Chairman Graham called the regular meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:30 PM on Monday January 16, 2012 at the Administrative Conference Room with the following members present: Bill Graham, Karri Fischer, Perry Holmes, Paul Schoenfelder and Robin Tierney. Absent: Lyle Arneson, Scott Thompson. Others present: Dr. Donald Marchant, Marcia Jackson, Sheryl Malde, John Fitzgerald, Sheri Coleman, Lynette Powell, Mary Weiss, Michelle Dobbs, Will Collignon and Bob Preuss.


12-128 Tierney moved to approve the agenda.

12-129 No conflicts of interest were stated.

12-130 Michelle Dobbs gave update of the DLT meeting.

12-131 Chairman Graham opened the meeting to the public for discussion of items not on the agenda.

12-132 Chairman Graham opened the meeting to the public for concerns about items on the agenda.

12-133 The following administrative reports were given:

Mary Weiss - Accreditation Progress Report and Test Scores

Marcia Jackson - Impact Aid and subgroups NAFIS and NCIS

Dr. Marchant - Recognition of School Board Members, Graduation

12-134 The following committee reports were given:

BHSSC - Robin Tierney

Facilities - Dr. Marchant

12-135 Motion by Schoenfelder to accept following consent agenda:

Accepted unaudited financial report of December 31, 2011.

