Implementing new scanners for a safer base

Airman 1st Class Hayden Wilson, a response force member assigned to the 28th Security Forces Squadron, scans a Common Access Card at the Liberty Gate, Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., March 9, 2017. The 28th SFS has upgraded their previous Defense Biometric Identification System, increasing the processing speed for information from the DBIDS database.

U.S. Air Force, Airman Nicolas Z. Erwin

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. | Since Feb. 24, Airmen and families of Ellsworth might have begun to notice a quicker wait time as they pass through the gates thanks to new scanning upgrades that the 28th Security Forces Squadron have installed at each gate on base.

The 28th SFS received the Defense Biometrics Identification System 5.0.

“DBIDS 5 is just another level of that (previous DBIDS system),” said Randall Holroyd, the DBIDS Program Manager assigned to the 28th SFS. “What that has done for us (Ellsworth) since I replaced (DBIDS) 4 to DBIDS 5 is expedited the scanning and validation process. Now, it is instantaneous. As soon as a common access card is scanned, it appears on the screen. That is a huge difference for us, as security forces, and for the base populous because in the mornings, it makes the lines mornings move much faster.”

The new DBIDS scanner uses different databases that are connected to different military bases and law enforcement agencies to identify individuals trying to enter the installation. This allows for any barred military personnel or individuals with warrants to be stopped at the gate to allow the defenders to properly handle the given situation.

“When you scan someone’s card it goes to the (DBIDS) database,” said Holroyd. “It pulls all that (information) that says if you are eligible. In the old days, we looked at your ID card and we looked at a roster, but that didn’t tell me if you had warrants or if you were barred at another base.”

The speed which the new scanners process information is exponentially faster than the previous iteration. Even the busiest times at the gate, the lines are quickly processed through the gate.

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“The new scanners are great,” said Airman 1st Class Alex Lloyd, a response force member assigned to the 28th SFS. “The mornings go by so much faster. I used to have conversations with people, waiting for the vetting process.”

DBIDS 5.0 ensures members of team Ellsworth are protected to the highest degree. The system is able to show the moment that information is retrieved and allows the 28th SFS personnel to see that the individual attempting to gain access may be a danger to the base and then detain these individuals.

“They may be sitting here for a little while, but it is better than them being on base and doing something,” Holroyd said.

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