BISMARCK, N.D. | McLean County Sheriff Don Charging said he will meet with Underwood officials and residents to talk about two white supremacists from Leith who are trying to buy property a block off Main Street in Underwood with money raised by other white supremacists.

Kynan Dutton and Deborah Henderson, associates of jailed neo-Nazi Craig Cobb, apparently are buying a small house in Underwood with help from the Pioneer Little Europe movement, an experiment in communities populated by people of white European descent.

Posts on a Pioneer Little Europe website thread ask for donations for “DH and her three children” for “a target home … which meets (our) beach heading in North Dakota for future settlers.”

The poster, Atlee Yarrow, a white supremacist from Florida and former failed gubernatorial candidate, says, “The faster PLE supporters can help pay this off, the faster PLE supporters can target the next home to buy or build.” He said he would make an exception and take cash in this case.

Yarrow’s posts were dated as recently as late January, shortly after Dutton got out of jail.

Dutton was arrested along with Cobb on seven charges of terrorizing Leith residents after the two carried long-barreled guns around the tiny town and confronted residents. He was released on a plea deal four weeks ago and moved to Underwood, where Henderson and her three children went after leaving Leith. Cobb remains in jail.

Charging said he will be in Underwood on March 4 to answer any law enforcement questions and has invited McLean County State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson in case there are legal ones.

Underwood City Auditor Diane Schell said she contacted the sheriff after hearing from a citizen about the couple.

Charging said his office hasn’t had any complaints or problems with the pair since they have been in Underwood, first in an apartment and now in the house they plan to buy.

Lisa and Jamie Auck of Underwood say they have personal concerns about the situation, partly because a family member owns the house that Dutton and Henderson are renting with plans to buy.

Jamie Auck said he thinks Dutton and Henderson are “quietly trying to do what they did in Leith. I just don’t feel they’re being honest.”

The family member who owns the property refused an interview.

Neither Dutton nor Henderson returned messages left by the Tribune. Nor did Yarrow.

Lisa Auck said she feels the community should know the connections of Henderson, Dutton and the idea of a “beach head” in Underwood. “I feel like we have to stand for what’s right, even if we have to stand alone,” she said.

Jamie Auck said, “Our goal is not to chase them away; our goal is the truth. If they’re (Henderson and Dutton) really changing their ways, why are there links and fundraising on websites that are hurtful to people and don’t represent our values?”

The post said the couple need $3,000 to make the down payment for the house and then pay $1,000 a month for four years.

Yarrow supplies a Jacksonsville, Fla., post office box for donations.

I am the online editor at the Rapid City Journal.

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People shouldn't be harassing others like this. Let them buy property if they can afford to purchase it. Just like Illegals are being allowed into America... If you're going to allow that to happen. Stop harassing other Legal American people. -_- These people haven't harmed you one single bit. And no, I am no supremacist. I am however an American who is very sick and tired of people picking and choosing who can and cannot be here in America. Knock off this garbage. Live and Let Live.

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