DEADWOOD | More than a dozen residents of Deadwood’s Presidential Neighborhood on Monday night asked commissioners to provide a means for recycling in the city.

“We go to Rapid City, Sturgis and now Lead, but it would be wonderful if Deadwood could have this service curbside,” local attorney and resident Francy Foral told the commission.

She noted that residents of her neighborhood had been recycling, but the company that had offered the curbside service no longer provided it in Deadwood.

Mayor Chuck Turbiville said he favored recycling and had directed city Public Works Director J.R. Raysor to look into it.

Raysor told the commission he had explored alternatives for recycling and had found that the population of Deadwood and the potential amount of recycled materials available did not warrant curbside service. But, he said one local waste management company could provide recycling containers that might be placed at either end of town.

“Shortly after the (Sturgis) rally, we could have two containers sitting in Deadwood and see where that goes,” Raysor said.

He said the containers would accept plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum and glass.

Resident Donna Watson said her primary concern was the amount of potential recyclable materials from the city’s casinos that are being brought to the city landfill.

“I can’t even imagine the amount of glass and aluminum they are discarding,” Watson said. The mayor agreed.

“There are huge piles of glass and cans and cardboard and all of that,” he said. “It will be up to you people to convince individual casinos, bars and restaurants, to convince them to use it. Fair enough?”

Alice Campbell of Deadwood Gulch Resort told the commission her company had been recycling for several years.

“It was a hard sell, but we did it,” Campbell said. “You don’t have to get on our case because we’re doing it.”

The commission unanimously directed Raysor to explore start-up costs with waste management companies and return to the commission with a recommendation.

By unanimous vote, commissioners also set an Aug. 26 bid opening for restoration of the slate roof on the Deadwood History and Information Center. 

Also, Deadwood police officer Kip Mau appeared before the commission and urged them to create a new full-time position of youth sports director at the Deadwood Rec Center.

“All said, we need better organization between all of our sports,” Mau said. The director would be responsible for all youth sports, including registration, securing coaches and referees, scheduling practices and games and managing equipment, he said.







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