June 7 through June 13

235 calls for service and 70 traffic stops

Belle Fourche Police Department Custodial Arrests: These boys went to jail.

Jesse Dale Udager, 19, of Nisland was arrested and charged with ingesting a substance other than alcohol to become intoxicated and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wyatt Nathaniel Sather, 18, of Belle Fourche was arrested and charged with obstructing law enforcement and under age consumption of alcohol.

Darrell Wayne Watters, 36, of Black Hawk was arrested on two Pennington County Arrest Warrants.

Belle Fourche Police Department non-custodial Arrests: These people got a ticket.

Robert Vilhauer, 21, of Belle Fourche was issued a citation for petty theft, less than $400.

Evelyn Irene Horner, 57, of Belle Fourche was issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

Wyatt Garrit Hix, 29, of Belle Fourche was issued a citation for exhibition driving.

Sammi Jo Newman, 33, of Belle Fourche was issued a citation for stop sign violation and no proof of insurance.

Francisco Martinez, 28, of Belle Fourche was issued a citation for driving without a driver license.

Johnette L. Jablonsky, 19, of North Dakota was issued a citation for driving without a driver license.

Chase Anthony Gatto, 20, of Belle Fourche was issued a citation for driving without a driver license.

Of the 235 calls for service, here are some to share:

Locking your doors is the best preventative action for vehicle burglaries. I have been responding to and investigating vehicle burglaries since I started my career in Law Enforcement in 2005. During this time, I have not investigated a vehicle burglary that involved someone breaking into a vehicle. The vehicle is either unlocked or locked with a window rolled down a little. Both types of burglaries occurred in Belle Fourche throughout the past week. So lock it up.

On that note, the best prevention against getting your vehicle stolen is to pay your bill. I have responded to both but the prime cause of stolen vehicles is repossession. Vehicle owners are given notice that their vehicles will be repossessed but they seem to forget this when they return from somewhere and their vehicle is not where they left it.

I love it when neighbors take the time to talk to each other. The majority of the time communication between neighbors (when done effectively) prevents the cops from being called for minor infringement, such as barking dogs. With this being said, if your neighbors tell you your dog barks all day and you do not fix the problem, do not be surprised when they call the cops, 'cause you cannot respect your neighbor enough to shut your dog up.

Bobby and Malcolm were hanging out with several of their friends at the park when they decided to go for a ride. There was not enough room for everyone to ride inside the vehicle so instead of some of them staying behind they all climbed into the car. They found this very crowded and uncomfortable. Two of the girls that were with Bobby and Malcolm volunteered to ride in the trunk of the car! Is anyone surprised that they had headaches the next day? I would say they are lucky the driver did not get into a crash.

As if riding in the trunk of a car is not bad enough, Sassy, Swampy, and Max were cruising down the highway when Max decided it would be fun to ride on top of the vehicle! While the vehicle was traveling over 50 mph, Max crawled out of the vehicle and rode on top of the car. There was an angel watching over them because somehow he managed to hold on and not get himself killed. Needless to say, there will be some teen drivers who will be wearing in their walking shoes this summer.

Harley was cleaning out his pickup when his stomach sunk. Harley came upon the realization there could be a warrant for his arrest. Harley found his copy of a citation that was issued to him in February of 2012. Harley could not remember if he had paid the ticket or not. He made a quick call to dispatch who help ease his fret by informing him there was not a warrant at this time. Dispatch suggested he contact the clerk of courts in the morning to make sure the citation had been taken care of.

I experienced a similar sunken stomach feeling this week when I realized that change would be coming to our department.

Chief Rob Hansen announced that he would be retiring from law enforcement. Once the news sunk in I realized that everything was going to be ok. It was going to be ok because of the structure that Chief Hansen has created for this department. Chief Hansen is not leaving without a plan. He has worked too hard to create the best department in the state, to leave without knowing we will continue to prosper.

I remember the first time I met Chief Hansen; he was wearing a wedding dress! Chief Hansen was about to jump into freezing cold water at the 2012 Special Olympic Polar Plunge. I did not know much about him at that time, but I was impressed that nearly the entire police department was participating in this charity event. It takes a strong leader to get a bunch of male cops to wear formal dresses and jump into freezing cold water. Along with the Polar Plunge Chief Hansen and his officers created holiday meal baskets for working families. Officers distributed the baskets to those who were a bit down and out for one reason or another.

I know this decision was not easy for Chief Hansen: he loves what he does and he cares about our community. I am proud to be a part of the police department Chief Hansen has created. Thank you, Chief Rob Hansen.


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