More than 7,000 plastic eggs are filled with coins and cash to be ready for the 10 a.m., Saturday, March 23, Center of the Nation Business Association's Easter Egg Hunt at the Roundup Grounds Sports Complex ball fields.

When the whistle blows at 10 a.m., it's every kid for him or herself looking for the bright plastic eggs. Except for the earliest age group, youngsters often have the field picked clean of eggs within two to four minutes.

Parents are advised to have their youngsters at the field early since it takes a while to get the younger munchkins to the proper fields for their egg hunt.

Those plastic eggs were stuffed with coins and candy Tuesday. Daisy Girl Scouts and Born to Ride 4-H Club members were among volunteers working to prepare for the big event.

Stacey Raisanen said this year the eggs were filled with funding from CONBA members and city support - but volunteers were needed to help with Saturday's egg hunt.

"We could use a half dozen more volunteers on the field Saturday morning of the 23rd," she said.

The volunteers help stage parents and the younger set for the 10 a.m. "go," as well as to make sure everybody knows the rules for different age groups.

Different age groups do their hunts on different fields. The age groups include 0 through 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, and 9 and 10.

Volunteers to help at the ball fields may call Raisanen at 892-0900.

Raisanen said the hunt will go on regardless of uncomfortable weather, "but in the event of really nasty weather, not just a snowfall but a no-travel-advised type of weather, we will hold the hunt on Saturday, March 30 at the same time."

Forecasts for March 23 indicated it could be at about the freezing mark on the thermometer at 10 a.m. Since children may be in the weather for roughly half an hour, warm clothing and good footwear is usually recommended.

Work was scheduled to begin on egg-stuffing March 19 at the AmericInn meeting room.



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