Everybody was smiling Friday night at the halftime of the Belle Fourche High School Football game when J.D. Young tossed a foam football 35 yards through the window of a big Dodge pickup — and won the vehicle.

The "Dodge for a Dollar" project of the Belle Fourche Purple Pride program during football season sells tickets for a dollar toward a chance to toss the ball at an open driver's window of a pickup truck.

Many tried. A few came close.

Young's toss went bobbled through the window for the win.

Add to that, the Broncs won their game with Lead-Deadwood.

Purple Pride is a partnership with Belle Fourche business and the school district to support academic, athletic programs and the arts.

It came about as the South Dakota Legislature cut state aid to K-12 education and the local schools were faced with cutting many of the school's "add-ons" for education across the board.

The group combined parents, businesses and the district to help cover some of those programs.

Besides helping with the district's special opportunities for students, Purple Pride also provides a scholarship fund for students who volunteer at least 10 hours of public service - a lesson in giving back to their community.

Susan Peterson is the president of Purple Pride and Scott Peterson and Scott Peterson Motors are on board for the program. That's where the big Dodge pickup originated.

Scott said, "It's about time we gave it away."

Young, a Belle Fourche High School grad, has been active on the BFHS coaching staff and is also a committee member for Purple Pride.


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