Coach - Ron Determan, 21st year.

Conference - Southern Plains and South Central.

Last season's record - 16-5, 5-2 in SCC, 6-1 in SPC.

Season's outlook - "If the girls have worked on their game, especially shooting skills, we can have a decent year," said Determan.

Returning starters - Brooke Martin, Jenna Drey.

Other returning lettermen - Mollie Grim, Megan Glover, Megan Juran, Courtney Petersen, Aubrey Mayer, Rehme Sutton, Tasha Engelmeyer, Rachael Schmitz, Michelle Determan.

Letterwinners missing - Abbey DeWolf (DWU), Sami Grogan, LaNeal Lambley.

Conference favorite - "Platte returns key players in the SCC, and Lyman should be solid in the SPC," said Determan.


Coach - Sheila Marsh, second year.

Conference - SESD, Southern Plains.

Last season's record - 1-17, 1-5 in SESD, 0-8 in SPC.

Season's outlook - "We are looking to improve on last year, but no predictions," said Marsh. "Our hard work and discipline will decide our success."

Returning starters - 5-5 senior Lindsay Herman, 5-8 junior Jen Fox.

Other returning letterwinners - 5-6 senior Jen Pazour, 5-4 junior Liz Woodruff, 5-10 junior Shandra Thomas, 5-11 sophomore Jen Long, 5-10 sophomore Haley Maxon.

Letterwinners missing - Mackenzie Mertz, Chris Long (DWU), Erin Sheehy (Minnesota), Meg Gieseler (Connecticut).

Conference favorite - "Wagner, Parkston and Platte return promising players in the SESD, and Lyman and Stanley County are favored in the SPC," said Marsh.

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte

Coach - Arlyn Wohlleber, third year.

Assistant coach - Trina Lends His Horse.

Last season's record - 20-6.

Season's outlook - "Our strengths will be the ability to get up and down the floor, size, depth and quickness," said Wohlleber.

Returning starters - 5-10 senior Brittany Knife (17 ppg, 9 rpg), 5-5 senior Allissa Kingfisher (10 ppg, 10 apg), 5-10 senior Amber Laundreau (14 ppg, 7 rpg).

Other returning letterwinners - 5-6 senior Jerico Anderson, 5-11 junior Kayla Kingfisher, 5-3 Savannah Morgan, 5-6 Stevie Brings Plenty, 5-8 sophomore Danni Cass, 5-6 sophomore Katheryn Howard, 5-9 sophomore Keva Mendoza.

Promising prospects - 5-11 junior Jerris Veaux, 5-5 freshman Brittany Watt, 5-3 freshman Jamie Ducheneaux, 5-2 freshman Katie Morgan.


Coach - Larry Koth, 17th year.

Conference - Southern Plains, South Central.

Last season's record - 24-1, 7-0 in both conferences.

Season's outlook - "We lost all five starters and have only two major players returning," said Koth. "Our young girls will need to step up for us to contend for anything."

Returning letterwinners - 5-10 senior Sharon Klein, 5-7 senior Kara Atteberry, 5-8 junior Sammy Steinke, 5-6 junior Lindsay Zeigler, 5-8 junior Kristy Zink.

Promising prospects - 5-7 sophomore Stacy Ring, 5-11 freshman Sami Beck, 5-7 sophomore Natalie Atteberry, 5-7 junior Ashley DeMers, 5-7 sophomore Gabby Cox, 5-6 sophomore Lacey Haukaas, 5-4 freshman Allison Bertram, 5-9 sophomore Michaela Bicek, 5-9 freshman Jamie Richey.

Letterwinners missing - Erin Bolton (S.D. Tech), Andrea Atteberry (Augustana), Katie Schwartz (USD), Abby Petersek (N.D. Science), Casey Gossard (U. of Arizona).

Conference favorite - Platte, Gregory and Burke in the SCC and Lyman in the SPC, said Koth.


Coach - Mike Buchanan, third year.

Conference - Rushmore.

Last season's record - 2-15, 0-4 in conference.

Season's outlook - "I think we will be more competitive this season," said Buchanan. "I am returning three senior starters. We have a good team attitude right now and that may carry through our season."

Returning starters - 5-7 senior April Avent, 5-5 senior Holly Matson, 5-9 senior Jessie Steveson.

Other returning letterwinners - 5-7 sophomore Cassandra Groen.

Letterwinners missing - Kayla Kreutzer, Alicia Redetzke.

Conference favorite - Rapid City Christian, said Buchanan.


Coach - Bryan Carmichael, seventh year.

Conference - Little Moreau.

Last season's record - 14-7, 3-3 in LMC.

