Dec. 26, 1907

The switchboard for the Reed Rural Telephone line is here and will soon be in commission. It is a handsome piece of mechanical ingenuity and has all the latest improvements.

While looking for his house cat which had been lost a couple of days, J.K. Browne one day last week, met with an accident which may cause him trouble. He had fixed up a trap to catch cotton-tail rabbits and thinking perhaps the cat had been caught in the trap, stuck his hand in to investigate and his thumb was quickly nabbed by, not his pet, but a bob cat. The thumb is rather sore and blood poison is feared.

Dec. 27, 1917

If you saw a miniature 2-wheeled cart hitched to a miniature long eared donkey on the road toward Ashton’s, it was Bert Jenks who held the reins. The outfit was intended as a Christmas present for the Ashton boys. The Jenks family afterwards spent Christmas at the Aston home.

In a notice of concern, SWP Sellers has accepted the February appointment to issue licenses for buying of explosives and powder, for Butte County. They wished to make public where the dealers could procure licenses for handling explosives.

Dec. 29, 1927

The Newell lady teachers have challenged the Vale teachers to a basketball game to take place some time in January. The Vale teachers have accepted the challenge and all are looking forward to a real game.

At a conference between representatives of the beet growers and Manger D.B. Pratt of the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, the proposed beet contract of 1928, of $700 per ton, was unanimously indorsed. Securing of acreage is now in progress in some districts, about 3000 acres having been signed. Vale and Newell listing will be resumed after the holiday vacation.

Dec. 30, 1937

Violent deaths claimed at least 500 lives after one of the most excessive Christmas celebrations in years. Traffic accidents caused many times more than all other causes, but the weekend of merry making was also cut short by gunfights, hangings, fires, stabbings and plane crashes. Illinois led the nation with 50 deaths, Pennsylvania with 41 and Ohio with 30. There were 30 homicides.

The SD Brand Board is urging all livestock producers in the state to register their cattle brands as a means of protection against thieves. Most stockyards and livestock agencies check brands before purchasing cattle and other stock. The renewals are due next month and an advertising campaign to convince livestock growers of the necessity of registering brands.

Dec. 25, 1947

Appointment of C.T. “Chet” Martin, Newell resident, as Deputy County Treasurer with duties of tax collector, was announced this week by Butte County Treasurer Carl Weissner. The appointment was approved by the County Commission and Mr. Martin expects to start his new duties immediately. Under state law, Mr. Martin has full powers of Sheriff in levying taxes. Mr. Martin expects to open an office here for convenience of taxpayers.

The Annual Firemen’s Ball, benefit for Newell Volunteer Fire Department, will be the exciting event New Years Eve. Balloons, hats, confetti and noisemakers will be provided and good music has been secured for the occasion of welcoming in the New Year with fun and frolic.

Dec. 26, 1957

Benjamin (Ben) and Franklin (Frank) Homer 68- and 58-year-old brothers of Newell lost their lives about 3:30 p.m. Monday when they were crushed by a water tank which rolled from a truck on which they were making repairs along Highway 79, seven miles south of Newell. The mishap occurred according to investigation, as they were making repairs to the right rear axle, when the jack slipped off the blocks, dislodging the loaded water tank, killing the men instantly.

Dec. 28, 1977

Immanuel Lutheran Church meeting was held last Tuesday at Zeona with a large attendance. The Ladies Aid held its meeting in the forenoon and at noon a pot luck dinner was served followed by the Annual church meeting in the afternoon with a Christmas party at the close of the day.

The blood drive today (Wednesday) in Newell at the Butte Electric Building is being held from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and under the sponsorship of Newell Jaycettes. The blood draw will be done by staff of United Blood Services of Rapid City. Donating a pint of blood takes only 20 – 30 minutes of a person’s time from start to finish.

Dec. 30, 1987

The Newell Vale Nisland Senior Center, Newell, is planning a card party to celebrate the coming of a brand new year. They extend an invitation to all senior citizens and their guests to join together for a friendly evening of cards. They’ll be playing Bridge, Whist and 500. If you bring either sandwiches or cookies for a late nite snack, it would be great. They are hoping to see you there, Dec. 31 at 7 p.m.

Tom Johnson, Buffalo, SD, is selling herb and spice seed kits that include all the necessary seeds, materials and information to began growing one acre of herbs and spices for commercial markets. Each kit costs $349, but Johnson said it should net a $1000 return. Johnson’s idea is an example of just the type of innovative agriculture that SD needs.