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Scholastic Day

Mary Kasten, left, and Reagan Williams, both of Potter-Dix High School, in the Escape Room activity during the annual Chadron State College Scholastic Day Contest Friday, April 6, 2018, in the Student Center.

(Photo by Tena L. Cook/Chadron State College)

Winter weather decreased attendance at the annual Scholastic Day Contest to nine high schools from 42 and 177 students from the nearly 1,150 that were expected.

Each senior who won first place in an exam received a Scholastic Achievement Award for in-state tuition to CSC for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters.

The winners of each test will receive a CSC sweatshirt and medals will be awarded to the top three students in each test. Those finishing in the top 25 percent of each test will receive certificates of merit while all participants will receive certificates of participation.

Clubs and departments provided numerous activities such as an escape room, an open mic and concert for students while they were not taking tests.

No schools competed in Divisions I or II. Final results can be viewed online.

School Placings:

Division III

Chadron, 1

Gordon-Rushville, 2

Division IV

Crawford, 1

West Holt, 2

Potter-Dix, 3

Division V

Hay Springs, 1

Edgemont, 2

Creek Valley, 3

Pine Ridge Job Corps, 4

Individual Placings for area students were as follows:

Accounting: Teresa Gottwald, Chadron, 1; Dana Dunbar, Chadron, 2

Advanced Math: Coy Bila, Chadron, 1; Caleb Hill, Chadron, 2

American History: Abby Hyer, Chadron, 1; Jay Milburn, Chadron, 2; Hunter Letcher, Hay Springs, 2

Business Management Decision Making: Trysha Brierly, Chadron, 1; Abigail Gardner, Chadron, 2

Earth Science: Hannah Walker, Chadron, 1; Trent Reed, Hay Springs, 2

Flash Fiction: Ashley Burrows, Hay Springs, 1

General Science: Hanna meier, Chadron, 1

Human Development and Family Life: Chance Nuno, Chadron, 1

Photojournalism: Braeley Welling, Crawford, 2

Psychology: Kaylie Elliott, Chadron, 1; Spenser Didier, Crawford, 2

Vet Science: Cameron DeNovellis, Chadron, 1; Austin Kennedy, Crawford, 2

Agronomy and Rangeland Management: Jon Vahrenkamp, Chadron, 1

Business Communications and Vocab: Teresa Gottwald, Chadron, 1

General Anatomy and Physiology: Emma Roberts, Hay Springs, 1; Coy Bila, Chadron, 3

Literature: Alpine Hickstein, Chadron, 1

Music: Ian Meng, Gordon-Rushville, 1; Payton Schoenhals, Hay Springs, 2

Nutrition and Family Health: Kaelob Marx, Hay Springs, 1; Zachary Carattini, Chadron, 2

Plane Geometry: Trent Reed, Hay Springs, 1

Simulated News Reporting: Dennis Vogl, Crawford, 1; Lonnie Johnson, Pine Ridge Job Corps, 2

Teaching Presentation: Kat Dodd, Chadron, 1

Trigonometry: Mark Taylor, Chadron, 1; Joclyn Staman, Crawford, 2

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World History: Hunter Letcher, Hay Springs, 1; Jay Milburn, Chadron, 2; Chance Nuno, Chadron, 3

Business Law: Abigail Gardner, Chadron, 1; David Lopez, Pine Ridge Job Corps, 2

Chemistry: Coy Bila, Chadron, 1; Spencer Jones, Crawford, 2

Consumer Issues: Alpine Hickstein, Chadron, 1

English Usage: Sam Rischling, Chadron, 1; James Kriz, Crawford, 2; Kat Dodd, Chadron, 3

Equine Management: Hannah Walker, Chadron, 2

General Biology: Hunter Parks, Chadron, 1; Jacob Roberts, Hay Springs, 2

Nebraska History: Harun Salad, Pine Ridge Job Corps, 1; JashwaAlan Cumings, Chadron, 1; Hannah Lemmon, Crawford, 3

Personal Finance: Thomas Scherbarth, Hay Springs, 3

Physical Education and Sports Knowledge: Nick Wordekemper, Chadron, 3

Physics: Caleb Hill, Chadron, 1; Abby Hyer, Chadron, 2

Wildlife Ecology and Management: Joe-Lewis O’Donnell, Chadron, 1; Austin Kennedy, Crawford, 2

Algebra I: Rylee Wolken, Hay Springs, 3; Hanna Meier, Chadron, 4; Dalli Anders, Crawford, 4

Algebra II: Patrick Rust, Chadron, 2; Hunter Letcher, Hay Springs, 3

American Government: Kaelob Marx, Hay Springs, 1; Thomas Scherbarth, Hay Springs, 4

Animal Science: Jon Vahrenkamp, Chadron, 1; Anabell Gardner, Chadron, 1

Business Math: Nick Wordekemper, Chadron, 1

Health: Mattie Johnson, Hay Springs, 1; Payton Schoenhals, Hay Springs, 2

Vocabulary: James Kriz, Crawford, 1; Teresa Gottwald, Chadron, 2

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