A fast-moving fire on the Pine Ridge reservation Friday afternoon wiped out at least two structures and forced evacuations of several reservation communities as it spread to more than 10,000 acres in two hours.

The fire, which began at 5:18 p.m., burned northwest of Pine Ridge village and was heading toward the Oglala district Friday evening, according to a news release from the Oglala Sioux Tribe president's office. Residents of the Slim Buttes, Calico, Tobacco, Number 4 Payabaya, Lakeside and Oglala communities were ordered to evacuate Friday evening as the fire reached 11,520 acres.

KILI radio would broadcast updates on the fire to listeners, said Oglala Sioux Tribe President John Yellow Bird Steele in a news release.

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first american

yes thanks for all the help all the Tribal police Highway Patrol BIA fire fights and also hospital security they were out there assisting


Just SO glad its out. Thankyou to the Fire fighters who came to Oglala to help. Much Thankyous to the OST Law Enforcement and the South Dakota Highway Patrol for being true professionals and evacuating people with CALM. Was done fast and Professional. You guys are all awesome. Thankyou to all who did what needed to be done and did it fast. We listened to the Radio and they sure kept us informed. Doesnt matter where the fire came from. Just so glad their are true Professionals who did their jobs and I am Proud of all of you. Wopila from the Morrison and Crow family.


Regardless if it is or not the fact of the matter is it needs to be put out. Is it not a fire?


Why is this reported as a separate fire. This is the fire that came from Nebraska is it not?


fantastic job Pine Ridge Fire Fighters...i just wished Nebraska would called on you guys earlier ..talk about a controlled fire...haha...

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