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The regular meeting of the Town of Oelrichs was called to order by Joseph Messinio at 7:00 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance

Members Present: Messinio, O’Connell. K. Merdanian absent. Staff present Hamilton, Christman. R. Merdanian and Hunt.

Guests present: Pat Logue.

O’Connell moved to approve the agenda. Messinio 2nd motion. Agenda approved.

Minutes of September12, 2017 meeting were presented. A motion was made by W.O’Connell to approve the minutes. Messinio 2nd the motion.


CLAIMS: Motion was made by J. Messinio to pay following claims. Motion was 2nd by W.O’Connell.

General fund: Susan Hunt $52.50 (cleaning); Mike Schommer $275.00 (mowing); RC Journal $88.29 (publishing); SD Dol UEI $27.54 (3rd qtr UE taxes); Rachelle Christman $239.88 (September Wages); Dept of Treasury IRS $561.86 (3rd qtr); Holcer& Co. $53.25 (3rd qtr services)

Water fund: Keith Hunt $1557.17 (wages& reimbursement); FRWUD $1313.60; Roy Merdanian $99.28 (wages); Postmaster $40.00 (Box rent #13 1yr.); Town of Oelrichs $36.00 (comm. Center water bill); Core & Main $60.09 (repairs;) Builders First Source $4.77 (repairs); ATS Construction $1559.33 (water repairs).

Water Report: Keith Hunt presented a 2 page report. The application for the state grant for the water system updates was submitted September 28, 2017. There are other reports which need to be submitted by the end of December to complete the application process.

All new I-pearl tough pads have been installed with corresponding conduit wiring and structure. All 33 frost-proof meter pits have been installed. Landscaping has been done, meter pits have been winterized and curb stops have been exercised. The tower was cleaned 10/6/17. The old well pit still has an electric meter at the site which has only been used two times since 2007. It is recommended to have the electric meter removed to eliminate that cost.

The water superintendent is NOT to be the water fee collector, delinquent or otherwise. If the water service of a customer is turned off due to late payments, the water WILL NOT be turned back on if the delinquent fees are paid after hours. Water will be turned off and on between the times of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A copy of this report is to be posted at the post office and 2 locations at “The Office Bar and Grill”.

W. O’Connell made the motion to approve the water report. Messinio 2nd the motion.

Treasurer’s Report: There are only 2 accounts reported this month. The other bank statements were not received on time.

General fund: Beginning balance $23,537.95; Deposit $574.34; Debits $3270.20; Ending balance $20,815.09

Water fund checking: Beginning balance $8,555,70; Deposits $5442.56; Debits $4735.95; ending balance $9262.31.

Money Market:

Maintenance savings:

Water deposit:

Water fund savings:

Water reserve:

New water fund account: Beginning balance $1,750.00; Transfer from water $750; Ending balance $2500.00.

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Messinio moved to accept Treasurer’s report. W. O’Connell 2nd the motion. Report approved

Town Clerk’s Report: Mail was presented for information only; nothing of great importance.

Messinio moved to accept the clerk’s report; O’Connell 2nd the motion.

OLD BUSINESS: Water tower pit replacement – Not to be done.

NEW BUSINESS: November board meeting – O’Connell moved to have the meeting on November 7the (first Tuesday) instead of second. Messinio 2ndthe motion.

Alley repair between school and 6th streets – Messinio moved to make the repairs. O’Connell 2nd the motion.

Community Center water heater has been leaking. Messinio made the motion to buy new water heater. O’Connell 2nd the motion.

Training for assistant water superintendent – R. Merdanian has asked for approval to attend certification training in November 14-16 and have his expenses reimbursed. O’Connell moved to approve his attending and expenses. Messinio 2nd the motion.

Meeting was adjourned by motion of President J. Messinio at 8:07pm O’Connell 2nd the motion.

Rachelle Christman,

Town Clerk

Published once at the total approximate cost of $42.99.

Oct. 31

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