Superintendent’s Office

5:30 PM

The meeting was called to order by President, Dave Osmotherly at 5:31 pm. After the pledge of Allegiance was said, roll call was answered by members: T’mara Twiss, Mandy Fleming, Dave Osmotherly, Dennis Quivey, and Vince Logue.

Also in attendance from administration was Dr. Mitch Stone, and Deana Castro.

Approval of the Agenda was made by Twiss and seconded by Logue.

Public Participation: Delores Red Shirt discussed her grandson wanting to return to Oelrichs School this year. It was discussed and due to poor grades, several behavior reports, lack of attendance, and not willing to attend summer school, he was denied enrollment.

Administration reported that Pre-school was starting on August 28th with a total of seven students enrolled. The bus driver will be transporting students after the regular run. She will pick up students in the van and will return then in the same manner. Their schedule is 9:30 – 2:30.

Castro informed the board that she is closing campus for all students. There were many issues with students leaving at lunch and returning late, or not at all, board members agreed to close campus.

Discussed having a meal provided by the board for staff on Thursday, August 17th. The meal will be for staff only and not their families. Set up a time of 4:30 pm.

Discussed concessions and having Mr. O’Connel take over that duty. He would be paid out of the profits and have Junior students work with him. SIG grant would reimburse for his salary. Castro will contact him regarding this.

Discussion was made regarding transportation and that another vehicle is needed to transport students to activities. Castro and Stone will bring information to next meeting.

Review of financials was done. Board members were given a payroll register, and invoice listings. Discussed how the process with Coy Sasse and Dawn at OLC, is working out. Dr. Stone stated that by the next meeting the board will be receiving regular financial reports to review. Motion was made by Twill to approve the financial reports, seconded by Fleming.

2017-18 Staff Salaries: Alicia Dryden, $38,536.00; Bev Kelley, $43,986.00; Brittany Kneebone, $37,236.00; Buff Tewahade, $47,661.00; Georgiana Respects Nothing, $10.00/Hour;James Knutson, $37,236.00; Jennifer Schumacher, $37,236.00; Jessica Ames, $46,386.00; Jessica Watkins, $37,236.00; Katie Frieden, $37,608.36; Kayla Updike, $10.00/Hour;Kenneth Updike, $51,786.00; Lauren Stephens, $44,636.00; Lee Linehan, $34,000.00; Lyndall Miller, $41,136.00; Masha Fehr, $37,236.00; Nancy Fleming, $43,935.00; Ralph Knickrem, $43,935.00; Rhonda Fleming, $12.57/Hour;Shannon Fleming, $13.50/Hour;Stephanie Smith, $41,586.00; Tami Hughson, $43,961.00; Tara Schuhmacher, $39,836.00; Terri Cornay, $18.15/Hour; Theresa Kelly, $43,986.00;

Castro presented a list of 13 students who had applied to be open enrolled at Oelrichs School. Discussed previous list of open enroll students, and #25 on previous list contacted Castro and wanted to appeal the decision not to accept her child. This was discussed and decided that administration would meet with the parent and child and determine whether to accept the child at that time. Motion was made by Quivey to approve all open enrollment student’s contingent on the review of their records, and for administration to interview parent and child #25 of last meetings list of students, seconded by Fleming.

The board reviewed the first reading of the Attendance Policy and discussed the changes from the current policy. There was much discussion on how attendance was handled in previous years. There had been a make-up slip made for athletics, and illness. Students had to get them signed by all their teacher before they could be dismissed from school for activities. Motion was made by Fleming to the first reading of the Attendance Policy, seconded by Quivey.

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Discussion of the NAFIS Conference was done, and attending would be Osmotherly, Fleming and Logue. Castro would make the arrangements.

The board was presented with a quote from Dakota Sports regarding a new Volleyball (VB) net and poles $2,983.60, VB referee stand $489, and all the pads associated with the VB equipment $489. Two score boards with shot clock $11,296.70, uniforms for different fall sports $2,500. Motion made by Quivey, to not include medical kits but to have the Activities Director make specific purchases as needed, seconded by Twiss. Motion made by Twiss, seconded by Logue to approve all quotes from Dakota Sports with changes.

Motion was made by Twiss to advertise for an additional Middle School Teacher, seconded by Logue.

Motion was made by Fleming to approve Jennifer Ames as the Pre-School Teacher, seconded by Logue.

Motion was made by Quivey, to open a Pare-Professional position, seconded by Fleming.

Further personnel issues were made in Executive Session at 7:15 pm, ended Executive Session at 7:31 pm.

Motion was made by Twiss to adjourn meeting at 7:34 pm, seconded by Logue

Published once at the total approximate cost of $49.16.

Sept. 26

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