Letter to the Editor:

There is a curious tone to the letter in Tuesdays Star, referencing the admonition to NFL players for their posture during the National Anthem. Interestingly, no mention of the fact that the NFL has a player behavior policy that has been repeatedly violated by the disrespectful posture of some players. Apparently, disrespect seems to be the modus opérande of today’s citizens, not all, not even “most Americans.”

I find it offensive that the reference to “most Americans” presumes too much to lend weight of numbers to a feeble point in defending bad speech and how it is used to advance a cause.

I do care how a flag is displayed, and what it stands for. I do get choked up at the National Anthem, the raising and lowering of the colors, and taps, or the singing of America the Beautiful. At every Olympic Games the flag is saluted.

No, I do not believe “most Americans” are unmoved as regards the proper protocol of the flag. I don’t like the flag displayed under a poor light in inclement weather. I believe the flag should come down at sundown, and up at sunrise.

Two of my cousins figurative were wrapped in the Stars and Stripes. They were killed in Europe during WW II. Their bodies are still there. Yes, I honor the flag and what it stands for and the entire history lived under that flag – the good and the bad – it represents the very best of mankind, to date.

Paul A Tobin

Vietnam Veteran

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VFW and Marine Corps

Life member

Hot Springs, SD

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