HOT SPRINGS – The Hot Springs FFA Chapter has been busy this spring practicing for competitions. With State Convention on April 23, the Chapter is dedicated to get as much practice in as possible.

The Chapter attended the first West River practice competition this Spring on March 29 in Sturgis. The Chapter competed in many different competitions. The Agronomy team of Kaylen Stearns, Kailyn Fischer, Jameson Bossert, and Josie Bogner placed first overall as a team. Josie Bogner placed first, Stearns placed second, and Bossert placed eighth individually.

The Floriculture Team of Trinity Scherer, Karissa Koffler, and Kim Thompke placed eighth overall. The Equine Team of Wyatt Tibbitts, Breanna Remington, Leah Huber, and Justus Lucey placed seventh overall. The Livestock Judging Team of Jessica Steinmetz, Myca Cantrell, Sydney Miller, and Elena Henry placed fifth overall, with Steinmetz placing third individually. The Meats Evaluation Team of Levi Cunningham and William Allison placed sixth overall. Lastly, the Vet Science Team of Josefine Moegelvang, McKenzie Cope, and Bogner placed fourth overall, with Josefine placing seventh individually.

Following the Sturgis competition, on March 31, seven students travelled to Brookings to compete at SDSU for the Little International Competition. Cantrell, Miller, Steinmetz, and Stearns competed in Livestock Judging, where they placed fourth as a team, with Stearns placing 10th individually. The Hot Springs Agronomy Team consisting of Stearns, Fischer, Bossert and Bogner, placed third as a team. Bogner placed fifth, and Stearns placed seventh individually. Stearns also competed in Range independently, where she placed first.

After the Little International Competition, the Hot Springs FFA Chapter travelled to Newell. The Agronomy Team of Stearns, Fischer, Bossert, and Bogner placed first. Stearns placed first, Bogner placed second, Bossert placed seventh, and Fischer placed 10th individually. The Floriculture Team of Trinity Scherer, Kim Thompke, and Karissa Koffler placed seventh overall. The Horse Evaluation Team of Leah Huber, Kassie Bloom, Justus Lucey, Wyatt Tibbitts, and Breanna Remington placed second overall, with Huber placing fifth individually.

The Livestock Team of Elena Henry, Sydney Miller, Steinmetz and Cantrell placed third overall. Elena Henry placed ninth individually. The Meats Evaluation Team of William Allison placed fourth overall, with William placing ninth individually. Finally, the Vet Science Team of Cope and Moegelvang placed seventh overall, with Cope placing fifth, and Moegelvang placing 11th individually.

The last practice competition of the Spring was on April 12, in Philip. After that competition, the Hot Springs FFA Chapter will travel to Brookings, for the South Dakota State FFA Convention held at SDSU from April 23 - 25.

The Hot Springs FFA Chapter hasn’t only been competing recently. The Chapter tries to visit the Boys and Girls Club once a month to interact with the students and get them educated about FFA and high school. On April 8, the FFA Chapter held a community dinner at the Activity Center. Community members also competed in the Goat Roping competition held before the dinner.

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Many people had a great time watching or competing. After goat roping, everyone was invited to the Tay’s Activity Center for a Roast Beef and Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed. Throughout the evening, individuals also bid on pies for the FFA Pie Auction. Some even tried the Mini Agronomy and Range Competitions. Overall, everyone had an enjoyable time interacting.

FFA members are also currently selling raffle tickets for half of a beef that is processed and packaged. Second prize is grilling utensils. Each ticket costs $10, or three for $25, so talk to any Hot Springs FFA member if you are interested. The winner of the beef raffle will be announced at the annual Hot Springs FFA Banquet on May 5, 2017, but the winner need not be present in order to win.

In conclusion, the Hot Springs FFA Chapter would like to thank sponsors and supporters for everything! Without the community, there would not be a Hot Springs FFA Chapter. Students would not be able to learn new skills and knowledge without support. The Chapter is also growing, so more students are able to attain valuable experiences. None of this could be done without the care and support of such a wonderful Hot Springs community, so thank you!

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