Meade School District 46-1

Board Room, Williams Administrative Building

April 15, 2013

Sturgis, South Dakota

Board members present: Wanda Blair, Bob Burns, Dennis Chowen, Juanita Harrington, Don Williamson, Shelli Grinager, Chad Legner, Nancy Richter and Courtney Mack

Others Present: Brett Burditt

5:15 p.m. Executive Session. MOTION by Chowen, seconded by Grinager, and carried to enter executive session for the purpose of discussing personnel, student related matters, and employee negotiations.

6:00 p.m. Executive Session Ended

6:30 p.m. Meeting Reconvened in Open Session

District personnel present: Ann Nonnast, Lon Harter, Ethan Dschaak, Don Lyon, Mike Paris, Jeff Ward, Chrissy Peterson, Jeff Simmons, Chantal Ligtenberg, Joe Schaffer, Deb Kerstiens, Bev Rosenboom, Cody King, and Kris Hubbard

Others present: SBHS government students, BHSU students and interested patrons

Pledge of Allegiance.

Consent Agenda. The following were approved by consent:


Minutes, regular meeting, March 12, 2013

Claims for payment

Open Enrollment Requests

In-District School Transfer

Adult Volunteers

Surplus Items

Recognitions. The Board recognized the following:

The Sturgis Brown High School Girls Basketball team placed eighth at this year’s SDHSAA State AA Basketball Tournament. Coaches were: Mike Friedel, Colin McCampbell and Roxanne Murphy.

Sturgis Brown High School senior Devon BeVier was chosen for the 63rd annual South Dakota All-State Band. She was selected on the French horn through a statewide competitive audition. BeVier’s band teacher is David Martinson.

Matea Gordon, 3rd grader at Sturgis Elementary, won the first annual S.D. Ag in the Classroom/SD Farm Families National Ag Week essay contest.

Students of the Month for March are given in each principal’s reports.

The Character Education word of the month for April is “Honesty,” which involves being sincere, telling the truth, keeping one’s word, and trustworthiness.

Financial Reports. MOTION by Chowen, seconded by Harrington, and carried to approve the monthly financial reports as presented.

