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Sawdust-based grasshopper bait being loaded on an airplane. The bait is spread over an area by hand. 


May 7, 1908

Clyde Glover and his bunch of cow punchers left for Tilford last Saturday, where they went to bring out a bunch of cattle for Sam G. Sheffield who purchased them while on his hills trip.

A.C. Thybo of Date arrived Monday to take the oath of Deputy Assessor and get his supplies. Mr. Thybo says his part of the country is settling up fast, and prairie fires are a daily event.

May 9, 1918

On Friday evening a mass meeting was called for the purpose of talking over the proposition of dividing Butte County. This agitation has been in the air for several years, but it has come to a head, was evident by circulation of petitions two years ago, but at that time the petitions were misplaced, and the proposition’s lack sufficient names on the petitions on hand to place it on the ballot. The meeting was well attended by representatives from all sections of the territory to be embraced in the new county; the name suggested was Liberty County.

On May 18 at 2 PM, the water will be shut off in the drop on the inlet canal for 2 hours, during which time fishermen will be permitted to seine for all fish except game ’uns which must be returned. Last year many fish were taken this way, so be on the job to get ‘em while the gettin’s good.

May 10, 1928

The England & England Construction Co found part of a skeleton while blasting rock on the new Sly Hill Road. There were several bones, a small cannon ball, a shell and a brass plate (evidently made from a brass shell). There was an inscription on the shell, but it was impossible to decipher it owing to corrosion. There is no recollection of anyone having been buried near the top of the hill on this side. It is probable the bones are those of an early explorer, even before the settling of the country. It is another one of those mysteries that will never be solved.

Last week Jake Tetons found beet seeds in a ditch which could be scooped up and plans to be replanted. It had blown from the fields and settled there in the big wind and must have come at least a mile and a half as there was no field near in the direction of that wind.

May 12, 1938

A campaign is on to run down the sources of radio interference in the city and to apply the necessary remedies. Max Howe of Deadwood has been engaged to canvass the situation. Our citizens are urged to co-operate by allowing him to inspect their appliances and to make the necessary adjustments and installations.

Approximately 80,000 tons of saw dust will be shipped from Custer to points in Nebraska and South Dakota for use in mixing grasshopper bait. The bait will be prepared by the Federal Government and sent to distribution points. Loading an average 18 cars per day and 65 men are employed. The Forest Service has donated piles of saw dust left on government ground and neighbors are glad to get rid of the unsightly piles.

May 6, 1948

Ray Cobe and Game Warden Roy Clennon of Sturgis have been frequent visitors and at the Newell Air Port the past week. They are engaged in making an antelope count for the State Game, Fish & Parks Commission.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. What is a finer gift then America’s No 1 Bottled Gas Range, the O’Keefe & Merritt? Or a Serval Bottled Gas Refridegerator? Or brighten her day by lightening her load with a new washer? Stop and shop at Hedrick’s.

May 8, 1958

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As part of rural life Sunday, Butte County Agent Kenneth Leslie & Mrs. Leslie spent last Sunday with the Westerners 4-H Club of Newell. They attended church with the group, partook of a pot luck dinner and then traveled 27 miles east on Highway 212 to the Butte-Meade County line. Nine 4-Hers tumbled out of Virgil Van derBoom’s car, then Jerry Jacobsen showed up with a road sign that read “The Westerners 4-H Club Welcomes You To Butte County”, which was soon in place on the north side of the road.

Sixteen technicians met at Newell Field Station Thursday and Friday to review the hydrological work on rangeland water shed studies. Studies on 16 small grass lands in Butte and Meade Counties were started in 1957, on volumes of run-off water and rates at which silt collects are under observation. The field trip includes sites on M.E. Hafner, Al Olson, Stan Smeenk, Bertha Armour, Felix Rittberger, Carl P. Ruby, Alfred Burke, Geo Buckles, Geo Johnson, Frank Mitchell, Chas. Crago, John B. Anderson, Carl Lungren and Curlew Lake on Dry Creek near Viewfield. Recording rain gauges and water stage recorders are being placed on 16 ponds. The size of the watershed ranges from 30 acres to 13,000 acres.

May 11, 1967

President Cynthia Johansen, Newell Community Club has called a special meeting for Friday morning, May 19 at 9:00 AM in The Cove Café. The Community Club as been issued a Certificate of Incorporation from the South Dakota Secretary of State. At this meeting the By-Laws of the Corporation will have to be approved.

Ft. Meade Veteran Administration Hospital will honor their volunteers at their Annual VAV’s Volunteer Recognition & Awards Ceremony on Monday, May 8. At a ceremony the staff expresses their personal appreciation along with each award for a job well done, as all volunteers are regarded as highly esteemed members of the hospital treatment team.

May 10, 1978

National Guard Units from Belle Fourche this week hauled and placed 150 tons of rip-rap rock from Spearfish quarry to prevent the loss of the upper end of the boat ramp at Orman Dam. Harry Haivala, Belle Fourche area conservation officer reported the damage May 2. Strong SE winds and high water this spring starting cutting away the site. There was no problem at the lower end of the ramp.

South Dakota motorists are asked to be patient and drive with caution on highways this spring due to large number of pot holes in the roads, according to Bill Gere, Department of Transpiration maintenance engineer. SD is experiencing more pot holes in its highways this spring than in any of the past 3 or 4 years. The crews will perform usual maintenance on the pot holes as time and weather permits.

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