Angulation: Angles created by bones meeting at their joints.

Baiting: Using liver or some treat to get the dog’s attention and have him look alert.

Bench show: A dog show at which the dogs are kept on assigned benches when not being shown in competition, so they can be viewed and discussed by attendees, exhibitors and breeders.

Fancier: A person who is especially interested, and usually active, in some phase of the sport of purebred dogs.

Gait: The way a dog moves; movement is a good indicator of structure and condition.

Groom: To brush, comb, trim or otherwise make a dog’s coat neat.

Handler: A person or agent who takes a dog into the show ring or who works the dog at a field trial or other performance event.

Heel: A command to a dog to keep close beside its handler.

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Pedigree: The written record of a dog’s family tree of three or more generations.

Stacking: Posing the dog’s legs and body to create a pleasing picture.


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