Dec. 4, 1907

The eight troops of the 4th Cavalry arrived at Fort Meade form the Philippines, Thanksgiving Day.

The jolly crowd of young folks who attend the Normal at Spearfish spent a few days on vacation at the home of Fred Webb and his parents Mr. & Mrs. Harry Webb. After a week end of much merry making they returned to Spearfish to resume their studies.

Dec. 6, 1917

Taken up at Mrs. Lee Bennett’s place 3 miles south of town on December 1; one large whiteface bull. Owner may have same by paying for this advertisement.

The Commercial Club is desirous of obtaining the names and present addresses of persons now serving with colors who claim Newell as his home town. Communicate the names and addresses to the Secretary J.H. Judy, before December 15th. This includes men in regular Army, National Guard, Navy and all other branches.

Dec. 8, 1927

The local Reclamation Office received this week from the employees of the Washington Bureau an order for 500 pounds of Dr. Clark’s sweet-clover honey to be shipped to them at Washington DC. This appears that the reputation of the Belle Fourche Project’s honey far superior quality has spread all the way to Washington and the sweet-toothed employees of the government.

Wm Jennings Bryan Guffey formerly declared guilty by a Butte County jury of the larceny of a beef September 1923 and later granted a new trial by Superior Court was again found guilty on Monday of this week the Jury deliberated only one hour before reaching verdict.

Dec. 9, 1937

One of richest fur district is the Black Hills and west river area. Pelts from fur-bearing animals in the district bring a premium on the market. Hunter trappers are already abroad, with coyotes being their first objective, they are numerous this year and bringing up to $12 a piece. Muskrats are plentiful with a few badgers and mink reported.

Arne and Rudy Jaskela and Mickey Dahlberg arrived home Sunday from Wichita, Kansas, where they participated in the regional amateur boxing tournament December 1-2-3. Dahlberg won the tournament champion welterweight and both Jaskela boys won their contests. The trophies awarded to the boys will be on display as soon as the engraving is completed.

Dec. 4, 1947

Al McDonald and Clarence Feegan returned here the latter part of last week from California, where they went to secure a Fairchild 24, 2-place plane just purchased by the “Main St Airport” Skyway Air Service. The new plane will be used for charter passenger flights and is equipped with a stretcher to serve as an ambulance plane and utilized by flight students.

Paul Paulson, 7-year old son of Mrs. Blanche Paulson is a typically active boy. Early this year he was climbing a tree near their home, fell from it and broke an arm. While climbing a tree in the Reclamation office yard, Friday afternoon, when he lost his balance and fell breaking both wrists. He is wearing slings on the two members but feeling fine.

Dec. 5, 1957

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The US Department of Health Education & Welfare approved a grant of $10,276 Tuesday to the City of Newell on construction of sewage disposal facilities, according to a telegram received immediately following from Senator Francis Case and Congressman E.Y. Berry. The award would amount to 30% of the cost of construction of a proposed outfall sewer line and sewage stabilization pond north of the city.

Dec. 7, 1977

An appraisal committee appointed last month by Newell City Commission appraised the city owned trailer park at $5,000. Which will now be offered for sale?

Dennis Chowen Newell Elementary Principal has called an advisory meeting for remedial reading to be held at Nisland School lunchroom Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. Chowen and the remedial reading staff will be on hand to discuss matters with the advisory board and parents. All parents who have student enrolled have been urged to attend.

Dec. 9, 1987

The Social Service office in Belle Fourche has names of needy families who would appreciate your thoughtfulness during the Holiday season. If you have toys, mitten, clothing, bedding, food baskets or anything that will brighten the season; call the office.

After enjoying the ventriloquist act put on by Pastor Mike Ulrich, children lined up at the community hall to tell Santa what they want for Christmas at Newell’s Annual Santa Claus Day. A large crowd attended the festivities with Santa trying hard to remember all the requests.

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