Season's outlook - "We will be young, with only one senior on the team," said Carmichael. "We hope to see steady improvement from our young players and hope to challenge the top teams in the district by the end of the year."

Returning starters - 5-8 senior Sammi Laurenz (8 ppg, 5 rpg), 5-6 junior Amanda Dutton (9 ppg, 4 rpg).

Other returning letterwinners - 5-9 junior Michelle Keffeler, 5-8 junior Trinity Wood, 5-5 sophomore Stormy Inghram.

Letterwinners missing - Kristal Keffeler (BHSU), Megan Huxtable (Dickinson St.), Sarah Hauser (Chadron St.).

Conference favorite - "Harding County is very athletic and experienced," said Carmichael. "Timber Lake returns starters from last year's state tournament team, and McIntosh returns key players from last year's conference championship team."


Coach - Lonnie Klundt, 10th year.

Conference - South Central, Southern Plains.

Last season's record - 16-7, 5-2 in SCC, 5-2 in SPC.

Season's outlook - "We will be a young team, but should be competitive," said Klundt. "Hopefully, we will have enough experience by districts to make a run for the title."

Returning starter - 5-4 senior Shawn Sinkular.

Other returning letterwinners - 5-4 junior Chelsey Hogue, 5-7 junior Nikki Carter, 5-5 sophomore Annie Grim, 5-8 freshman Jenny Pochop.

Promising prospects - 5-10 freshman Jill Whalen, 5-7 freshman Desiree McIntyre, 5-5 junior Tarran Pochop, 5-5 sophomore Katie Pochop.

Letterwinners missing - Karli Rajewich (Southeast Vo-Tech), Melissa Clark (USD), Tina Taggart (USD), Amber DeSmet (BHSU).

Conference favorite - "Platte in the SCC because they return everyone from last year and have a real solid player in Chelsey Nelson," said Klundt. "Lyman and Gregory should be favored in the SPC."

Harding County

Coach - Josh Page, first year.

Conference - Little Moreau.

Last season's record - 14-6, 5-2 in LMC.

Season's outlook - "We're optimistic," said Page. "We return some quality girls with experience. We look to be competitive in both the conference and district."

Returning starters - 5-6 junior Lana Giannonatti (all-LMC, 13 ppg), 5-9 junior Dana Johnson (all-LMC, 12 ppg), 5-9 junior Jessica Painter, 5-9 senior Kayla Nelson (all-LMC, 17 ppg).

Other returning letterwinners - 5-4 senior Tandy Ginsbach, 5-4 junior Lexy Burghduff, 5-11 sophomore Lindsey Erk, 5-11 sophomore Kali Olson, 5-6 senior Shantel Penn.

Letterwinners missing - Jacki Price, Spring Turbiville.

Conference favorite - Timber Lake and McIntosh, said Page.


Coach - Brian Marso, first year.

Conference - NCAC.

Last season's record - 12-8, 4-2 in NCAC.

Season's outlook - "We expect a very good season," said Marso.

Returning starters - senior April Kleinschmidt; sophomores Chrystal Bauer, Nicole Cuppy.

Other returning letterwinners - junior Kristy Becker.

Promising prospects - sophomore Summer Kleinschmidt; eighth-grader Megan Keller.

Letterwinners missing - Jamie Keller, Heidi Hobert, Kassie Schumacher.

Conference favorite - Gettysburg, said Marso.


Coach - Mike Ring, 10th year.

Conference - NCAC.

Last season's record - 14-5, 5-1 in NCAC.

Season's outlook - "We're inexperienced, but will have athleticism and some young talent, which will hopefully be competitive by the end of the year," said Ring.

Returning starters- 5-7 senior Melissa Baloun (11 ppg), 5-8 senior Jayme Bawdon (8 ppg, 7 rgp).

Other returning letterwinners - 5-4 junior Dani Dittman.

Promising prospects - 5-11 freshman Amber Marsden, 5-7 sophomore Katie Cowan, 5-7 sophomore Jennifer Zell (transfer from Miller), 5-7 sophomore Sara Konrad.

Letterwinners missing - Jamie Kusser (BHSU), Jennifer Kopecky (USF), Nicole Konrad (SDSU), Erin Knecht (Mount Marty), Amanda Marsden (Colorado Tech), Natalie Olson (Southeast Tech).

Conference favorite - "Our conference should be real competitive, with no strong favorite," said Ring.

Jones County

Coach - Bev Ball, seventh year.

Last season's record - 11-12, 3-1 in conference.

Season's outlook - "We're young and inexperienced, without many players with varsity experience," said Ball. "I think we will surprise some teams by our work ethic."

Returning starters - senior Krista Kerns.

Other returning letterwinners - juniors Suzie Jost, Renee Miller; sophomores Jaime Schmidt, Annie Kinsley, Lenae Venard.

