The Acme Bicycles Saturday morning group rides are a great way to learn about Rapid City trails and ask experts for tips about mountain biking. 

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New to mountain biking and not sure how to get on some of the amazing trails Rapid City has to offer?

Well, Acme Bicycles is here to help with its Saturday morning group rides that are a great option to get your tires on some of the roughly 40 miles of dirt trails right in Rapid City limits.

The ride leaves each Saturday morning through the fall at 7:30 a.m. from Acme Bicycles on West Main Street.

Acme head salesman and bike-fitter Curt Larson leads the rides and says they are a great introduction to mountain biking in Rapid City.

"We are so blessed to have so many trails in town our size, it's such a gem," Larson said.

The Saturday group rides are geared toward mountain bikers of all abilities, so newcomers shouldn't be discouraged from joining.

"We try to make them all levels and inclusive so a good number of people can enjoy the ride," Larson said. "We have people that just bought their bike on Thursday and want to ride it on Saturday, to people that have been mountain biking as long as the dinosaurs have been around."

The ride starts from the parking lot and will either go to M-Hill or Skyline Wilderness Park. Generally, rides last around an hour to 90 minutes.

"We try to keep a conversational pace, so it's easier or hard enough for the group depending on who we have riding that week," Larson said. 

If needed, Larson said the group can split up and have the more experienced riders go with one guide and the less experienced riders go with another. 

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Ride length is anywhere from four to 10 miles depending on the speed and experience of the group. 

After the ride, the group meets back at the bike shop and grabs coffee next door.

Larson said this is a great time to ask questions about the ride, equipment or mountain biking techniques. 

"We try to talk about the ride and answer any questions people have," Larson said. "We might tell them, 'here is how you want to read the ground,' or give some really cool techniques to help people feel safe and confident." 

A bike in working condition and a helmet are the only requirements for the group ride and ride is dependent on weather and trail conditions. 

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