Pastor's Voice

We live in an age of too often unrestrained speech.

We, that is all of us, far to frequently speak before we think and in doing so cause hurt to others and more importantly, we cast questions concerning our faith to our hearers.

James 3: 1-12, is a call to the saints to practice more excellent speech and to bring glory to Christ our Savior through our words and deed. Verses 1 - 2 of that scripture, from the "Message" give us these words: "Don't be in a rush to become a teacher, my friends. Teaching is responsible work. Teachers get held to the strictest standards. And none of us is perfectly qualified. We get it wrong nearly every time we open our mouths. If you could find someone whose speech is perfectly true, you'd have a perfect person, in perfect control of life."

Notice the words say "nearly every time." There are times when we do get it right and for a saint that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit working within us. I know that there are times when I get it wrong, when my words hurt or offend someone and in this I sin.

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The Word of God continually reminds us that we are to guard our tongues and be mindful of others when we speak. The Apostle Paul in Colossians 4:6 provides these words concerning our speech: "Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time. Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you should answer one another."

There is a great deal of talk today about the First Amendment and "Freedom of Speech" and this certainly is a Constitutional guarantee; however it does not come without some restrains and as such we have the obligation, as saints, to control our speech so that what we say is in keeping with God's desires for His people and our witness to the world.

Control of the tongue is a difficult task. We must continually strive toward that "speech always seasoned with grace" and empowered by the Holy Spirit we can achieve that admired goal.

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