Dec. 19, 1907

Vale merchants have been very busy for the past week. This goes to show that the ranchers in this section are not long in finding out they can do as well here as at any of the railroad towns.

Al Glover, George Shipley and Oscar Rosander left Thursday of last week for the northeast part of this county where they go to look up some homestead locations. They expect to make their filings when they return.

Dec. 20, 1917

Put a Red Cross Service flag in your window on Christmas Eve; place a lighted candle behind it so all who pass may know that in your household are one or more members of the greatest humanitarian organization in the world. Every home in South Dakota should have a service flag in their window and these flags should be attached to the window with Red Cross Christmas Seals.

Only five pupils were able to attend Empire School on Friday on account of the inclemency of the weather. School closed for the regular Christmas vacation. A program was given by the pupils.

Dec. 22, 1927

Bids for the construction of 50 miles of the Belle Fourche project drainage system were opened on Tuesday of this week at the Reclamation Office, Newell. Seven contractors submitted bids to cover excavation and erection of structures only, as all materials are to be furnished by the government, which make a total in 1928 of approximately $200,000. Kremer & Hog of Minnesota received the bid, which will now be sent to Denver Headquarters for approval by the Reclamation Bureau.

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Donnelly on Willow Creek and family are very ill with the flu, and Mary and Elma have the whooping cough. George Donnelly is acting as nurse, chore man and housekeeper for his brother and family.

Dec. 23, 1937

The tile plant in the Reclamation yards at Newell is again operating at full blast, by the Orman CCC boys, turning out the big sections of concrete pipe for the use in replacing the old wooden siphons. It is planned to make about 1400 sections this winter. Gus Horman is foreman of the CCC crew employed here.

Newell Hospital and Maternity Home has a competent nurse in charge. Dr. Clark has a supply of vaccine for prevention of whooping cough and antigen for treatment of the disease. Special rates for confinements.

Dec. 18, 1947

A National Cemetery for South Dakota has become a reality with the transfer of the necessary land from the Veteran’s Administration to the Army Department, South Dakota Rep. Francis Case reported this week. The transfer effects substantial acreage at old Fort Meade in western South Dakota, where the VA had taken over during the war years and established a military hospital. The first step in the establishing is the appropriation of $90,000 for the new cemetery. Burial there is free. Many South Dakotans wish to bring back the bodies of their relatives, which lie in military cemeteries overseas and place remains in the new cemetery.

Dec. 19, 1957

Roxie Bracewell of the Riggs School near Vale has been named winner in the story contest about Bear Butte sponsored by the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce for elementary students in Meade and Butte Counties was announced this week. Entries required a drawing of Bear Butte with their entries. Prize money amounting to $8 for the contest was donated by F.E. Steel, Sr. of Sturgis. Other winners were second, Judith Holst, Linn School, Meade County; and tied for third, David Winkler, Winkler School, Butte County and Ramona Hudson, Lodge School, Meade County.

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It was announced by the Newell Community Club noon meeting at the Skyroom of the Cove Café Tuesday, Santa Claus Day event held Dec. 7 was one of the most successful ever held here, with more than 500 children turning out to greet St. Nicholas and receive free treats furnished by the club at the City Hall following the free movie at the Arcade Theater.

Dec. 21, 1977

Orman Dam has been entered in the National Register of Historic Places. It was nominated for inclusion by South Dakota Historic Preservation Office and will be included among the 7,000 registered sites which are on the nation’s cultural resources worthy of preservation. S.D. Congressman James Abdnor was notified by the National Park Service of Orman Dam’s honor. Orman Dam’s reading Dec. 16 was 2,957 acre feet elevation and 68,400 acre feet water.

About 7 p.m. Sunday, a 4-foot water main in downtown Nisland broke, rusted through, but service was restored by 10 Monday morning. Mr. Stan DenOtter, Nisland, reported that they let the water run Sunday so people wouldn’t be completely out of water, but everything was repaired and back to normal by mid-morning Monday. The Nisland School was closed Monday as a precautionary measure.

Dec. 23, 1987

Recipients of the AGC Highways Scholarships were named at the recent annual banquet of the S.D. State University’s student chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers. Scholarship winners included Lee Roadifer, Newell, a junior in civil engineering. Mr. Roadifer is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roadifer and an NHS Graduate.

The Newell School board voted to name Superintendent Richard Auch as Asbestos Coordinator for the school district. He will attend 14 hours of training and in turn give the janitors two hours of training on asbestos regulations. There is no choice in the matter; the state is going to come down hard on the school and the penalties are really steep. The asbestos has been replaced with fiber glass and has been inspected. It is hoped the state will meet the cost of the inspection.

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