January 30, 1908

Joseph May, on Tuesday of last week, while hauling ice to his ranch in Bear Butte valley, sustained a badly bruised shoulder and broken collar bone. The high wind caught the canvass cover and whirled it from the load and Joe was caught up in the folds, went with it suffering the injuries.

S.G. Sheffield was in Vale, Saturday on his way from Sturgis to his home near the Townsite. Mr. Sheffield purchased a new buggy while in town this trip, which is a beauty.

January 31, 1918

People, who own sleighs or cutters have a fine opportunity to exercise them at present for the snow last Friday and the subsequent flurries have left us with additional 6 inches of nice snow for sleighing and too the weather has been ideal for this sport, provided it is not taken at night. Our nights have vied with each other for a record, the coldest report so far this snap has been in the close neighborhood of 40 below.

Word from the Federal Food Administration, the licensed dealer in wheat flour at retail shall not, without written permission of the US Food Administration, sell wheat flour to any persons unless such persons purchase at the same time one pound of wheat flour substitute for each pound of flour. Substitutes are corn meal, corn starch, hominy, corn grits, barley flour, rye flour, oatmeal, buckwheat, potato flour, sweet potato flour, seria, bean and Fetterita flour and meals.

February 2, 1928

B. Kimball, from Fort Yates, North Dakota, went through a harrowing experience, when he spent an entire night out on the prairie after losing his way in the dark. Mr. Kimball left Faith with the Mail Carrier to look over some of his land holdings 9 miles south of Mud Butte and when they arrived within 2 miles of his land, Mr. Kimball left the highway to walk the balance of the distance. Darkness overtook him and after a fruitless search for other ranch homes, he decided to build a fire in an effort to attract attention. Kimball kept the fire going all night and when daylight came he arrived at the ranch of John McDermott, none the worse after his unpleasant experience.

February 3, 1938

We are soon to have a new nickel to replace the familiar buffalo Indian head design. The law provides that the design of the nickel can be changed only once in 25 years. The time limit expires this month for the buffalo nickel. The new coin will have Jefferson’s face on one side and his famous home, Monticello, on the other.

During this year of 1938 there will be four eclipses; two of the sun and two of the moon. The sun eclipses will be invisible here, but the two total eclipses of the moon, on May 14 and November 7th and 8th will be visible to folks on this continent.

January 29, 1948

Rapid City Cathedral Gaels were rudely dumped from top position in the Little Seven Conference 32 to 28 by the Nisland Beet Toppers here Friday evening. Playing their best basketball of the season the Beet Toppers took a 6 point lead in the first 2 minutes of play, a lead the Gaels vainly tried to overcome all during the game and fans were treated to a real battle the full course of the game. Rathbun led the Nisland quint with 13 points and McRann dropped in 7 points, Weber, Carl and Stapleberg each made 7 points for the Gaels.

January 30, 1958

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Tony Toderoff had the misfortune to fall and break bones in the wrist of his left arm Sunday while ice fishing with a group of Newell boys on a stock dam north of town. The mishap occurred as Toderoff was walking on the ice toward his car. He was taken to the Belle Fourche hospital where Dr. J.F. Pokorney set the broken bones. The boys incidentally, had a nice catch of bass and perch.

The Game, Fish & Parks will make a small experiment release of elk in the Slim Buttes, Harding County, provided they receive written agreement from ranchers in the area. The chances of establishing an elk herd compatible with farm and ranch economy in northwest SD is remote.

February 2, 1967

Trumpeter Jack Laumer, Newell, Senior at St. Olaf’s College will be featured in “Trumpet Concerto” by Johann Hummel, when the famed college band appears at Austin Auditorium tonight at 8:00 PM. Laumer was one of finalists in the recent Annual Young Artist Competition sponsored by Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Laumer.

The Newell Jaycees are again sponsoring the car-on-the-ice project to raise money for the lighted score board at the football field. The old car is on the ice at the Newell Golf Course Lake.

February 1, 1978

Jennifer Rose Johnson, Newell, was named Kraft Hostess Award winner at the recent SD Jr. Miss finals held in Sturgis. Jennifer was awarded a $300 cash scholarship and a gift of Kraft cheese for her entry, “Laura’s Little House”, a pioneer-style party based on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books. Ms. Johnson was also recognized as an outstanding high school senior.

The winter membership meeting of the Butte County Historical Society, Sunday at the American Legion in Belle Fourche will began at 2:00 PM. Featured speaker is Robert Alex, director of the Archeological Research Center located at Ft. Meade. The subject of his talk will be “How Archeologists Know Where to Dig”, with slides of sites he has worked on in SD, Mexico, Brittan and Norway.

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