Erma Albert got home on Wednesday. She had gone first to Utah to visit a friend that had moved there from Boxelder. Then the two of them went touring. They visited Gettysburg Battlefield and the museum there. They went on to Washington DC and saw many of the monuments and museums there. They saw the many war memorials and visited Arlington National Cemetery. Erma saw the burial site of Audie Murphy; the great war hero that later became a movie star. Their flight home was three hours delayed in Washington because of the storm that had come up the coast. Erma missed her connecting flight and had to stay over in Minneapolis, so she was a day late for Dick to pick her up. It was good to get home, but the trip was so interesting and lots of fun it was worth the jet lag.

Bruce and Lynn Gustafson spent the week working cows. Lynn went to town with Jane Teigen on Wednesday. They did errands and picked up some horse medicine. Craig Nelson came on Saturday and helped work calves. They spent Labor Day at home. Friday, Saturday and Sunday brought lots of smoke from the fires to the west.

Justin Kerr went to the Forest Service Planning meeting in Camp Crook on Thursday.

Donna Lewis went bowling in Baker on Thursday. Her daughter, Wanda, is the one that may adopt her two miniature potbellied pigs. She has been checking water for the cows. The smoke rolled in and covered the area, especially in the lower draws. The sun was bright red on Sunday evening, and Donna is still hoping for rain soon.

Alvin and Marlee Cordell went to Ekalaka on Tuesday for the funeral of her aunt, Celia Yates. On Wednesday, Denin Cheguis took a load of bulls to Belle Fourche. Alvin had hunters during the beginning of the week. Denin went to Miles City on Friday to get a load of posts.

Carol Odell’s sister, Donna and Steve Mattson came early Saturday to visit Carol and Gene for the weekend. Chancey Odell and Megan Reedy were out now and then during the weekend, too.

Dorothy Padden went to Ekalaka on Tuesday for the Celia Yates funeral. On Friday, she and Dawn went in to Camp Crook School for Grandparents Day. Dorothy is still using up her garden produce. She had been making salsa and spaghetti sauce and still had tomatoes enough to give some to BJ’s and Kelly’s families. Bryce and Dawn went to Buffalo for the junior high football game on Tuesday. Dawn ‘s nephews, Turner and Tucker Tooke, were playing for Ekalaka. Friday on Grandparents Day, there was a problem. They were invited to two different schools at the same time. It was a good thing that the Ludlow school went in to Buffalo to celebrate the day. Bryce went to Buffalo to be with those grandkids while Dawn took Dorothy in to Camp Crook School. BJ has begun working at the school as an Aide, and the kids were delighted when he told them that his Grandma would be there, too. On Saturday, Dawn went with her sister Nita Loken to Custer for the triathlon. It was chilly when Dawn started handing out water to her sister along the way, but the day warmed up. On Sunday, Dawn was asked to go along to the Berg place to open gates. There have been problems with water and not enough wind for the windmill. The cows broke the bottom out of an empty tank, so things are going as usual. Smoke moved in for three days and on Sunday, the smell of the forest fires seemed too close to home.

Charlie and Karen Odell went over to Buffalo for the Labor Day parade and stayed for the barbeque afterward. They got to visit with friends and enjoy the cool day. On Tuesday, Karen took Charlie to Ft Meade to have a cyst drained. The cyst keeps coming back after the bull attack a few years ago. On Wednesday, Charlie inspected Bulls for Billy Roadifer. Then he inspected heifers for Tim Schell the next day. He and Karen went in to Camp Crook for the Forest Service Planning Meeting that afternoon. Charlie got to visit with Kim Reed. Kim and Charlie had both worked in Range for many years on the Custer Forest. Karen took Charlie back to Ft Meade for another doctor’s procedure on Friday and afterward they visited with Steve Odell at McDonalds. Charlie went to the Coyle sale in Buffalo on Saturday. He had made some visits to walk Jenna this week, too. Karen walked her own dogs, and put up some log siding. On Sunday they went to the Methodist Church and then to the Over The Edge for the great Sunday specials.

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On Monday morning hunters came by Ronda Cordell’s as she was getting ready to leave for the Labor Day parade. Two came to let Ronda know they were headed back to Missoula. Another came from the Long Pines to ask permission to follow the trail of an elk he had hit. Ronda made it to Buffalo just in time for the parade. She stayed for the delicious barbeque. The cooks did an excellent do on the meat. Ronda left early on Tuesday to take Angel to the vet. She had not been herself since Friday and seemed to be getting worse. Ronda had no luck contacting vets over the Labor Day holiday. Angel had emergency surgery and had to stay overnight. Ronda went back to get her on Wednesday afternoon. She stopped on Highway 323 to help a woman with Texas plates that had ruined a tire. Ronda was having trouble getting the lugs loose, so she called Higgins’s to see if someone was available to help. They relayed the message and Courtney, who called back just as Ronda got the lugs loose. The lady said, “I sat behind you in American History.” The two were both very surprised to meet again out in the middle of nowhere. They had not seen each other since graduation in 1970. She was Judy Hanson and had just come from spending some time at Alvin and Marlee Cordell’s.

Clint, Denise and Darby Zolnoski drove to Miles City so Clint could renew his driver’s license on Wednesday. Diane Wear helped Ronda pick the few tomatoes that were left in the garden after whitetail deer had gotten in. They also picked the squash and beets that would be the deer’s next delicacy. On Thursday, the deer had already eaten the cucumber vines. They should have gotten the tomatoes then. As dry as it is the deer are looking for anything green. On Sunday, Ronda joined Clint, Denise, and Darby for lunch. Curt Zolnoski came out from Rapid City and helped Clint work on house projects.

The smoke moved in again on Sunday, making it hard on people with asthma or allergies. Everybody is praying for rain here while the east coast is having another hurricane. Wish we had a water pipeline to Texas or Florida.

A guy told his wife, “If I die first, I want you to immediately get rid of all my things. I know you’ll marry again and I don’t want some other jerk messing with my things.” She answered, “What makes you think I’d marry another jerk?”

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