What's that old pitcher and washbasin set worth?

People in the Northern Hills and the Tri-State area around Belle Fourche can learn more about their antiques, and have them appraised at the Belle Fourche Tri-State Museum's First Saturday program beginning at 10 a.m. Sept. 7.

Because so much time and area at the museum is involved in the appraisals, there will be coffee and cookies available but not the regular Friends of the Museum brunch.

The appraisals themselves will run from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Appraisals can include jewelry and accessories, Indian artifacts, old books, Bibles and watches, quilts, glassware, art glass and porcelain, kitchen tools and household items, and western, Belle Fourche items and firearms.

The format will be similar to television's Antique Road Show.

There is no charge for the program or appraisals of antiques.

Sheila Frost of the Belle Fourche Questers said it's an opportunity for people to discover more about vintage items they've stored in that back room, or inherited and put on a shelf to remember a long-gone relative.

There will be six appraisers on hand to help area residents evaluate and value their heirlooms.

Frost said each of the appraisers is a professional in the type of items they will be examining.

The Questers are an international group involved in collecting antique items and historic preservation. They offered a similar program several years ago at the museum.

Belle Fourche Questers are a relatively new local organization. They have been instrumental in upgrades at the Johnny Spaulding Cabin on the museum property.

Frost said everyone is invited to bring those heirlooms.

She said it's exciting to discover if the item is a rare and expensive antique or a priceless family treasure that may not have a high dollar value, but may have traveled thousands of miles to the Northern Hills.

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