News continued from the last week (August 12-18):

On Saturday evening, Ashley and Wendy Lewis had dinner in Newell.

Hazel Jensen had supper at Mark Chaney’s home and attended church services afterwards.

It was quite the family weekend for Paul and Diana Lewis. On Friday evening, while meeting Ashley and Wendy in Sturgis, they saw their nephew Thomas Lewis and his infant son Vahn, who they met for the first time. On Saturday, Paul, Diana, and Fonda spent the afternoon at the home of Ben Lewis, where their sister Rose Bertram and husband Gary were visiting from Arizona. The next day, Paul, Diana, and girls went to Sturgis to met Diana’s sister Sandra and brother-in-law Tim Jacobs from Buffalo, Wyoming, who were in the area for the thrashing bee. The family took in the parade and Meade County Fair entries while visiting with the couple and other family members at the event. Later Ashley and Wendy went to rapier practice in Sturgis.

News for the week of August 19, 2013:

After all the excitement of the county fair, South Hilen had a pretty quiet week. Most residents with children took care of last minute preparations for school. The rest took advantage of the mild weather to do some visiting and run every-day errands.

Ashley Lewis attended the Newell School Board meeting on Monday.

Mel Remington took Alta Commons apples on Friday. On Sunday, Mel and Jean were joined for dinner and the afternoon by their daughter and grandchildren, Melanie, Jesse, and Molly Anderson.

On Wednesday, Wendy Lewis attended rapier practice in Rapid City. Afterwards, she and Fonda Lewis had dinner with friends. That evening, Paul and Diana Lewis played cards in Newell.

On Sunday, August 25, Steve and Susan Tucker celebrated their wedding anniversary. They had a lovely dinner with daughter Kayla and her boyfriend JR. Susan made a trip to Spearfish during the week. On Monday, their grandson Cory started the school year.

Paul and Diana Lewis visited their friends Frank and Jo, who allowed them to cut rhubarb on Thursday. On Friday evening, Wendy and Ashley Lewis spent time with friends in Sturgis.

Steve and Connie Sulzbach were visited by their daughter Anna Sulzbach from Douglas, Wyoming this week.

The Lewis family enjoyed dinner in Newell on Saturday. The next day, Fonda, Wendy and Ashley spent the day with their medieval group preparing for trip to an event in Colorado. The day included armor makings, sewing, rapier practice, and a class on medieval customs. The day finished off with dinner in Sturgis. Paul and Diana played cards at the Newell Bar that evening.

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