Letterwinners missing - Brittany Nelson (DWU), Desiree Meyers (SDSU), Kayla Schmidt (Norfolk JC), Kati Rankin (DWU), Foster Comp, Shayna Muellenberg.

Conference favorite - "Lyman is quick and aggressive, and they have played together since grade school," said Ball.


Coach - Ron Metz, 11th year.

Conference - None.

Last season's record - 12-8.

Season's outlook - "We hope our younger players can step up and contribute early and often," said Metz. "With this and improvements from our more experienced players, we hope to be competitive in a very tough district at the end of the season."

Returning starters - 5-8 senior Kory Dobitz (7.7 ppg, 4.9 rpg), 6-0 senior Beth Orthman (7.9 ppg, 6.1 rpg).

Other returning letterwinners - 5-10 senior Kelly O'Donnell, 5-8 senior Lesley Sandgren, 5-9 senior Kelcey Carda, 5-8 junior Mindy Starkey.


Coach - Julie Eppard, first year.

Conference - Southern Plains, Three Rivers.

Last season's record - 11-9, 4-3 in SPC, 3-0 in Three Rivers.

Season's outlook - "We have all but one starter returning, and we should have a strong team," said Eppard.

Returning starters - 5-11 junior Brandi Scott (all-conference), 5-7 sophomore Brooke Scott (all-conference), 5-11 junior Britta Severyn (all-conference), 5-8 junior Niki Henriksen.

Other returning letterwinners - 5-7 junior Randi Diehm, 5-6 senior Melissa Carrier, 5-10 senior Melissa Meier, 5-6 sophomore McKenzi Taylor.

Letterwinners missing - Stacie Schlomer (USD).


Coach - Jim Hood, third year.

Conference - Little Moreau.

Last season's record - 17-4.

Season's outlook - "We will have experience in all positions, and along with our depth, I feel we could be very competitive," said Hood. "If the girls work hard, it should be a fun year."

Returning letterwinners - seniors Kayla Kraft, Krista Schell; juniors Britt Seiler (10 ppg), Laura Merkel, Amber Olson; sophomore Ashley Jung (14 ppg); freshman Crystal Powell; eighth-grader Karmen Powell.

Letterwinners missing - Nicole Maher.

Conference favorite - Timber Lake, Harding County, Bison and Faith, said Hood.


Coach - Ray Ginsbach, first year.

Conference - Badlands.

Last season's record - 12-8, 6-3 in conference.

Season's outlook - Promising; only one player graduated.

Returning starters - 5-4 senior Mary Reimann (7 ppg, 2 apg), 5-6 junior Lori Petoske (9.6 ppg, 4 rpg, 3 apg), 6-1 senior Kristina Schofield (10.1 ppg, 9 rpg), 5-3 senior Julie Jones (5.5 ppg, 6 rpg).

Other returning letterwinners - 6-0 senior Kristi Parquet (6 ppg, 6 rpg), 5-7 senior Connie Gillaspie (3 ppg, 3 rpg).

Promising prospects - 5-7 senior Mindy Kirkpatrick, 5-4 junior Stephanie Finn, 5-6 junior Kendra Sinkey, 5-4 junior Jenna Tolton, 5-3 junior Paula Jones, 5-6 sophomore Amanda Jensen, 5-3 sophomore Crystal Fosheim, 5-5 freshman Courtney Hunt, 5-4 freshman Nikki Baeza.

Letterwinners missing - Kayla Block (Lake Area Vo-Tech).

Conference favorite - "Philip should be strong again," said Ginsbach.

New Underwood

Coach - Stacey Nelson, second year.

Conference - Badlands.

Last season's record - 8-12.

Season's outlook - "We have two strong seniors who were out last year, we had hard-working juniors and aggressive sophomores," said Nelson.

Returning starters - senior Ashley Brassfield (all-conference), 5-9 senior Rachel Parsons, 5-7 senior Kelley Smith, 5-11 senior Kayla Taylor (all-conference).

Other returning letterwinners - 5-8 junior Rose Koch.

Letterwinners missing - Jessica Dutt (Northern St.), Karah Ness, Sarah Ness.

Conference favorite - "Midland has speed and ball-handling experience," said Nelson, "and New Underwood has experience and strong post players."


Coach - Shawn Woodward, seventh year.

Conference - Badlands.

Last season's record - 16-3, 8-0 in conference.

Season's outlook - "With only three returning letterwinners, we must grow up fast to be successful," said Woodward.

Returning letterwinners - 5-7 junior Tyneal Fitch (9 ppg), 5-7 senior Emily Peterson, 5-5 senior Katie Knutson.

