The DC, Inc. crew has been installing pipeline and tanks this week for Ronda Cordell. Mike Pacetti made a trip to Belle Fourche for PVC on Tuesday, while Clint Zolnoski and Ronda marked tank sites on the old Bergstrom place. Ronda made a business trip to Ekalaka that afternoon. On Wednesday, Ronda went to Buffalo for an appointment. On the way home she stopped by Zolnoski’s, and Denise and Darby went with her into the Hills to check cattle. On Thursday, Ronda went to Spearfish to attend a funeral. Clint Denise and Darby went to Hulett to pick up tire tanks. Jim Foley and Braxton Brown from Missoula stopped by on Friday. They are camping in the hills and bow hunting. They came on Saturday to use Ronda’s land-line phone. They had lost a cell phone in the hills and wanted to call the company to see if it could be tracked some way. Out here the answer was, “No they couldn’t.” They came again on Sunday to say they had retraced the path they had taken previously and were lucky enough to have found the phone; a little like looking for a needle in a haystack. That afternoon, Ronda went to Lowell Cordell’s to dig a bucket of potatoes. Though the ground was hard as concrete, it didn’t take long to get a 5 gallon pail full. Ronda told Lowell that the ground was so hard they couldn’t grow much below the surface, so they didn’t have to dig down very much.

Erma Albert has been having a great trip to Washington DC and Gettysburg. There is so much history and so many things to see. This week Dick took her vehicle to Belle to be serviced and then took it over to Tim Roberts for new tires. Dick will get the house all straightened before he goes to get Erma at the airport this week.

Pete Anderson stayed close to home this week. He went to church and had lunch at the Corner Café on Sunday. The day began with lots of smoke.

Alvin and Marlee Cordell went to the Argaylon King funeral in Ekalaka on Thursday. Alvin spent time moving cows. Then bow hunters came from Minnesota this week.

On Friday, Lynn Gustafson baked a cake for Pete Anderson’s birthday, and they had their own private party for him. Charlie Odell had visited the day before to inspect some bulls. Jane Teigen came on Sunday to pick some wild plums from the tree that was full of fruit.

Justin Kerr had a nice shower on Thursday of .15 inches. It had rained even more to the west. Shawna and the girls had come home on Friday morning and Marion was out for the weekend, too. Justin had been on the lookout for fires because with all that smoke it would be hard to notice a small local fire.

Junior and Shirley Melum went to Bowman on Monday. On Sunday, they got up to a tangerine colored sun and lots of smoke moving in from the west like fog. Later in the day the wind cleared it out. They had heard of a fire between Broadus and Alzada. Others fires were south of Ashland and at Sheridan.

Donna Lewis had gotten only a sprinkle when Justin Kerr got rain. Someone reported that Higgins’s had gotten an even better shower of over half-inch. Donna has gotten two miniature potbellied pigs that are house broke and great pets. Her daughter, Wendy, will come up to take them home with her sometime in the future. Derek’s wife, Michelle and three daughters came out to the ranch on Sunday to visit. They took soil and manure samples. The girls put the halters on the pigs and took them for a walk. The pigs have a special diet of oatmeal, rice, vegetables and fruit to keep them from getting too fat. Bowling begins for Donna again this week in Baker on Thursday. Lee’s cousin in Goldendale, WA has been keeping track of the many fires in MT; especially those in Carter County.

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Dr. Beck from Baker came out to the Padden Ranch on Monday to ultra-sound heifers. On Sunday, Dorothy Padden went to Buffalo and enjoyed watching the Soap Box Derby competition. Dorothy has been busy this week canning tomatoes and apples. Her garden was not bad even with the dry hot summer.

Gene and Carol Odell had spent some time in Rapid City. This weekend, Carol’s sister, Nora and Barry Bergan, came for a visit. Chancey came out to visit with the group and Megan Reedy came to visit on Sunday.

Micki Odell was driving down a street in Tacoma, Washington when she noticed that the car in the lane beside her had a 42 Montana license plate. Well that was just too interesting, so when the car turned into a store parking lot, she followed and discovered the man was Cy Pilarski, a friend of Lu Strangford. Lu called Karen afterward to discuss the Carter County meeting on the west coast and other subjects like kittens. Karen gave the county road mower a ride back to his pick-up. It was a hot day and he had covered lots of ground. It would have been the hike of a few miles for Lindy, if traffic had been slow, but he usually can count on one vehicle coming along maybe once every hour in the afternoon. So he left his tractor and rode back to drive his pick-up ahead. Don’t know how he got things to meet up. Karen went home to make Welsh Cakes. It seems that everyone likes them; even Irishmen, Frenchmen, Germans, Englishmen, and Norwegians; so they are a good gift. Charlie Odell made a trip to Belle Fourche and Spearfish on Monday. He inspected cows for Ivan Teigen and Paddens on Wednesday. He inspected bulls for Captiol LLC on Thursday. Then on Saturday he got salt and groceries in Buffalo. He and Karen had lunch at the Over The Edge on Sunday. That afternoon Lonnie and Lisa Koranda came out for a visit and Lisa enjoyed holding and making friends with many of the different colored kittens.

The early morning sun was fire colored and smoke rolled into the river valley and up the draws giving people the feeling that the fires were just over the hill. The air was thick with the smell of fire until noon. The winds picked up and by evening the smoke had blown away, toward the east. Gordon and Lil Odell were camped at the Horse Camp in Sturgis for the weekend and the smoke had moved in that direction to settle over the northern hills. Montana fights fire after fire, while Texas continues to rescue flood victims. Sure glad we don’t have a solar eclipse more often.

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