Photo by Trixie Grill

Members of Fall River 4-H get ready for the start of the Fall River County Fair Parade in Edgemont on Saturday, Aug. 5.

Area youth proudly honored during annual 4-H Achievement Days

Fall River County Extension

4-H’ers in Fall River County have much to be proud of and they certainly shined at our recent Achievement Days, July 25 – August 5th. This is the highlight of the year for kids in 4-H, as they get to present their various projects to judges, which later are on display at the fair in Edgemont. Others work with livestock and participate in the many shows that also occur at the Fall River County Fair. Regardless of the chosen project area, the kids are proud of what they’ve worked hard for and rightfully so. They proudly filled the exhibit hall and livestock areas full.

This year we have much to be thankful for as the fair board has been diligently working towards some improvement projects with more to come. We had a new facility to show livestock in and will be working together to continue this project in months to come, so keep an eye out for upcoming fundraisers and volunteer opportunities.

4-H members strive for excellence, in which they receive a Purple ribbon for this achievement. A very good project receives a Blue, one needing some improvement receives a Red, and projects not meeting standards, a White ribbon placement.

This year’s 4-H Achievement Day results are:

Top Purple Awards:

Aerospace & Rocketry: Colton Koupal

Clothing: Rachel Rickenbach, Dustin Davis

Educational Posters & Displays: Beg – Hunter Kunz; Junior – Braden Grill

Senior – Elizabeth Tidball

Foods & Nutrition: Aspen Stover, Taylor Grill

Home Environment: Carlie DeBoer

Horticulture: Taya Ritterbush

Photography: Brylee Grill, Cassidy March

Range & Pasture: Kaylen Stearns

Visual Arts: Bridget Romey, Elizabeth Tidball, Cassidy March

Welding: Sydney Miller

Wood: Myca Cantrell

Aerospace & Rocketry:

Blue Ribbons: Colter Gerard, Kyle Sanders, Megan Sanders, Kadan Sletto


Purple Ribbons: Hunter Kunz, Bridget Romey

Child Development & Family Life

Blue Ribbon: Zikia Fleming


Purple Ribbons: Jemiah Belitz, Dustin Davis, Kaitlin Gerard, Kaitlynn Harris, Elli Hollenbeck, Mackenzie Hollenbeck, Shelby Nellen, Rachel Rickenbach, Megan Sandersl Blue Ribbons: Lacette Klein


Purple Ribbon: Natalie Odom, Reina Wilsonl Blue Ribbon: Natalie Odom


Purple Ribbon: Hanna Slettol Blue Ribbons: Trace DeBoer, Kadan Sletto, Elizabeth Tidball, Kally Trumpl Red Ribbons: Abigail Tidball


Purple Ribbon: Colton Koupal


Purple Ribbon: Martin Lane

Entomology & Bees:

Purple Ribbon: Jemiah Belitz, Ryan Koupall Blue Ribbon: Jadon Belitz,

First Aid:

Blue Ribbon: Sydney Miller; White Ribbon: Zikia Fleming

Foods & Nutrition:

Purple Ribbons: Dustin Davis, Colter Gerard, Kaitlin Gerard, Taylor Grill, Kaitlynn Harris, Ellie Hollenbeck, Mackenzie Hollenbeck, Martin Lane, Sarah Rickenbach, Megan Sanders, Hanna Sletto, Aspen Stover, Abigail Tidball, Elizabeth Tidball, Kally Trumpl Blue Ribbons: Hadley Hollenbeck, Martin Lane, Rachel Rickenbach

Food Preservation:

Purple Ribbon: Erin Osmotherly


Purple Ribbon: Evalynn Rhodes

Hobbies & Collections:

Purple: Allie Brunson, Jimmy Hayes, Wyatt Nellen, Kyle Sanders, Sydney Miller, Erin Osmotherlyl Blue: Clancy Koupal, Hunter Kunz, Erin Osmotherly

Home Environment:

Purple Ribbons: Carlie DeBoer, Colter Gerard, Kaitlin Gerard, Brylee Grill, Taylor Grill, Jaclynn Heisler, Mackenzie Hollenbeck, Lacette Klein, Rachel Rickenbach, Sarah Rickenbach, Megan Sanders, Hanna Sletto, Abigail Tidball, Elizabeth Tidball; Blue Ribbons: Ellie Hollenbeck, Hadley Hollenbeck, Hunter Hollenbeck, Mackenzie Hollenbeck, Hilary Lane, Jessica Steinmetz

Horse & Pony:

Blue Ribbons: Natalie Odom, Jadyn Walton


Purple Ribbons: Carlie DeBoer, Taya Ritterbush, Kyle Sanders, Kally Trump; Blue Ribbons: Hilary Lane, Kyle Sanders, Megan Sanders


