Hike the Outdoor Campus West and solve riddles with the April Fools Un-Natural Hike on Saturday.

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It may take place on April Fool's Day, but you'll need to be anything but a fool on the Outdoor Campus West's April Fool's Un-Natural Hike on Saturday.

The event will see visitors hiking the trails at the Outdoor Campus West and solving riddles along the way, according to naturalist Laurie Root.

"Things will be set up along the trail that will represent a plant or an animal," Root said. "And people will guess what those clues are representing."

Root gave the example of a tub of butter and a picture of a housefly, which, if you put two and two together, adds up to a butterfly.

"There could be written clues or pictures, it all depends," Root said.

The hike will take place on the campus' outdoor trail unless the weather is bad, in which case it would be moved inside. Root said that the less than one-mile hike is on the campus' gravel trail and can be completed fairly quickly.

"It's not a strenuous hike," Root said. "They can finish it in 30 minutes, maybe an hour."

Root said that families would enjoy a new spin on the usual Outdoor Campus West hikes.

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"They're going to learn some new things about animals, maybe learn about animals and plants they didn't know much about," Root said. "And they should enjoy the humor."

As for the hike aspect itself, Root said the event would be a great excuse to get outdoors.

"Just enjoying the outdoors is enough," Root said. "We wanted to find a good way to kick off the spring, and this should get people to have fun outside."

No registration is required. For more information, call 394-2310 or email TOCWest@state.sd.us.

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