Claims for Payment: A&B Welding, rental, 9.24; A&J Supply, repair/supplies, 66.56; Ace Steel, supplies, 576.59; Action Mechanical, repairs, 5295.00; Adv Pymts, meals/fees, 952.00; Altimate Flooring, flooring, 739.84; American Red Cross, fees, 90.00; Amick Sound, monitoring, 955.00; Apple Inc., supplies, 100.00; Armstrong Exting, maint, 64.00; Aventa Learning, virtual training, 4892.00; Avi Systems, supplies, 123.00; Best Western Ramkota, ldg, 1231.86; B.H. Chem, supplies, 2039.42; B.H. Occupational, physical, 70.00; B.H. Pest Control, spraying, 135.00; BHP, electricity, 32951.79; B.H. Special Serv, tuition, 27694.00; Border States, bulbs, 56.00; Brainpop, subscrip, 2095.00; Campbell's, supplies/repair, 1073.54; Cash-Wa Dist, food, 206.90; CDW-G, keyboard, 63.12; Central Meade Co Comm Ctr, rental, 1640.00; CenturyLink, phones, 206.09; Chem Sanitizing, supplies, 697.03; Chris Supply, cable, 384.37; Coca-Cola, beverages, 2587.59; Comfort Inn, ldg, 89.99; Commercial Door, closers, 724.00; Community Baptist Church, rental, 50.00; D&R Serv, repairs, 836.30; Dakota Business, leasing/supplies, 5345.60; Dean Foods, milk/OJ, 9735.38; Ecolab Pest Elim, pest inspec, 100.00; Elm Springs Hall, rental, 150.00; Estr Publ, forms, 127.00; Flinn Scientific, supplies, 287.36; Follett Library, books, 147.06; Freeman Electric, inspec, 51.02; Golden West Tech, phone/repairs, 4247.63; Golden West Tele, internet/phones, 558.03; Graff S, refund, 3.96; Grocery Mart, supplies, 9.89; Haggerty's Music, supplies, 227.19; Harbor Freight Tools, ear muffs, 66.79; Health Ed Design, course, 135.00; Heartland Paper, motor, 505.70; Hersrud Co, repairs, 100.83; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, testing, 398.75; Hubbard, Bruce, legal serv, 300.00; Jacob's Auto, repairs, 248.44; Johnson Controls, contract, 7675.50; Johnstons Hardware Hank, supplies, 357.25; Kaski Lavee, refund, 50.00; Key City Glass, repair, 210.00; Kieffer Sani, refuse, 436.77; Knology, phones, 1821.10; Kt Connections, repairs, 1071.00; Lowe Roofing, invest, 992.00; Lynns Dakotamart, food/supplies, 1239.11; MacGill & Co, first aid kits, 105.26; McDirt Excavation, snow removal, 1290.00; McGas Propane, supplies, 21.60; McGraw Hill, books, 746.04; Meade Sch Food Serv, snacks/beverages, 476.38; Menards, supplies, 515.92; Menc, supplies/membership, 136.50; Mid-American Research, supplies, 449.47; Midcontinent Testing, rural water testing, 18.00; MDU, utilities, 21832.58; Natl Assn School Nurses, membership, 405.00; Natl Assoc Secondary Sch, fees, 85.00; NCS Pearson, speech, 1519.36; NHills Training Ctr, tuition, 4077.60; NW Pipe, supplies, 169.82; Nutrikids-Heartland, key pad, 305.57; Office Max, supplies, 27.78; Owen's Interstate, supplies/repairs, 2340.13; Pan-O-Gold, food, 2415.40; Parent Teacher Outlet, supplies, 293.50; Permabound, books/quizzes, 4030.02; Pizza Hut, food, 303.90; Quill, supplies, 508.71; R.C. Journal, publish, 241.62; Refuse Solutions, refuse, 954.00; Reinhart Foods, food/supplies, 36440.02; Richters Tire, repairs, 1453.47; Ricoh USA, copier leasing, 1507.00; Robert Brooke & Assoc, repairs, 290.77; Roberts Madie, refund, 43.40; Rockingtree, snow removal, 937.50; Rushmore Office, supplies, 411.23; Sam's Club, food, 387.72; SASD, regis, 1100.00; Scholastic Book Club, supplies, 190.75; Scholastic, books, 383.00; School Mate, planners, 240.00; Sch Specialty Ed, supplies, 97.08; Sch Specialty, supplies, 519.37; SDSH Act Assn, fees/books, 907.00; SD Library Assoc, membership, 45.00; Servall, supplies, 779.72; SHI, program, 102.52; S.F. Schools, tuition, 951.30; Snap On Tools, tools, 220.92; SNA, fee, 2.00; SUI, webinar, 20.00; Stan Houston Equip, equip, 2105.71; Sturgis Bus, busing, 86766.40; Sturgis City, cops prog, 10658.99; Sturgis Napa, supplies, 71.62; Sturgis Utility Dept, water, 2839.00; Subway, food, 80.00; Temper Tech, repairs, 5956.80; Tessier's, repairs, 373.61; Think! Toner, toner, 1160.60; Tie Office, course, 1555.56; Town N Country, gasket, 3.95; Tuxedo Wholesaler, formals, 866.55; Upper Deck Architects, gym, 8210.35; US Foods, food, 2370.05; Van Asma Construction, snow removal/constr, 9953.68; Vanway Trophy, medals, 254.42; Verizon, phones, 92.71; Walmart, supplies, 150.46; Watertree Water, pistons, 201.83; Weierke's Septic, pump, 150.00; Weimer's Diner, food, 54.40; Wellmark BC/BS, premiums/flex, 161370.47; Wells Fargo Remit, supplies/ldg/books, 3046.79; Werlinger Auto Body, repairs, 1887.30; West River Electric, electric, 1049.58; Western Transport, busing, 5388.20; Wex Bank, fuel, 4497.77; Weyer Denise/Cody, rural milk, 101.06; Whitewood City, water, 64.00; Woodstock, bracket, 4.30; Zylstra Body, repairs, 74.95.

Expenditures: Gen Fund, 362528.10; Cap Outlay, 47978.45; Spec Serv 59468.08; Food Serv, 57018.84; Enterprise, 362.14; Total 527355.61. Payroll: Elem, 421808.21; MS, 125365.84; HS, 191569.56; Dist Wide, 272290.51; Spec Serv, 185500.83; Pension, 13370.75; Food Serv, 70332.86; Concessions, 1236.07; Travel, 923.66; Supp, 182.50; Total 1282580.79.