Approved claims for payment: Fund 10 General Fund Claims Payable: A & B Business, Inc.-Supplies-1,364.43, Accouter Rental And Sales-Rentals-93.28, Alberty, Lyn-Travel-64.00, Amazon.Com, Inc-Supplies-507.27, Apex Technology Solutions Group-Services-7,750.00, Battle Mountain Welding-Services-360.00, Belle Fourche School District-Dues/Fees-75.00, Bennett Co. High School-Dues/Fees-50.00, Bio. Corporation-Supplies-62.25, BJ's Instrument Repair-Services-210.00, Black Hills Power & Light-Utilities-6,946.41, Black Hills Special Services-Salaries/Benefits-25,000.00, Butler Machinery Company-Repairs-131.96, Chadron High School-Dues/Fees-175.00, Cheyenne Sanitation - Services - 890.40, Coleman, Sheri -Reimbursement - 43.76, Comfort Inn - Rapid City-Travel-58.00, Comfort Inn - Vermillion-Travel-351.96, Core Inc.-Supplies-339.90, Culligan Water Conditioning-Services-42.00, Day's Inn Pierre-Travel-217.97, Decker Equipment-Supplies-101.97, Dunlap Industries-Supplies-2,800.00, Fall River Auto Supply Inc-Maintenance-140.52, Fall River Hospital-Services-175.00, Fischer, Karri-Travel-165.02, Fleet Services-Fuel-34.73, Flint Electric Inc.-Service-45.92, Foreman Sales & Service-Maintenance-358.86, Golden West Technologies-Services-795.00, Gopher-Supplies-1,866.71, Hammel, Koreen-Travel-103.00, Heartland Paper Company-Supplies-120.75, High Plains Graphics-Supplies-170.00, Hill City School Dist. 51-2-Dues/Fees-50.00, Hillyard-Supplies-1,437.39, Holiday Inn Express - Ft Pierre-Travel-86.79, Hot Springs Ace Hardware-Supplies-770.53, Hot Springs, City Of-Utilities-1,698.96, Hot Springs School Food Serv.-Meals-64.24, Hot Springs Trust & Agency-Reimbursement-Imprest-18,109.76(Booth, Brad-12/6/11 GBB Referee-65.00, Stanton, Randy-12/6/11 GBB Referee-65.00, Voegele, Tim-12/6/11 GBB Referee-107.92, Aberle, Jim-12/10/11 BBB Referee-141.22, Osborne, Larry-12/10/11 BBB Referee-65.00, Lowe, Eric-12/10/11 BBB Referee-65.00, Kirk, Duane-12/10/11 GBB Referee-65.00, Henwood, Jeremy-12/10/11 GBB Referee-65.00, Rogers, David-12/10/11 GBB Referee-143.44, Kirk, Duane-12/10/11 GBB Referee-(65.00), Garcia, Beau-12/13/11 GBB Referee-65.00, Witcraft, John-12/13/11 GBB Referee-65.00, Aberle, Jim-12/13/11 GBB Referee-141.22, Moncur, Dean-12/8/11 WRestling Referee-145.66, Lowe, Chris-12/9/11 BBB Referee-65.00, Magbuhat, Iggie-12/9/11 BBB Referee-111.62, Franke, Chip-12/9/11 BBB Referee-65.00, Stanton, Melissa-12/9/11 Gymnastics Referee-100.00, Arneson, Pam-12/9/11 Gymnastics Referee-142.92, Kirk, Duane-12/10/11 GBB Referee-65.00, Wells Fargo-Pearson Education J Neth Reg-250.00, Wells Fargo-Delta Air - M Jackson-504.50, Wells Fargo-Delta Air - B Butler-504.50, Wells Fargo-NASSP - Mary Weiss-450.00, Wells Fargo-SD Music Education Contest-36.00, Wells Fargo-Ccirca - K Hammel Reg-286.00, Dolan, Dave-12/13/11 BBB Referee-65.00, Kirkeby, Mike-12/13/11 BBB Referee-65.00, Reynolds, Bob-12/13/11 BBB Referee-107.92, Coleman, Sheri-12/13/11 Meals CCSS-36.00, Petty Cash - Postage-12/13/11 Petty Cash - 35.15, Pabst, Steven-12/16/11 WR Referee-167.92, Bussler, Jerry-12/16/11 WR Referee-125.00, Everson, Doyle-12/16/11 WR Referee-167.92, Dailey, Graydon-12/16/11 WR Referee-167.92, Heisinger, Edward-12/16/11 WR Referee-125.00, Heisinger, Edward-12/17/11 WR Referee-125.00, Everson, Doyle-12/17/11 WR Referee-125.00, Pabst, Steven-12/17/11 WR Referee-167.92, Dailey, Graydon-12/17/11 WR Referee-152.38, Bussler, Jerry-12/17/11 WR Referee-125.00, Fleet Services-Fuel-50.21, Black Hills Power & Light-Electric Utility - 11,354.42, SDHSAA-All State Band Fees-12.00, Math Counts Foundation-Registration For Students In Math Contest-80.00, Hopkins, Ben-Dec 11 Activity Help-50.00, Burg, Alan-Dec 11 Activity Help-15.00, Harkless, Matt-Dec 11 Activity Help-37.50, Tarrell, Jarred-Dec 11 Activity Help-37.50, Wilde, Barb-Dec 11 Activity Help-67.50, Runyon, Cody-Dec 11 Activity Help-50.00, Collins, Levi-Dec 11 Activity Help-75.00, Farrell, Joyce-Dec 11 Activity Help-75.00, Olson, Taz-Dec 11 Activity Help-75.00, Ferebee, Sam-Dec 11 Activity Help-125.00, Walton, Derrik-Dec 11 Activity Help-75.00, Haskvitz, John-Dec 11 Activity Help-50.00, Weiss, Randi-Dec 11 Activity Help-25.00, Nelson, Rich-Dec 11 Activity Help-75.00, Muller, Joe-Dec 11 Activity Help-22.50, Maynard, Franklin-Dec 11 Activity Help-75.00, Nachtigall, Dana-12/16/11 Gymnastics Meals-38.00, Yarrow, Stashia-12/16/11 Gymnastics Meals-38.00, Yarrow, Stashia-12/28/11 Gymnastics Meals-47.00, Nachtigall, Dana-12/28/11 Gymnastics Meals-47.00, Bank Of The West-Safe Deposit Box 351-40.00) , J & D Service-Services-1,121.19, Jaymar Business Forms, Inc.-Supplies-187.48, Keffeler, Beverly-Reimbursement-119.97, Kramer, Benjamin-Travel-130.00, Larry Bell, Multicultural America-Supplies-116.00, Leyden, Clyde-Reimbursement-185.00, Lighting Maintenance Co-Maintenance-707.84, Lunchtime Solutions-Fruit & Veggie Program-2,263.90, Madison High School-Dues/Fees-75.00, Madsen, Toni-Mileage-56.98, Menard's-Supplies-539.28, Nelson's Oil & Gas, Inc.-Utilities/Fuel-4,870.61, North Central Bus Sales-Supplies-25.43, Pamida, Inc.-Supplies-385.77, Philip School District-Dues/Fees-100.00, Plumbing, Heating & A/C Services-Services-4,283.15, Probuild - Hot Springs-Supplies-1,066.91, Quality Real Estate Inc.-Services-408.00, Quill Corporation-Supplies-202.37, Radio Shack-Supplies-24.99, Rapid City Journal - Advertising-Advertising-205.30, Resources For Educators-Supplies-414.00, Roske, Richard-Reimbursement-40.00, Rushmore Communications Inc-Services-65.00, School Specialty-Supplies-88.71, SDN Communications-Services-367.20, Shell/Texaco-Fuel-107.01, Sonny's Super Food-Supplies-134.51, Splash Of Color-Supplies-1,531.00, Springhill Suites By Marriott-Travel-207.00, Stanley Co. School Dist. 57-1-Dues/Fees-50.00, Stevens Plumbing & Heating-Services-489.80, Sturdevant's Auto Parts-Supplies-7.94, Summit Signs & Supply Inc.-Supplies-255.00, Trent Oil Co.-Supplies-1,475.08, Tru Green-Chemlawn-Service-231.84, Universal Athletic Services Inc-Supplies-179.99, Vanway Trophy & Award-Supplies-87.00, Vermillion School District-Dues/Fees-100.00,

