Katie was supposed to be Shelley Millar’s dog.

Instead, the 4-year-old miniature schnauzer is inseparable from her husband, Mark.

“They go everywhere together,” she said. “They’ve just bonded something terrible. I’m going to get a male (dog) next time.”

The Millars got Katie when she was a tiny puppy. Mark already has two big dogs, Shelley said.

“Neither one of us really cared for the small breeds until we got this one,” she said. “It’s got so much personality.”

Because of her schnauzer beard, Katie frequently is mistaken for a male, despite Shelley’s attempts to play up Katie’s feminine side with pink collars and cheetah-print coats. Not that Katie minds.

“She prefers the white T-shirt and hanging out with Dad,” Shelley said.

Speaking of miniature schnauzers, you could say Doug Sletten’s resemblance to his dog Susie is award-winning.

After all, they once won an owner/ dog look-alike contest after they just happened to walk by.

“A guy said, ‘Hey, we got a ringer here,’” Sletten said. “I got a bag of dog food. It wasn’t very good.”

Joking aside, Susie won their hearts when they got her seven years ago.

“A renter of ours had her and when he moved, he couldn’t keep her,” Sletten explained.

The Slettens, whose own miniature schnauzer had just died of old age, were happy to keep Susie.

Now almost 10 years old, Susie is part of the family. She likes to travel and ride in the car, but mostly she’s a house dog, Sletten said.

“She gets me up about 5:30, just like an alarm clock,” he said. “She’s got me trained.”

Other readers answered the Journal’s call for pet and owner look-alikes:

Max and Trish

“Shortly after the death of my 10-year-old rottie, I adopted my husky (rottweiler) mix Max, aka Gilbert, from the Humane Society of the Black Hills,” wrote Trish Porter. “He was 9 months old when I got him and we recently celebrated his second birthday.

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“He’s a really great guy!” Porter wrote. “He likes to eat his (Labrador retriever) brother Curtis’ dog bed and throw the pieces up in the middle of the night. He has also eaten parts of a T-shirt, a whole jar of dog vitamins, family photos and many other things!”

Despite all that energy, Porter said Max is a “big bundle of love.”

“He truly is a blessing,” she wrote, even when he’s a naughty boy.

Vic and Trudy

“I love this picture as much as I love Vic and his dog Trudy,” wrote Linda Cooper of the dog and Victor Millin, a longtime Sturgis resident who now lives in Gillette, Wyo.

“In this picture, I am telling her to get off the couch, and as usual she gives me that look as if to say, ‘Technically I am not on the couch, I am on Vic.’ (Vic) always tells Trudy, ‘You have a face like a melted candle dripping and drooping all over the place’ and I tell him he looks just like her.”

Jeremy and Ace

“Capt. Jeremy Doohen is presently serving in Iraq on his third tour for the South Dakota Air National Guard. He and his best buddy Ace are so crazy about hunting and fishing,” wrote Jeremy’s mother, Gloria Doohen. “They seem to accent each other. Whether fishing for walleyes through the ice in the winter or spring and summer on the South Dakota lakes, they are never apart. Their favorite thing to hunt seems to be the wild turkey.

“Now while Jeremy is serving in Iraq as a fighter pilot in an F-16, his best buddy Ace rests during the day and sleeps at night on Jeremy’s bed. I think they are so much alike in their devoted love of the outdoors that they almost look alike. Both are very kind and very laid back with the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world.”

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