Purple Ribbon: Colter Gerard; Blue Ribbon: Kaitlin Gerard


Purple Ribbons: Zikia Fleming, Kaitlin Gerard, Brylee Grill, Jimmy Hayes, Cassidy March, Sydney Miller, Shelby Nellen, Erin Osmotherly, Breanna Remington, Jacyne Romey, Hanna Sletto, Jessica Steinmetz, Aspen Stover, Kris Tubbs; Blue Ribbons: Zikia Fleming, Colter Gerard, Brylee Grill, Taylor Grill, Jimmy Hayes, Lacette Klein, Cassidy March, Sydney Miller, Shelby Nellen, Connor Powell, Tyler Remington, Bridget Romey, Jacyne Romey, Hanna Sletto, Jessica Steinmetz, Aspen Stover, Kris Tubbsl Red Ribbons: Taylor Grill, Jimmy Hayes, Shelby Nellen, Wyatt Nellen, Erin Osmotherly, Connor Powell, Jessica Steinmetz

Plant Science:

Blue Ribbon: Sydney Miller

Range Science:

Purple Ribbons: Kyle Sanders, Megan Sanders, Jana Stearns, Jared Stearns, Kaylen Stearnsl Red Ribbon: Hunter Hollenbeck


Purple Ribbons: Clancy Koupal, Zachary Wilson; Blue Ribbon: Kris Tubbs


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Purple Ribbon: Hanna Sletto


Purple Ribbon: Hunter Kunz; Blue Ribbon: Hunter Kunz

Shooting Sports BB Gun & Air Pistol:

Purple Ribbons: John Lane, Colter Gerard, Madison March, Ciara Stewart

Shooting Sports – Archery:

Purple Ribbons: Jadon Belitz, Hanna Sletto, Ciara Stewart, Peyton Stewart, Kris Tubbs

Veterinary Science:

Blue Ribbon: Sydney Miller


Blue Ribbon: Jadon Belitz

Visual Arts:

Purple Ribbons: Jemiah Belitz, Allie Brunson, Dustin Davis, Carlie DeBoer, Zikia Fleming, Colter Gerard, Kaitlin Gerard, Brylee Grill, Cade Grill, Jaclynn Heisler, John Heisler, Elli Hollenbeck, Hadley Hollenbeck, Ryan Koupal, Hilary Lane, Cassidy March, Sydney Miller, Erin Osmotherly, Breanna Remington, Tyler Remington, Evalynn Rhodes, Bridget Romey, Hanna Sletto, Kadan Sletto, Abigail Tidball, Elizabeth Tidball, Kally Trump, Jadyn Walton

Blue Ribbons: Brett Atkinson, Allie Brunson, Clint Colburn, Dustin Davis, Trace DeBoer, Evan Derzab, Zikia Fleming, Cade Grill, Elli Hollenbeck, Hunter Hollenbeck, Clancy Koupal, Kyle Sanders, Megan Sanders, Brynn Thompson, Elizabeth Tidball, Kris Tubbs, Zachary Wilson

Red Ribbon: Brett Atkinson, Landon Heisler, Cade Grill, Martin Lane, Sydney Miller, Reina Wilson


Purple Ribbons: Sydney Miller, Kyle Sanders, Megan Sanders, Brynn Thompson; Red Ribbon: Colton Koupal

Wildlife & Fisheries:

Purple Ribbon: Ryan Koupal

Wood Science:

Purple Ribbons: Jadon Belitz, Jemiah Belitz, Myca Cantrell, Zikia Fleming, Braden Grill, Brylee Grill, Cade Grill, Chance Grill, Taylor Grill, Hunter Hollenbeck; Blue Ribbons: Taylor Grill, Colton Koupal

Writing & Public Speaking:

Purple Ribbons: Braden Grill, Brylee Grill; Cloverbuds: Taylen DeBoer, Ray Sanders


Fashion Revue:

Purple Ribbons: Katie Harris, Mackenzie Hollenbeck, Elli Hollenbeck, Sydney Miller, Rachel Rickenbach, Brylee Grill, Kaitlin Gerard, Megan Sanders

Public Presentations:

Purple Ribbons: Megan Sanders, Martin Lane, Sarah Lane, Ryan Koupal, Myca Cantrell, Brylee Grill, Colter Gerard, Braden Grill, Kyle Sanders, Kaitlin Gerard, Jana Stearns, Kaylen Stearns

Blue Ribbons: Hilary Lane, Taya Ritterbush, Colton Koupal, Jared Stearns

Special Foods:

Purple Ribbons: Megan Sanders, Kyle Sanders

4-H is available for ALL youth from kindergarten to 18 years of age. If you’d like to be part of the 4-H fun, call or stop by our office in Hot Springs 745-5133, email, ask a 4-H friend to go to their next fun event or find us on Facebook; CusterFallRiverCounty4H

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