Cash Recap: March 2013, General Fund: Begin Bal, 5600202.01; Petty Cash 100.00; Restricted Cash 98751.09; Cash Change 1000.00; Advance Pymt 15000.00; Cash in Bank 174141.24; Investments PSBK 5311209.68; Investments CD over 90 Days 1006095.59; Transfer In 0.00; Revenue: Local Taxes 189555.26; Other Sources 35811.62; State 424765.00; Federal 87422.73; Other Local Sources 315362.80; Total Revenue 1052917.41; To Be Acct’d For: 6653119.42; Transfer Out 0.00; Expenditures 1259933.31; Ending Bal March 31, 2013: 5393186.11; Petty Cash 100.00; Restricted Cash 98751.83; Cash Change 0.00; Adv Pymt 15000.00; Cash in Bank 356894.38; Investments Savings, 4922439.90; Investments CD over 90 Days 748664.72; Capital Outlay: Begin Bal 1315471.74; Cash in Bank 0.00, Investments PSBK 1315471.74; Transfer In 0.00, Revenue Local Taxes 115817.89; Other Sources 248.39; State 0.00; Federal 0.00; Other Local Sources 123.74; Total Revenue 116190.02; To Be Acct’d For: 1431661.76; Transfer Out: 0.00; Expenditures 23260.07; Ending Bal 1408401.69; Cash in Bank 0.00, Investments Savings 1408401.69; Spec Serv: Begin Bal 418118.02; Cash in Bank 26523.73; Investments PSBK 391594.29; Revenue: Local Taxes 54318.85; Other Sources 116.56; State 34988.00; Federal 49377.00; Other Local Sources 10807.04; Total Revenue 149607.45; To Be Acct’d For 567725.47; Expenditures 217682.77; Ending Bal 350042.70; Cash in Bank 22119.05; Investments Savings 327923.65; Pension Levy: Begin Bal 763238.63; Cash in Bank 0.00; Investments PSBK 763238.63; Revenue Local Taxes 11582.39; Other Sources 25.99; State 0.00; Other Local Sources 66.91; Total Revenue 11675.29; To Be Acct’d For 774913.92; Expenditures 13370.75; Ending Bal 761543.17; Cash in Bank 0.00, Investments Savings 761543.17; Food Service: Begin Bal 143458.20; Cash in Bank 36121.39; Investments PSBK 107336.81; Revenue: State 0.00; Federal 60210.91; Other Sources 59286.18; Total Revenue 119497.09; To Be Acct’d For 262955.29; Expenditures 129852.09; Ending Bal 133103.20; Cash in Bank 65888.15; Investments Savings 67215.05; Enterprise: Begin Bal 46484.29; Cash in Bank 249.00; Investments PSBK 46235.29; Revenue: Federal 0.00; State 0.00; Other Sources 4793.29, Total Revenue 4793.29; To Be Acct’d For 51277.58; Transfer out 0.00, Expenditures 2383.97, Ending Bal 48893.61; Cash in Bank 4312.72, Investments Savings 44580.89; Trust & Agency: Begin Bal 384694.15; Cash in Bank 296096.52; Investments PSBK 26127.59; Investments, CD 62470.04; Revenue Other Sources 33449.94; Total Revenue 33449.94; To Be Acct’d For 418144.09; Expenditures 39202.22; Ending Bal 378941.87; Cash in Bank 289770.29; Investments Savings 26689.61; Investments, CD 62481.97.

Personnel. MOTION by Grinager, seconded by Richter, and carried to approve the following personnel actions:

Contract (Extracurricular): William Carpenter, 7th grade assistant MS football coach, Sturgis Williams Middle School, $1672.00, eff. 2013-14 school year; Jean Karsten, HS Knowledge Bowl coach, Sturgis Brown High School, $968.00, eff. 2013-14 school year.

Retirement (Certificated): Margaret Heckaman, Piedmont Valley Elementary teacher, eff. end of the 2012-13 school year.

Resignations (Certificated): Amber McClure, Sturgis Elementary teacher, eff. end of the 2012-13 school year; Birch Haraden, Sturgis Elementary teacher, eff. end of the 2012-13 school year; Pamela Willoughby, Sturgis Williams Middle School special education teacher, eff. end of the 2012-13 school year; Tye Johnson, Sturgis Williams Middle School special education teacher, eff. end of the 2012-13 school year.