Walcro Inc.-Supplies-875.36, Wellmark Flexible Benefits-Services-32.70, Wells Fargo-Services-33.65, West Side Storage & Car Wash-Supplies-175.00, Woodworker's Supply-Supplies-548.34. Total Fund 10 - 98,400.04. Fund 21 Capital Outlay Fund Claims Payable: A & B Business, Inc.-Copier Lease-1,042.27, Black Hills Power & Light-Utilities-3,987.72, CDW Government, Inc.-Computer Equipment-320.28, Follett Software Co.-Software-1,496.00, Hot Springs, City Of-Utilities-748.88, Hot Springs Trust & Agency-Imprest Reimbursement-104.33(Wells Fargo-Bretford Electric Strip MS-104.33), Nelson's Oil & Gas, Inc.-Utilities/Fuel-36,320.10. Total Fund 21 - 44,019.58. Fund 22 Special Education Claims Payable: Black Hills Special Services-Salaries/BenEfits/Services-34,269.39, Black Hills Workshop & Training-Services-3,457.12, Children's Therapy Services-Services-4,148.25, Core Inc.-Supplies-99.00, Council For Exceptional Child-Services-912.00, Dakota Business Center-Supplies/Copiers-79.98, Erskin, Jamie-Reimbursement-39.53, Hanken, Dennis-Services-2,545.00, Just For Kids Speech Therapy Llc-Services-8,158.50, Kirchgasler, Kristeen-Reimbursement-53.00, Lynn's Dakotamart-Hot Springs-Supplies-10.96, Multi-Health System-Supplies-115.00, Pamida, Inc.-Supplies-12.35, Parkston Public School-Services-833.12, Western Psychological Services-Services-86.90. Total Fund 22 - 54,820.10. Fund 41 Capital Projects Claims Payable: Valley Sweeping-Parking Lot Markings-473.05. Total Fund 41 - 473.05. Fund 51 Food Service Claims Payable: School Specialty-Supplies-18.21, Lunchtime Solutions-Services-22,610.77. Total Fund 51 - 22628.98. Gross Salaries Payable December 2011 - General Fund Payroll - Instruction Salaries-182,678.51, Support Salaries-93,165.52, Extra-Curricular Salaries-9,573.91, Social Security/Medicare-20,850.74, Retirement -16,392.07, Insurance Benefits-30,798.86. Total General Fund-353,459.61. Special Education Fund Payroll - Instruction Salaries-24,087.64, Support Salaries-21,142.23, Social Security/Medicare-3,271.68, Retirement-2,387.93, Insurance Benefits-5,173.11. Total Special Education Fund-56,062.59. Food Service Fund - Salaries-1,895.39, Social Security/Medicare-144.99, Retirement-109.45, Insurance Benefits-3.95. Total Food Service Fund-2,153.78.

Approved minutes of the December 12, 2011 meeting.

12-136 Motion by Tierney to approve following contract addendums: Classified Staff Enhancement hours: Sheryl Malde - $.20/hr increase - $13.25/hr, Bonny Jenniges - $.10/hr - $19.09/hr, Lisa Miller - $.10/hr - $14.97/hr, Lori Libra - $.10/hr - $15.50/hr, Kellyl Harkless $.10/hr 12.40/hr and Leah Kunnari- 69 additional hours @ $8.95 per hour.

12-137 Motion by Fischer to recognize the following volunteers: Middle School - Kellie Stover, Morgan Bloom, and Misti Broyles; Elementary - Sarah Wilson, Carrie Bush & Faye Paulsen.

12-138 Motion by Fischer to approve changing regular April board meeting date to April 16, 2012 at 5:30 p.m.

12-139 Motion by Holmes to table discussion on the new building name.

12-140 Motion by Fischer to approve that the board support the continuing of the VA Black Hills Healthcare System in Hot Springs by any means allowed by law and the following resolution:


Whereas a healthcare facility for veterans has operated in the City of Hot Springs since its' beginning in 1907,

Whereas patients of the Black Hills Healthcare System and the Community of Hot Springs have had a quality relationship to provide healthcare for veterans and to interact with each other for the benefit of veterans, their families and the residents of Hot Springs,

Now therefore be it resolved that the Hot Springs School District 23-2 Board of Education supports the continuing location of the Veterans Administration Black Hills Healthcare System hospital and domiciliary in Hot Springs.

12-141 Motion by Schoenfelder to approve the following Club Sport Contracts: Soccer and Baseball.

12-142 Motion by Tierney to approve 1st reading of Policy GBE - Staff Health and Safety; BDDBA - Board Meeting Master Agenda.

12-143 The board reviewed Policy Book Section G - Personnel. No changes recommended.

Being no further business to come before the board, Chairman Graham declared the meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM. The board will meet in regular session on January 16, 2012 at 5:30 p.m.


Marcia Jackson,

Business Manager

Bill Graham, Chairman

Published once at the total approximate cost of $115.23.

Jan. 31

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