The Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center will host a free interpretive talk to highlight the difference between the ancient bison and the modern bison Friday at 7 p.m. at the Soldier Creek Campground picnic shelter at Fort Robinson State Park (park permit required). Hudson-Meng Park Ranger Robyn Cloughley will be presenting “Locking Horns: The Story of the Bison Skull Evolution”.

Over the centuries, the bison’s horns have changed in volume, shape and length. Because of these changes, researchers are able to gain insight into bison behavior in differing environments.

“I had no idea that the size, shape, orientation and placement of bison horns was related to environmental changes and herd dynamics,” said Elizabeth Borucki, GeoCorps intern. “Their horns have acted as clues about their behaviors and history throughout their evolution, and their bodies have really reflected that.”