'Eye of Minds' an enthralling sci-fi read

2013-11-19T18:12:00Z 'Eye of Minds' an enthralling sci-fi readJohn Colvin Auburn, NY, Citizen Rapid City Journal
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Every once and a while I find myself reading a book that I normally wouldn't consider reading. It happened recently with “The Eye of Minds” by James Dashner.

I was familiar with Dashner's popular Maze Runner series, but had never read any of his books until this one.

“The Eye of Minds” is set in the future, where video games have become so advanced that you can basically live out any scenario that you could ever imazgine. The protagonist is a 16-year-old boy named Michael who is part of a wealthy family that hardly ever spends any time together. To make up for their parental deficiencies, Michael’s parents have provided enough money for him to do whatever he would like. This has allowed him to have one of the best models of the coffin: a box that allows Michael to spend the majority of his time in a virtual video game world referred to as VirtNet.

When lying in the coffin, it attaches itself to your nervous system, and everything that you experience in VirtNet will feel like it is happening to you in real life.

The story starts off with Michael trying to talk down a girl from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. He knows that if she dies in the game, the girl will just wake up in her coffin back at her house, but he will get a lot of points for successfully being able to stop her from falling to her death. Right before she jumps she removes her core (each member's core is what separates the real world from the game; without the core your brain will shut down when it does in VirtNet).

She explains to Michael that the reason she has to jump is because of a man named Kaine.

Michael is a gamer, as well as a very accomplished hacker. He has spent so much of his time in this fantasy world and has manipulated so much code that he has quickly become a member of some of the highest levels of VirtNet. The most powerful and sophisticated player in Virtnet is Kaine, who just so happens to be a very bad guy.

When Kaine starts creating very sophisticated levels of the game and holds players hostage within the game, the police force of VirtNet is forced to seek out Michael and other top gamers to help them save their world.

I was surprised in how enjoyable and entertaining I found this book. Usually I can figure out what the twist will be along the way, but “The Eye of Minds” has an amazing twist. I was truly shocked by it and never saw it coming.

There were a few things that took place in the book that just didn’t seem believable and had me thinking this could never happen, but if you read this book and have the same feelings as I did, just make sure you finish it out. The ending will take care of all that and everything will make sense to you.

“The Eye of Minds” is the first book in “The Morality Doctrine” series, with the second book set to hit the shelves in the fall of 2014. I will be excited to check that out when it is released. This would be a great choice for teenage boys, anyone into the Percy Jackson series, and anyone who enjoys video games.

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