1 licensed dog and others keep 2 or more. If the Marshal can round up all at $1 a head it could keep the town on a cash basis and might pay off the water bond.

February 19, 1948

Mothers, fathers teachers, and other civic-minded adults of the community are invited to attend the first organizational meeting of a PTA at the Newell School this Friday evening, 7:30 at the High School Auditorium, where there will be an election of officers and other business necessary to get the organization underway. The PTA movement here points out that such an organization may help raise standards of mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Norman Peterson, now stationed at the Bombing Range east of town from the Weaver Field near Rapid City, is a new primary student pilot at Newell Air Port.

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February 20, 1958

A home talent play, performed by local community adults, “Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick”, will be staged by the Nisland PTA next Tuesday, February 25, at the High School. The production is a hilarious rural comedy and curtain time is 8:00 PM, announced by publicity chairman Mrs. Manuel Ruff.

February 23, 1967

Miss Judy Hegelstein, Sturgis, has announced that she will be in Newell Saturday February 25 at 10:00 AM at the school lunchroom to organize a ballet dancing class. She would like to have all interested persons and children to be there. Lesson will be for one hour and will cost $1 per pupil.

An all host party of 20 couples was held Saturday evening at the Orman-Arpan Community Hall in honor of Mr. & Mrs. John Bentz, Jr.who are leaving the community. The couple was presented with Black Hills Gold rings and dancing and refreshments were enjoyed.

February 22, 1978

A Newell Irrigator wrestler, Greg Silvernagle, was named the Region IV Champion in the Regional Wrestling Tournament February 11 at Ft. Pierre. He wrestles in the 132 lb class. Other Newell winners were Floyd Roadifer 138 lb class and Dennis Capp 145 lb class. Mr. Fred Wilson is coach for the wrestling squad.

Larry L. Christianson, Butte County Director of Equalization, would like to remind mobile home owners of their obligations to register their mobile homes. According to SDCL 10-9-5, any mobile home owner who does not register his mobile home by February 1 of each year is subject to the penalty of having added to his assessment the additional sum of 5% of such assessment from any period of time the registration is delinquent up to 30 days and thereafter an additional 10% of such assessment.

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