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Karl Koth, co-owner of Hay Camp Brewing Company on Main Street, fills a growler for a thirsty customer.  

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Black Friday might be a stressful day for most department stores, but it'll be a relaxing time at Hay Camp Brewing Company's Black Friday Beer Release.

Hay Camp will release a keg of Transcendence, their bourbon barrel aged Russian imperial stout, according to co-owner Sam Papendick.

"It was aged in a rye bourbon barrel for over a year," Papendick said. "It's a beer with a lot of dark fruit notes, real heavy dark chocolates, almost like a smoked cherry note."

Papendick added that the drink, which has over 12 percent alcohol by volume, is a better beer to sip than chug.

"One sip lasts for a whole minute, just a sweep of flavors that hits you, so it's definitely a sipper," Papendick said. "I hate using the word complex, but it's definitely got a lot going on."

Additionally, the beer is limited edition, brought out of the cellar only on special occasions.

"We'll never be able to replicate it, so once this batch is gone, it's gone," Papendick said. "It's a special beer, but I think anyone can appreciate it."

Danny Kirst will provide music, while Dakota Seafood will be present with oysters paired with Hay Camp's dry stouts. Hay Camp's Victory stout has been listed as a particularly good paring.

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"It's the drier notes and the clean, roasted flavors that really go well with the meaty brininess from the oyster," Papendick said.

This will be one of the final events at Hay Camp's current location before their move to Kansas City Street.

"Time is limited at our current location, so I think people should come down and savor the night and the environment," Papendick said.

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