The mountain lion hunting season in the Black Hills closed Wednesday after 40 lions were reported killed for the 2010 season –- the limit set by the state Department of Game, Fish & Parks.

GF&P reported 24 females and 16 males were harvested this season, which opened Jan. 1 and would have run until March 31 had the season limit not been reached.

The final five lions reported killed Wednesday were three females and two males, killed near Wonderland Cave, Johnson Siding, Harney, Rochford and Sturgis.

The GF&P commission raised the limit in July from 35 in the previous season to 40 total lions for this year’s hunt on the recommendation of state biologists, who also recommended raising the sub-quota of total females that could be killed to 25, up from 15 the previous season. Biologists believe the lion population in the Hills averages about 250 animals annually.

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I myself am not a hunter, but fully support the sport. This fall I had the privelage of scouting for elk with experienced, responsible hunters. It is astonishing the expanse knowledge they have of wildlife. They can tell by looking at tracks what the animal is, how long since it had been there, and how fast it was moving. They stop to appreciate the value of any creature no matter how large or small, whether they are hunting for it or not. For them it is not about the kill, it is about the thrill of the hunt and the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors with the ones they love. It’s a time to teach values and learn the appreciation of this great earth God blessed us with. From the few short days I was able to spend ‘hunting’ and the numerous experiences I have been told I believe responsible hunters have a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for wildlife than those making rash comments against hunting on this page will ever be able to comprehend. Hunters, thank you for your generous contributions towards habitat conservation and good luck on your next hunt!


Id love to see a world without hunters and hunting supporters, you realize its called management for a reason? WMDMIA just curious how much have you personally supported to wildlife conservation and support? ask your neighbor who hunts how much he personally supported last year.. im guessing its more than you have in your lifetime....


It’s not about the kill it’s about the hunt. In fact if you polled the majority of hunters I’m sure many, me included, have spent an immeasurable amount of hours hunting and minimal hours ‘killing’. I believe there is no group of people that have a deeper appreciation for wildlife than hunters. As has been said many times, it’s the hunter’s money that goes to conservation. So GF


For the PETA crowd to whine about hunting in our state is like building next to the train tracks and complaining about the train...What are you thinking? My family eats antelope, 2 deer, pheasant, grouse, duck, geese, no elk this yr and we also enjoy walleye, perch, trout, and I was not able to cat hunt this yr but it is great table fair.I belong to Rocky Mnt Elk, Pheasant Forever, Ducks Unlimited, and also buy licenses and donate deer to the local Hunters for Hunger program..We that enjoy the sport of hunting, fishing and our donations, participation in the outdoors,help ensure future generation will enjoy the wildlife we have today...We wouldn't have some of the species in the Hills if it wasn't for the hunters $$$$. You don't have to participate or like the sport, some day maybe you will enjoy this bounty God has blessed us with, we are the stewards of this land..the major majority of us that hunt really would rather eat wild game, it not only is awesome it good lean protein. I will not pass judgement on your table fair or your cholesterol..


Thank you enuffalready. I have been trying to get that through to people since this "hunting" season started. I have posted all kinds of facts and have researched these animals since I was young but the Elmer Fudds just can't seem to see beyond the edge of their guns.


I guess I'd rather reduce the population to keep the cats fearful of man. You would rather have them free to roam in town. Why did RCPD tell people to stay indoors when the cat was running around Robinsdale? Why did GF and P kill the cat that was in West RC? If your only news source if local, then you are missing the many attacks that take place in other states and areas, like Canada. There is way more to hunting than just the kill. The lion is much harder to get than buying hamburger at the store. One of us is a survivor, the other a dependent. Look at the recent stabbing post today. Person was in a drunken rage. Nothing about being a hunter. Again, it is almost completely hunters who pay for habitat and species long term protection.


to rcdakota Hunting existed out of a need to survive, or add food to the table. Out of this act of survival came the sport of killing to prove skill and bravery. These were warring tribes that used these skills to kill, to prove worthiness as a warrior and as a man. But that act has become warped again into something entirely different. It has purified itself into a more simple act of killing something for the pleasure of doing it. This is what is sick and dangerous to our society as a whole. When we start to believe that our essence as a man is related to this kind of violent act, then we have degraded ourselves to a lower species than the animals we kill.


MIA - Man has been hunting forever. By your statement, hunting has had no previous effect on crime, so I ask when will hunting cause an increase in crime?

Mah - The Journal didn't force you to read the articles or click to leave a comment. If it bothered you that much, you wouldn't have done so. So what will you do now that there aren't any articles in the future?

enuff - careful who you call uneducated. How do mother lions teach their young "how to hunt"? Are they riding along on mom's back? As for the rest of your information, please do a little more reading of literature and fewer internet searches.

