BELLE FOURCHE | Police don't want sex offender William Duncan to even get close to children.

So when Duncan tried to move from a rural area into central Belle Fourche this week, he was almost immediately told by police that he had to move back out into the country because his new residence was too close to a school.

Duncan was sentenced in December of 1994 in Lawrence County on two counts of sexual contact with a child younger than 16. He was released from prison last summer and had been living at the outskirts of Belle Fourche since then.

But when he registered with police Wednesday on his intentions to move into a residential area in town, police investigated and quickly told him Thursday that his new residence did not comply with the law and that he would have to leave.

Belle Fourche Police Chief Rob Hansen said police checked the distance of the in-town residence from schools. The residence did not meet the legal safety zone separating a registered sex offender from any sort of operating school by at least 500 feet.

Duncan, who was 64 when he was released from prison last summer, was deemed a high risk to re-offend because he refused sex-offender treatment in prison and was evasive about where he intended to settle after his release.

Hansen said Duncan was cooperative with officers and said Duncan informally said he would return to the house at the edge of town.

The chief added, "I will not put up with violations by sex offenders."

Hansen said the police department, Butte County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement regularly check on sex offenders registered in the community. As of Thursday, 20 sex offenders were listed as living in or at the edge of Belle Fourche.


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He did not try to move into belle fourche this week, he has lived in that residence for the last two months. He did not live close to a school, he lived close to a daycare/preshcool in the basement of a church. He did not register with police on wednesday, it just took them 2 months to realize that he was that close to this "school". When he did register 2 months ago they said the residence was fine. I do not know who got the facts in this story mixed up, but I do the maintenance for the company he rented from and I know how long he has been there. He was registered at that residence for two months. Another BFPD Fail!


If he was such a high risk to put back out on the streets, why was he released?


Certainly you understand that you cannot be prosecuted BEFORE you commit a crime or because someone or even a group believe you will reoffend? Everyone must be released when they have served their sentence.

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