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Gwen Eiklor took this photo of a cotton field at the foot of the White Tank mountains in Arizona.

Netflix plans no changes in airing '13 Reasons Why'

Paxton family sues for wrongful death

LOS ANGELES | The family of Bill Paxton has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a Los Angeles hospital and the surgeon who performed the actor's heart surgery shortly before he died.

The suit filed Friday against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center alleges the surgeon used a "high risk and unconventional surgical approach" that was unnecessary and that he lacked the experience to perform.

Paxton's death certificate says he died Feb. 25, 2017, from a stroke, 11 days after surgery to replace a heart valve and repair aorta damage.

A spokeswoman for the hospital says patient privacy laws forbid her from giving comment on Paxton's case, but nothing is more important to Cedars-Sinai than the health and safety of its patients.

Paxton starred in the films "Titanic" and "Aliens," and the HBO series "Big Love."

2nd season of '13 Reasons' continues

NEW YORK | A planned second season of "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix will be unaffected by the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against author Jay Asher.

Netflix said in a statement on Tuesday that Asher was uninvolved in the new season, scheduled to air this year. The streaming network added that the series would "not be impacted."

Asher's best-seller from 2007 about a suicidal teenager is the basis for the popular Netflix show. On Monday, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators told The Associated Press that Asher was kicked out of the organization because of complaints about harassment. The Oklahoma Writers' Federation already has canceled a planned keynote address by Asher at a conference in May.

Asher, 42, has said he chose to leave the children's writers society and was himself a victim of harassment. In an email to the AP, he did acknowledge having affairs with "consenting adults."

Later on Tuesday, the executive director of the SCBWI told the AP that it had strengthened and expanded its anti-harassment policy. The additions included a code of conduct and a plan to have an anti-harassment monitor at SCBWI events. Lin Oliver also disputed Asher's contention that he had left the SCBWI voluntarily and was himself a victim of harassment.

Also Tuesday, Asher's publisher issued a statement saying it had no comment on the allegations.

02 14 history

ON FEB. 14, 1918, Russia converted from the Old Style Julian calendar to the New Style Gregorian calendar, "losing" 13 days in the process (for Russians, the day before was Jan. 31). 

In 1663, New France (Canada) became a royal province under King Louis XIV.

In 1778, the American ship Ranger carried the recently adopted Stars and Stripes to a foreign port for the first time as it arrived in France.

In 1849, President James K. Polk became the first U.S. chief executive to be photographed while in office as he posed for Matthew Brady in New York City.

In 1903, the Department of Commerce and Labor was established. (It was divided into separate departments of Commerce and Labor in 1913.)

In 1929, the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" took place in a Chicago garage as seven rivals of Al Capone's gang were gunned down.

In 1949, Israel's Knesset convened for the first time.

In 1962, first lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducted a televised tour of the White House in a videotaped special that was broadcast on CBS and NBC (and several nights later on ABC).

In 1979, Adolph Dubs, the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, was kidnapped in Kabul by Muslim extremists and killed in a shootout between his abductors and police.

In 1990, 92 people were killed when an Indian Airlines passenger jet crashed while landing at a southern Indian airport.

Two Cents comments for Feb. 14

Why is it always a so-called Canadian Company seeking to mine our gold?

Over the past several decades at least, it's been sickening to witness ever-increasing partisanship, especially at the national level. Each major party seems more and more intent on working to thwart their opponents, rather than strive for what might be best for the country.

How do the surroundings cities, towns and villages take care of homeless people? If they are directed to Rapid City for many resources, such as food, clothing, shelter and medical assistance then Rapid City could request help from those cities.

How ironic. After complaining about how Hillary Clinton handed classified info, Trump shares classified info with dozens of staffers who do not have the requisite security clearances.

Mayor Allender and Chief Jegeris, you are correct: By denying a warm shelter for people who are actively drinking and are unable to give up their alcohol/drugs you are helping solve the addicted homelessness problem in our community. One poor frozen soul at a time.