Glad to see the Journal got the quota updated from the 37 last night.


WMDMIA there you go overstating things again. You live in the hunting capitol of the United States. If your statements were true we'd be having mass muder on a weekly basis. If you look at the violent acts commited almost all are drug/alcohol/gang related. Oddly these are the same reasons for family violence. If teaching responsible gun ownership to your child leads to violence, then teaching your child karate would also lead to violence. Can't say I have heard of a 14 year old black belt murdering his parents. I am sure the chef who got attacked downtown last year was glad he was able to defend himself. Don't confuse legal activites where rules are followed against illegal activities.


People who love to kill for sport have a sickness that will, given time migrate into crimes against their own, such as child abuse, spouse abuse and other kinds of violence in general.

Mahpiya Ska

I agree with PPLRcrazy, I don't have to see the daily count on killed mtn Lions. Having a hunting season for lions does not impress me at all. But, i guess it's another one of man's quest to boost his ego and need to demonstrate his dominance over the lower food chain. Pride and ego should be scaled back too - but I guess they don't have a season for that.


WOW, more uneducated people about mountain lions than I care to mention.

For one, mountain lions come into towns to kill domesticated animals and scrounge through rubbish because they have not spent the time needed with their mothers. A mountain lion cub stays with it's mother until 18 months of age. It is from 9-18 months that a juvenile learns it's hunting skills from it's mother. It learns where to hunt and WHAT to hunt and what to stay away from, aka inner cities and towns where there is more of a threat to it's life. It is when the hunters kill the mothers that have juvenile cubs that causes the problenms of them coming into towns. These juveniles are left to fend for themselves not knowing what to do and are starving and desperate. This is why they take your precious puppy and kitty and even a human. Which is EXTRMELY rare. Fear mongering has made it seems as if it a daily occurrence.

And I do not believe for one minute that there is a continual "supply" of 250 mountain lions every year. A female moutnain lion breeds only 3 or 4 times in it's ENTIRE life which is 12 years. And does not have her first litter until 2 1/2 years of age. They are a slow reproducing animal simply because the mothers are hands on for the first 1 1/2 years of their life and will not breed again until the litter has left before coming into heat. Again this is more fear tactics from the 'powers that be' in order to keep the seasons open, plus increase the population of deer and other prey these animals thrive on. I guess I may be the only one that sees it for what it is, a way for the state to make more money from hunters and has nothing to do with preservation or safety. Increase the deer and antelope population, say 'come one come all, we have too many' and bingo more funds. Everything is done with an ulterior motive plain and simple especially in politics, and this is a political issue, bottom line.

I am not a liberal or a tree hugger or one that thinks let nature fix it, but this is a species that is vital to the ecosystem. When we get involed and try to fix it ourselves, we screw it up worse than it already is. Nature always finds a way, and we cannot defeat nature. Nature will defeat us everytime.


People who love to kill for sport have a sickness that will, given time migrate into crimes against their own, such as child abuse, spouse abuse and other kinds of violence in general.


I took today off so I could go lion hunting. Now I can't. So 5 got taken the last day of the season? Amazing. Probably way more lions than the 250 initially stated by GF and P. Last year I think the total was 35 by hunters and another 27 by cars, in town, ranchers, or other reasons. I am guessing this year is the same. Guess I am going to trade my lion call in for a turkey call now. Sure wish I could get a city permit to hunt turkeys in town.


James,James,,James,,,, If hunters can harvest 40 in that short period of time without the aid of dogs,, the cats must not be doing a real good job of "self-regulating".


Thank goodness I don't have to read about the slaughter daily anymore! And by the way Rush...I really don't think you know my medical record...


Another reason to regulate the mountain lions is because they're coming into town because they're food source(s) is/are becoming scarce (due to overpopulation of similar predators). They're venturing into town, looking for food (in my back yard IN city limits-NOT out in the hills) causing issues with residents or getting killed (hit by car, etc).

Rush Mountmore
Rush Mountmore

It's sort of funny that those who shout "let nature fix it", are the first to show up for vaccinations and antibiotics to fix their owwies.

That is "funny" as in "ha ha" and not in funny "strange".

Palin Rocks

james-they weren't self-regulating enough, began to kill domesticated animals and become a threat to humans. and it is "play God". we did let nature takes its course. man being an animal just like mountain lions, used their skills to protect their own. it is nature.


I think its interesting how people want to "manage" wildlife in order to control population. From what I understand, mountain lions are territorial and nonsocial, and therefore a self-regulating species (in terms of population). I guess I don't understand the need to "play god" when in reality, we should let nature should take its course.


Journal - Please re check the website SEASON CLOSED

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