Promising prospects - 5-6 junior Lacy Williams, 5-9 junior Lexie Albrecht, 5-6 senior Melanie Haynes, 5-5 senior Anne Palecek, 5-8 senior Laci Kirk, 5-5 junior Jessica Reczek, 5-8 sophomore Amber Fenner, 5-8 junior Laura Palecek, 5-6 junior Tonya Ravellette.

Letterwinners missing - Leah Radway (DWU), Janie Albrecht (Augustana), Erin Schofield (BHSU), Cassie Bennett (Presentation), Jenny Burns.

Conference favorite - "It's very balanced, with Bennett County, Wall, New Underwood, Midland and Kadoka returning quality players," said Woodward.

Pine Ridge

Coach - George Bettelyoun, first year.

Conference - None.

Last season's record - 18-3.

Season's outlook - "We're loaded with freshmen and sophomores, but expect to get stronger as the season progresses," said Bettelyoun.

Returning starters - 5-11 sophomore Laura Big Crow.

Other returning letterwinners - 5-6 senior Lindsey Twiss, 5-11 sophomore Tate Locust, 5-11 senior Wetu Locust.

Promising prospects - 5-7 freshman Layne LeBeaux.

Letterwinners missing - Ruth Dreamer, Sam Iron Moccasin, Rainbow Locust, Crystal Brings Him Back.

Area favorite - "Red Cloud has the Morrisette sisters and an excellent coaching staff," said Bettelyoun.

Red Cloud

Coach - Mary Tobacco, third year.

Conference - West River.

Returning starters - 5-11 senior Jennifer Morrisette.

Other returning letterwinners - 5-7 sophomore Joni Morrisette, 5-4 senior Kim Randall, 5-7 senior Lani Pourier, 5-10 senior Minnie Bordeau, 5-3 sophomore Brittany Clifford.

Letterwinners missing - T.J. Randall (BHSU), Joni Tobacco (Creighton), Becki White Face (Ft. Lewis), Monica Star Comes Out.

Stanley County

Coach - Tom Rogers, 14th year.

Conference - Big Dakota

Last season's record - 20-2, 4-0 in BDC.

Season's outlook - "We should be very competitive, and if we develop in the post position, we should push to be a contender come district time," said Rogers.

Returning starters - 5-5 senior Lindsay Stoeser (12 ppg, 5 spg, 4 apg), 5-8 senior Ashley Sargent (13 ppg), 5-10 junior Andrea Calkins.

Other returning letterwinners - 5-8 freshman Ashley Hanson, 5-5 senior Leah Olson, 5-5 sophomore Raylene Olson, 5-8 senior Brenda Stoeser.

Conference favorite - "Cheyenne-Eagle Butte and Mobridge both return a good group of talented players," said Rogers.

Timber Lake

Coach - Mark Senftner, fourth year.

Conference - Little Moreau.

Last season's record - 12-14 (eighth in state), 3-3 in LMC.

Season's outlook - "We have a nice group of experienced players," said Senftner. "Our players will have to challenge each other every day in practice because our schedule is loaded with a lot of tough games."

Returning starters - 5-2 junior Jamie Maher, 5-8 senior Lakota Mowrer, 5-4 senior Erin Enright, 5-9 junior Carmen Maher, 6-1 sophomore Theresa Crance.

Other returning letterwinners - 5-4 senior Tara Kuhn, 5-8 junior Amanda Reinbold, 5-4 junior Vicki Linderman, 5-9 senior Carla Hahne, 5-8 junior Ashley Dahlgren.

Letterwinners missing - Angie Jones.

Conference favorite - "Harding County, McIntosh and Isabel all return a number of letterwinners," said Senftner.

Todd County

Coach - Roger Crow Eagle.

Conference - West River, Big Dakota.

Last season's record - 5-19.

Season's outlook - "We're young but should get better as the season goes on," said Crow Eagle. "We look for a big improvement at the end of the year."

Returning starters - 5-6 senior Kelly Whipple, 5-7 senior Sarah Valandra.

Other returning letterwinners - 5-10 senior Wiconi Kills Warrior, 5-9 junior Jackie Whipple, 5-6 sophomore Alana White Quills, 5-6 sophomore Jess Colombe, 5-4 junior Sarah Tiefenthaler.

Promising prospects - 5-5 freshman Melissa LaPointe, 5-10 freshman Rose White Hat, 5-9 junior Micah Lunderman, 5-5 sophomore Alex Hacker, 5-10 freshman Chasity Crow Eagle.

Letterwinners missing - Lydia Lanz (DWU), Jess Blacksmith (USD), Jess Bordeaux.

Conference favorite - Stanley County in the BDC and Red Cloud in the WRC, said Crow Eagle.

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