Managing a mile-long parade is no easy task, but Heidi Woelber and her volunteer crew had hundreds of entries lined up and started on time.

Then it rained.

Volunteers kept announcing the entries throughout the parade regardless of precipitation, and parade entries may have covered some of their more fancy or expensive displays, but the show continued.

Drought conditions in the Tri-State area meant smiles for most on the parade route even if they ended up soaked by precipitation that apparently hit as much as a half inch along the route.

Moisture means good conditions as agriculture recovers from several drought years.

This year's parade featured World War II and Korean War veterans on special floats. Veterans of other conflicts and military eras rode other floats in the parade. Marine Corps League provided the color guard that led the parade.

Also different this year was that the timing of the parade and the 50th Roundup-hosted Miss Rodeo South Dakota pageant allowed all senior and junior contestants to ride in the parade.

Miss Rodeo title holders past and present from other states also joined in the parade.

One entry most may not have noticed was a Butte County cowgirl on a horse that moved and behaved well.

It was former Miss Rodeo U.S.A. Trisha Smeenk on her wild horse training competition project. She had only six weeks with the animal where she is training it in Oklahoma. She's a Newell High School grad, daughter of Greg and Sherry Smeenk of Belle Fourche and sister of the reigning Miss Rodeo Florida Jenna Smeenk.

Other entries included the Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls and as many former Roundup Committee chairmen as could be in town for the event this year.


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