Resignations (Extracurricular): Jenn Aldren, HS assistant cheerleading coach, Sturgis Brown High School, eff. end of the 2012-13 school year; William Carpenter, HS Knowledge Bowl coach, Sturgis Brown High School, eff. end of the 2012-13 school year; Cody King, 7th grade assistant football coach, Sturgis Williams Middle School, eff. end of the 2012-13 school year; Rex Schrock, 8th grade boys basketball coach, Sturgis Williams Middle School, eff. end of the 2012-13 school year.

Change of Assignment (Support Staff): Stacy Hannah, from Sturgis Elementary paraprofessional & playground supervisor to food service general worker, $9.00/hour to $8.50/hour, eff. 3/14/2013.

SDHSAA Resolution. MOTION by Harrington, seconded by Legner, and carried to approve the SDHSAA Resolution authorizing membership and ratifying the Constitution, By-Laws, and rules of the South Dakota High School Activities Association.

Williams Administrative Building Architectural Proposal. MOTION by Burns, seconded by Mack, and carried to approve to table this item until May’s board meeting. Business Manager Brett Burditt received the proposal from Williams & Associates late Monday, April 15th and more time is needed to review the proposal before the Board could approve the contract.

Grunwald Auditorium Entrance Remodel: MOTION by Mack, seconded by Williamson, and carried to approve to reauthorize the bid-letting for the proposed work for the Grunwald Auditorium entrance, since the District was unable to accept bids due to the snowstorm on April 9th. The District will accept bids beginning at 2:00 p.m. on April 26, 2013. Brett Burditt will have a detailed review at the May school board meeting.

Issuance of Employment Contracts for 2013-14. MOTION by Richter, seconded by Burns, and carried to approve the District to issue contracts at last year’s terms and conditions.

Contract with Sturgis Public Library for 2013-14. MOTION by Mack, seconded by Harrington, and carried to approve to not renew the contract with the city for library services. The library services will be handled by the District. The District has had a wonderful working relationship with the library and thanked the library for their valuable service to the District.

Board Policy IGDK “Recognition of Non-School Athletic Organizations”: MOTION by Grinager, seconded by Burns, and carried to approve the policy changes to IGDK “Recognition of Non-School Athletic Organizations.

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Amend 2012-13 School Calendar: MOTION by Burns, seconded by Legner, and carried to approve to amend the 2012-13 school calendar. Friday, May 24th will be the last day of school for students. Teachers will be required to attend school on May 28th and 29th for staff development.

Insurance Renewal: MOTION by Harrington, seconded by Chowen, and carried to approve the insurance renewal with Wellmark.

General Fund Budget for 2013-14. Business Manager Brett Burditt gave an overview of the 2013-14 preliminary general fund budget.

Bus Route Change Requests. The Transportation Committee will meet in early summer to review the five school bus route complaints, suggestions and/or change requests.

School Board Election. Three 3-year terms are open and the school board election has been set for June 4, 2013. Five individuals have filed petitions: Robert Burns, Bryce Richter, Ezra Hays, Amy Ryan Conover, and Curt Nupen.

Employee Health Insurance Benefit for 2013-14. Business Manager Brett Burditt and Superintendent Don Kirkegaard have attended two presentations on the Affordable Health Care Act which takes effect January 1, 2014.

School Security. The paperwork for a school safety grant has been completed and the District will be notified by May 1, 2013 if the grant was successful. An ACAMS security walk-through will be scheduled in the future for all facilities.

Employee Recognition. The Employee Recognition and Retirement Reception is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, 2013 in the SBHS west gym at 5:30 p.m.

TIE Conference. The TIE (Technology and Innovation in Education) Conference is scheduled for April 21-23, 2013 at the Civic Center in Rapid City.

Board Policy Review. The Board will not schedule any specific policy review at this time. There may be several policies that will need to be reviewed as a result of negotiations. The Board will also look at the volunteer background check policy.

Reports. Mike Paris gave the Board an update regarding the Black Hills Conference application and the 2013-14 extracurricular activities schedule.

Board Member Richter reported on recent activities of the Black Hills Special Services Co-op and their ALL-STARS program.

Dennis Chowen and Don Williamson reported on the Sturgis and Piedmont Board of Equalization meetings.

Superintendent Kirkegaard reported that kindergarten and preschool screening is currently going on and numbers look promising for next year’s kindergarten class.

7:37 p.m. Adjournment. MOTION by Chowen, seconded by Mack, and carried to adjourn.

Wanda Blair, President

Brett Burditt, Business Manager

Jill Meirose, Recorder

Published once at the total approximate cost of $149.74.

Published Wed., May 1, 2013

Meade County Times Tribune

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